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night club musical: act 013 be kind rewind


Summer is coming around which can only mean one thing, the trance scene picks up. Finally Finally got the Velvetine track with Aruna after waiting since September. I love Safe (Wherever You are). So smooth it is. Its my tune of the month. How about the excellent remix from Ashley Wallbridge on Tritonals tune. This is what you should call first class production. There is a lot going on in that track. Sun in the Winter is a lovely track along with Mque providing vocals on Your Touch. The classic tune this month is not even a year old, but I missed the bus on this one last summer. Figured I would provide Never Say Never for you because I'm sure no one is sick of it. Two mash ups this month. Mike Shiver and Oceanlab and Deep Dish with Tiesto. Both excellently done. Pippa provides great vocals on Always More also. It was a short wait for this mix, but more tunes are dropping out of the sky. Summer is near!! The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

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1. mike shiver vs oceanlab ft justine suissa- if i could fly on the surface (daniel kandi mashup) 0-5:40

2. dinka- elements (edx 5un5hine rmx) 5:40-11:06

3. max graham ft neev kennedy- sun in the winter (estiva rmx) 11:06-16:59

4. beat service ft emma locke- hiding to nothing (xtigma rmx) 16:59-23:14

5. velvetine ft aruna- safe (wherever you are) {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 23:14-28:31

6. marlo ft em- capture (mike koglin rmx) 28:31-35:26

7. 7 skies- caffeine 35:26-41:36

8. tritonal ft cristina soto- forgive me forget you (ashley wallbridge rmx) 41:36-47:25

9. armin van buuren ft jacqueline govaert (myon and shane 54 rmx) {bigdirty classic} 47:25-53:06

10. steve anderson ft pippa- always more (ernesto and bastian floating point rmx) 53:06-57:50 11. deep dish vs tiesto- i will say hello (myon and shane 54 mashup) 57:50-62:03

12. sun decade, ronski speed ft emma hewitt- lasting light (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 62:03-68:45

13. george acosta ft fisher- tearing me apart (dns project rmx) 68:45-75:13

14. matt holliday ft mque- your touch (adam nickey rmx) 75:13- end 


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