dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night club musical: act 010 nowhere you are

Finally got this years final night club musical mix complete. A first for the musical, a live version from Late Night Alumni to start it off. Now don’t give me a hard time but I’m really loving the Jason Derulo tune Whatcha Say. This mix fits right in especially with the sample from Imogen Heap- very airy. A beat down tune from Josh Gabriel is funky with a creepy feel. I love Anita Kelsey on the Cant Sleep track- a dedication to my wife. Alpha 9 is just like the title of the track- pure bliss. Tune of the month is from Maria Nayler. It just has that vibe I love so much. When the beat stops and its just Maria then the build starts back up uplifts me. Aneym groove is just straight the bomb. It will have you pounding your fist. Heads Will Roll is awesome. You will find this tune stuck in your head for days. The classic track is a original Tim Buckley tune that the Cocteau Twins did way back. The Lost Witness version is brilliant with no change in the lyrics that are amazing. Finally, Aruna takes us out of 2009 with the final 2 tracks- she may have had the most tracks on the NCM this year. You will love Ashley. Thanks for all the support this year and I look forward to a better 2010. You, the listeners have made this an incredible year for me. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions or pure loneliness go to or  Also check out the new night club musical website (still updating and should be fully functional by January) at


1. late night alumni ft becky jean williams- you can be the one (live version) 0-2;39
2. jason derulo ft imogen heap- whatcha say (joey b rmx) 2:39-8:18
3. josh gabriel pres winter kills ft meredith call- deep down (francis preve rmx) 8:18-12:52
4. memento ft anita kelsey- cant sleep (alex kenji rmx) 12:52-17:16
5. alpha 9- bliss 17:16-22:24
6. espen gulbrandsen and dj julian vincent ft maria nayler- perfect sky {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 22:24-28:00
7. feeltz and leo ft aneym- mistaken (white stars rmx) 28:00-34:33
8. ohmna- satori waterfalls 34:33-41:15
9. yeah yeah yeahs- heads will roll (a-trak mix) 41:15-46:33
10. velvet skies and wellenrausch ft tiff lacey- watching jupiter and mars (sasha virus rmx) 46:33-52:43
11. marlo ft kristen marlo- is it real (summer mix) 52:43-56:28
12. lost witness- song to the siren (did I dream) (fable rmx) {dj bigdirty classic} 56:28-63:59
13. mike shiver ft aruna- everywhere you are 63:59-70:24
14. filo and peri ft aruna- Ashley (alex morph rmx) 70:24-end

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night club musical: act 009 wetter

Another month passes another episode of night club musical. I am loving the new Activa album so much that I had to put 2 tracks on here. One of them is my tune of the month with Cat Martin. You will find your butt shaking for this one, the beat is off the wall. I also included Mike Shivers beautiful dance track with Colleen Riley that that will get you going too. The Super 8 and Tab track is the only non vocal track here and let me tell ya it gets dirty and tight as hell. You will have your hands reaching for the stars and you will find yourself wetter when all is said and done. Aruna is here again with a nasty groove with Cosmic Gate. I also love the new Matt Darey track which could have been easily the track of the month during a different month. Olivia Martyn makes her proper debut on the NCM with a nice track also. Lange and Sarah Howells keep you bumping and Chicane just straight up stole the Gary Neuman track from the 80s. I started the NCM with a track all can sing along to. It seems to be all the rage the past couple of months and something I can appreciate, but not everyone has heard it done this way and I finished off with a classic from 2001 again by the Thrillseekers. It reminds me of the biggest gig I ever did in Cambridge in 2003 as my final tune. Hope ya enjoy it. As always listen to this loud. Happy Halloween! Just right click where it says download this mix and save wherever. For mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to and download til your finger breaks or for comments, requests email me at or


1. kings of leon- use somebody (benja styles rmx) 0-3:26
2. pete griffiths ft neve- speak the secret 3:26-8:33
3. activa ft julie harrington- can you feel it 8:33-12:42
4. ridgewalkers ft el- find (russell g rmx) 12:42-18:35
5. mike shiver ft colleen riley- on the surface (alex morph rmx) 18:35-24:12
6. matt darey pres urban astronauts- see the sun (aurosonic rmx) 24:12-30:02
7. chicane ft tash andrews- hiding all the stars 30:02-35:46
8. activa ft cat martin- they never change {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 35:46-41:35
9. roger shah and tenishia ft lorilee- i’m not god (tenishia rmx) 41:35-47:30
10. cosmic gate ft aruna- under your spell (myon and shane 54 monster mix) 47:30-53:24
11. andy tau and touch enable ft olivia martyn- over you (deepwide rmx) 53:24-59:00
12. super 8 & tab- irufushi {even dirtier tune of the month} 59:00-64:39
13. lange ft sarah howells- let it all out 64:39-71:11
14. thrillseekers ft sheryl deane- synaethesia (fly away) {bigdirty classic} 71:11-end

