dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night club musical act 030: dj bigdirty


  1. 0:00] markus schulz ft ana diaz- nothing without me
  2. [04:45] delerium ft sarah mclachlan- silence (w&w vs jonas stenberg rmx)
  3. [08:53] andy moor and ashley wallbridge ft gabriela- world to turn
  4. [14:03] aruna- save the day (myon and shane 54 summer of love mix)
  5. [19:04] beat service ft gemma pavlovic- masquerade
  6. [26:00] paul van dyk- the ocean
  7. [30:36] dj feel ft aelyn- your love (vocal mix)
  8. [37:21] stereo palma ft craig david- our love (myon and shane 54 summer of love mix)
  9. [41:47] ferry corsten ft aruna- live forever
  10. [47:20] xb and linnea schossow- be my all (lele troniq and fabio xb rmx)
  11. [52:25] velvetine- the great divide
  12. [57:51] estiva ft tania zygar- death of me (ferry tayle rmx)
  13. [63:52] snatt and vix ft neev kennedy- at the end of the day (suncatcher rmx)
  14. [69:24] jamie harrison- lunar light

     Well its been a long time- 9 months.  Just look at it as me being on maternity leave. A lot has happened since January.  Sometimes you need to step back, reevaluate and decide what is really important to you.  I did.  Lets just say I listened to a lot of downtempo stuff and even country music (which I gained an appreciation of) during my absence. When putting NCM 030 together, I listened to the lyrics of each track on NCM 030 before mixing and oddly enough it describes those last 9 months.  For my wife Wendi, number 8 is for you.  The last track was my background music from January during my thank you video- BEAUTIFUL track and thats where I’m at with life right now.  I missed doing what I love, this time I wont be so OCD about it.  Hope all of you feel it too! 

   The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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