dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to

Been feeling the love from watching Above & Beyond, so I'm going way up & yonder for this NCM episode.  Catch your breath. 

1.  [00:00] Intro

2. [00:39] Amy Wiles & Leena Punks- Sweet Feeling {Anjunabeats}

3. [03:40] Above & Beyond press Tranquility Base- Surrender (Genix Remix) {Anjunabeats}

4. [06:53] Oceanlab vs Nalin & Kane- Sky Falls (Myon & Shane 54 Beachball Mashup) {White}

5. [11:44] Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston- No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix- Above & Beyond Repsray) {Anjunabeats}

6. [18:07] Alex Sonata & TheRio- Breath Of The Wild {Anjunabeats}

7. [22:33] JODA- Breaking Down Walls (Myon’s Return to 2000 Mix) {Anjunabeats}

8. [26:59] Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan- Silence (W&W vs Jonas Stenberg Remix) {Armada}

9. [31:21] Ronski Speed & Syntrobic feat Renee Stahl- Pink Skye {Anjunabeats}

10. [36:29] Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston- We’re All We Need (Ilan Bluestone Remix) {Anjunabeats}

11. [41:05] Sunny Lax- Angels With Filthy Souls {Anjunabeats}

12. [46:00] Ad Brown feat Kerry Leva- Memorial (You Were Loved) (Maor Levi Remix) {Anjunabeats}

13. [52:24] Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston- You Got to Go (Kyau & Albert Remix) {Anjunabeats}

14. [57:15] Above & Beyond- Mariana Trench {Anjunabeats}

15. [01:03:09] Above & Beyond feat Gemma Hayes- Counting Down The Days (Mike Saint-Jules Remix) {Anjunabeats}

16. [01:07:50] Alex Sonata & TheRio- Mantra {Anjunabeats}

17. [01:13:15] Above & Beyond- Alone Tonight (Above & Beyond’s Gorge Update) {Anjunabeats}

18. [01:16:45] Ilan Bluestone- Big Ben {Anjunabeats}

19. [01:22:39] Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford- Thing Called Love (Above & Beyond 2011 Club Mix) {Anjunabeats}

20. [01:27:50] Above & Beyond pres Oceanlab & Gareth Emery- On a Good Day (Metropolis) {Anjunabeats}

21. [01:33:12] Above & Beyond- Can’t Sleep (Super8 & Tab Remix) {Anjunabeats}

22. [01:38:51] Nourey & FOSTER- Meant To Be (Jaytech Remix) {Anjunabeats}

23. [01:43:48] Above & Beyond pres Oceanlab- If I Could Fly On the Surface (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix Danile Kandi Mashup) {White}

24. [01:49:24] OLAN & Nourey- In Motion (Club Mix) {Anjunabeats}

25. [01:53:34] Above & Beyond feat Alex Vargas- Blue Sky Action {Anjunabeats}

26. [01:58:12] Andrew Bayer & OLAN- Under Pressure (Andrew Bayer & Farius Remix) {Anjunabeats}

27. [02:03:08] Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston vs Audien- Alchemy vs Wayfarer (Myon Mashup) {White}

28. [02:07:59] Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford- Sun & Moon vs Anjunafamily (Myon Mashup) {White} : Livestream every Friday Night 10:30 pm Eastern, 7:30 Pacific, 2:30 am GMT. 

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