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night club musical: act 008 good day for dreaming

This month’s NCM is great for just listening and good for dancing. My girl Jes makes yet another appearance and by pure bias and pure talent, her with BT together is my tune of the month. How can you not love that voice? Morgan Page and Lissie team up yet again with their follow up from The Longest Road- ya know giddy up and go? Had a hard time picking the remix of the Medina track I wanted to use. The lyrics are incredible they’re all so good. Although Faces has been caned to death by every DJ in the land it took a whole summer to rub off on me. It only sounds good loud- trust me. I’m loving Myon and Shane 54 still and to use Aruna just tops it off. Stine Grove is back again and I have a feeling she will be a regular. This months classic from Tenth Planet goes back to 2001 before the world changed. You wont go sliding head first onto the dance floor for NCM 008 but you will find yourself nodding your head, turning it up, singing along and thinking of this past summer. OH WHAT A SUMMER!! One last thing, I live in Boston but I always wanted to say this… Good night Canada! For mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to and download til your finger breaks.


1. julie thompson- chains 0-4:18
2. adiva ft vicky fee- how does it feel (myon and shane 54 vocal mix) 4:18-11:37
3. morgan page ft lissie- fight for you (beltek rmx) 11:37-17:31
4. medina- you and i (deadmau5 rmx) 17:31-22:40
5. andy moor and ashley wallbridge ft meighan nealon- faces 22:40-28:58
6. ruff driverz ft arrola- dreaming (beltek rmx) 28:58-36:00
7. bt ft jes brieden- every other way (armin van buuren rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 36:00-42:33
8. marcus schossow and reeves ft emma hewitt- light 42:33-47:50
9. tydi ft audrey gallagher- you walk away 47:50-54:41
10. dennis sheperd and cold blue ft chloe langley- freefalling (cold blue mx) 54:41-60:31
11. myon and shane 54 ft aruna- helpless (monster mix) 60:31-67:30
12. tenth planet- ghosts (vincent de moor rmx) {bigdirty classic} 67:30-73:13
13. alliance of joy, mietig and fischer ft stine gove- untouchable (oen bearen inside feel rmx) 73:13-end

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night club musical: act 007 pfft

The latest in dance on night club musical. This months cast has some of my usual suspects as well as an up and comer that goes by the name of Stine Grove. I’ve heard builds and builds from trance music throughout my life, but the build-up on this tune is one the best I’ve heard. Take a listen for yourself around the 63:00 mark. Simply beautiful and uplifting. That’s what trance is all about! Inna adds a different flavor here, Justine Suissa makes you float, Cristina Soto calms you and Julie Thompson adds a touch of her excellence, as always. Her song reminds me of my New Orleans days hanging out at the Blue Crystal. It has an industrial sound to it. The Smashing Pumpkins remix is just the grunge with a twist coming out in me. I added a couple of non-vocal tunes this month. They have to be damn good to make the NCM. They don’t fail to impress. Never After has a great airy spanish beach break to it along with the massive groove. And of course my favorite DJ Andy Moor had to be here. There are definitely some hands up moments on NCM 007 and it gets filthy toward the end. The end of summer is near so wear as little clothing as possible while you still have the chance. You can pick up my older mixes at or for request  or suggestions email me at or  


