dj bigdirty's: night club musical This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.
night club musical: act 002 fake i.d.

If you dont listen to this whole mix at least put it at the 54:29 spot, track 11, I’m Alive 2008. This is definitely my pick as dance track of the year. Shakeh Vanessi found me on myspace and has since become a favorite of mine. Listen for yourself. Meanwhile I was watching Cold Case and heard a favorite of mine from the 80s from Duran Duran which inspired the lead off track. After that I have harder beats than what I usually offer. All vocal tracks except for 2. This actually gets better the further in. Special thanks to Lesley Lafferty who has become the voice of night club musical. Now here are some tips when using fake i.d, though some may be obvious. 1. Use an in-state license, 2. Dont use one for age 21 exactly, 3. Make sure you look better in person than on the i.d, 4. NEVER cross races… duh, 5. Look the door guy directly in the eyes with head tilted, and finally 6. If there is any suspicion from the door dude, just walk away even if you don’t have the i.d in your hand, you can always get out of it later than right there on the spot. You dont want to be like O.J. do ya? You can always work on another one later. When you get in act like you’ve been here before. Don’t act a damn fool. Just ask the shot girl from an un-named club in Boston.  Go to to see the rest of my mixes or


1. pure orange- save a prayer (vocal mix) 0-5:33
2. damien s and love spirals ft anji bee- this truth (juno synclair vs craig bailey rmx) 5:33-11:34
3. chicane ft natasha bedingfield- bruised water (michael woods rmx) 11:34-18:36
4. danny dove and eddie kid ft julie thompson- could you be (francesco diaz and young rebels rmx) 18:36-22:59
5. antoine clamaran and tristan- cancun paradise 22:59-28:55
6. jj flores and steve smooth ft colette- stay 28:55-32:52
7. seth vogt ft goldilox- on your own (d-lerium and faze rmx) 32:52-37:39
8. ferry corsten ft betsie larkin- feel you 37:39-42:39
9. santerna and shifted reality- lighting the cross 42:39-48:43
10. andrelli and blue ft hila- transparent (tritonals air up there rmx) 48:43-54:29
11. dj rem ft shakeh vanessi- im alive 2008 54:29-60:13
12. xgenic- prometeus (ilya soloviev and poshout pres crystal design rmx) 60:13-66:07
13. coastline ft madeline- alone with you (bissen rmx) 66:07-73:10
14. ferry corsten ft betsie larkin- made of love 73:10-end

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