1. inna- hot (play and win mix) 0-4:23
2. cosmic gate ft kyler england- flatline (kyau and albert rmx) 4:23-9:20
3. atb ft flanders- behind (edx rmx) 9:20-15:00
4. mike shivers vs matias lehtola ft andrea britton- captured (joonas hahmo rmx) 15:00-21:03
5. oceanlab ft justine suissa- if i could fly (jaytech rmx) 21:03-27:05
6. smashing pumpkins- disarm (randy boyer rmx) 27:05-31:36
7. tritonal ft cristina soto- daybreak 31:36-37:33
8. julie thompson- it only hurts (richard durand rmx) 37:33-44:40
9. chephren blake ft meighan nealon- year after 44:40-50:32
10. bobina- time and tide (gareth emery rmx) 50:32-55:53
11. lange vs andy moor- stadium four 55:53-61:13
12. blue tente ft stine grove- heading home (reorder rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 61:13-67:10
13. phillipe el sisi- never after 67:10-72:26
14. john ocallaghan ft lo fi sugar- never fade away (giuseppe ottaviani) 72:26-end

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night club musical: act 006 northeast sun

Well its been awhile, but finally I'm plugged in and loving the northeast sun now that I'm back in Boston. This month the NCM cast members include nothing but the ladies. As youll hear all female vocal trance selections and the first request I've played from a great listener in Scotland. I started things off with a tune I always start my workouts to. Its put me in the best shape since like 10 years ago. Thank you Cosmic Gate and Tiff Lacey. My tune of the month from Ronski Speed and Aruna really gets me fired up. When the break hits on it you will know. Nadia Ali never lets me down and neither does Julie Thompson. Serge Devant is pumping out good stuff from his new album along with his own remixes. Im really starting to feel this Gareth Emery dude too. He is creeping up on my top djs. Is Cristina Soto really from Austin, Texas. Take this to the beach, whether its Ibiza, Rhodes, Lake Havasu, Newport, Miami, Virginia, Corpus or Santa Cruz. I dont care, just take it with you. It feels so good to be mixing again. "Never seen the sun shine brighter... and feels like me on a good day." Love that song too. Catch me live at Trinity, 63 Chatham St, Boston, Ma every other Saturday night playing all genres of dance music. You can pick up my older mixes at or contact me at or to put in requests, suggestions or feedback for the NCM. Thanks for all the support!


1. cosmic gate ft tiff lacey- open your heart 0-6:40
2. nadia ali- fine print (serge devant rmx) 6:40-1158
3. haley- this is how it goes (kaskades grand club mix) 11:58-17:00
4. kaskade ft joslyn- everything (big room mix) 17:00-22:17
5. ronski speed ft aruna- all the way (jonas steur rmx) {my tune of the month} 22:17-28:43
6. serge devant ft hadley- addicted (club mix) 28:43-34:48
7. myon and shane 54- trapped(jonas steurs inevitable mix) {by request from scotland} 34:48-42:22
8. jonas steur ft julie thompson- cold winds (first state rmx) 42:22-48:48
9. sunlounger ft kyler England- change your mind (myon and shane 54 rmx) 48:48-51:46
10. oceanlab ft justine suissa- lonely girl (gareth emery rmx) 51:56-57:37
11. tritonal ft cristina soto- piercing quiet 57:37-64:22
12. oceanlab ft justine suissa- on a good day (daniel kandi rmx) 64:22-70:06
13. vast vision ft kathy fisher- everything (aly and fila rmx) 70:06-end

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grounded (7-3-2008)

Since I am currently living in a hotel until July I decided to add this classic mix I did back in July 2008 prior to the night club musical series. I'm still receiving comments regarding this mix to this day. I also heard it inspired a certain someone get through a tough class. Who would have thought a mix I did using only my headphones, because I did it at home late at night would be a listener favorite for the past year. So here is grounded. I hope it brings you back down to earth. To pick up my older mixes prior to October 2008 go to or for comments, suggestions or just plain loneliness email me at I will be back with new mixes toward the end of July. Thank you so much for the support and comments. You can now catch me live every other Saturday night at Trinity, 61 Chatham St, Boston, Mass for a mixture of all genres.

Track List

1. joe t. vannelli ft csilla- play with vannelli 0-1:10
2. jaytech- gray horizon 1:10-6:12
3. gianluuca motta- not alone (deadmau5 rmx) 6:12-12:41
4. morgan page ft lissie- the longest road (mp full vox mix) 12:41-16:41
5. andy diguid ft leah- wasted 16:41-22:06
6. jerry ropero ft cozi- the storm (inpetto rmx)- 22:06-26:42
7. ercola ft daniella- every word (wendel kos mix) 26:42-32:41
8. erick morillo and harry romero- dancin (fuzzy hair rmx) 32:41-38:09
9. ercola and heikki l- deep at night (adam k and soha rmx) 38:09-43:07
10. delerium ft sarah mclachlan- silence (niels van gogh vs thomas gold rmx) 43:07-49:06
11. deadmau5- faxing berlin (chris lake edit) 49:06-56:04
12. massimo santucci and lost witness- best (chris ortega vox mix) 56:04-60:46
13. nadia ali- crash and burn (dj shah magic island rmx) 60:46-66:16
14. funky junction, miami connection ft felicia ross- house is the power 66:16-end

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night club musical: act 005 my left heart in texas

NCM 005 has sort of an internal meaning to me as we prepare to move back to Boston and I get back live behind the decks after a 3 year break. Although it has the latest trance tunes, I still managed to offer some tracks that say what I want to say. “Because of You” hits it on the head and is very lush sounding just like I like it- props to Antonia Lucas. Theres also a little surprise in “Every Breath”- get your damn hands up and sway. I finally tracked down “Man on the Run” after awaiting 3 months for release – awesome tune, the build on this surrounds you and ladies will love the lyrics. Its been months since I had a non vocal track, but I had to include “Face to Face”. “Cosmic String” will really blow up on you after a slow start. The kings of compression, Adam K and Soha remix yet another smooth tune too. I really had a hard time getting motivated to make this one. I got 7 weeks until I get that heart back-simple things I find in you is what I love. As always play this stuff loud- youll learn to appreciate it more. You can pick up my older mixes at or contact me at or to put in requests, suggestions or feedback for the NCM. Thanks for all the support!


1. cosmic gate ft emma hewitt- not enough time (andy duguid rmx) 0-3:58
2. reflekt ft deline bass- need to feel loved (adam k and soha rmx) 3:58-8:52
3. kuffdam- burning up (mango rmx) 8:52-14:03
4. dennis de laat ft sting- every breath [bigdirty bomb of the month] 14:03-19:00
5. armin van buuren- face to face (martin roth rmx) 19:00-24:34
6. david forbes ft antonia lucas – because of you [bigdirty tune of the month] 24:34-30:04
7. airscape ft jes- my love (johan gielen rmx) 30:04-36:13
8. tydi- is it cold? 36:13-41:37
9. dash berlin, cerf and mistika ft jaren- man on the run 41:37-48:38
10. matt cerf ft jaren- let me breathe (bissen rmx) 48:38-55:33
11. marcos ft emi jarvi- cosmic string 2009 (active vocal mix) 55:33-61:33
12. blank and jones ft elles de graaf- catch (martin roth rmx) 61:33-66:22
13. fkn ft jahala- still time (aly and fila rmx) 66:22-73:00
14. bt ft jc chasez- force of gravity (amr uplifting mix)- 73:00-end

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night club musical: act 004 light headed

Latest installment from my NCM series. Very airy with all vocal trance tracks. Hopefully some will send chills down your spine. Light headed, the 2 words I love to hear when used to together (wink). Hope this mix makes you light headed too among other things. Thats all I got, the bigdirty is coming out in me again. BTW thanks for my DJ name Justin Sincoff. It still sounds childish 13 years later. Hope ya enjoy. You can pick up my older mixes at or contact me at or to put in requests, suggestions or feedback for the NCM. Thanks for all the support!


1. stone canyon ft ldn- rest here 0-4:48
2. dj tatana ft luciano di nardo- anymore (chris reece rmx) 4:48-10:27
3. yamin ft marcie- no one (andy diguid rmx) 10:27-16:06
4. will holland ft billie goedfrey- timeless (filo and peri rmx) 16:06-20:06
5. robbie rivera ft denise rivera- back to zero (juicy miami mix) 20:06-26:44
6. george acosta ft truth- war of hearts (ron van den beuken rmx) 26:44-30:30
7. made by monkeys- i think of you (gabriel robella mix) 30:30-36:20
8. nadia ali- love story (andy moor mix) 36:20-42:20
9. tritonal ft christina soto- walk with me (air up there rmx) 42:20-47:54
10. dj shah ft aruna- now or never 47:54-54:03
11. roger shah and tenisha ft lorilee- youÂ’re so cool 54:03-60:24
12. armin van buuren ft jaren- unforgivable (stoneface and terminal mix) 60:24-67:25
13. sunlounger ft zara- lost (aly and fila rmx) 67:25-72:59
14. fender woods- hold on me (mike saint jules planet bounce rmx) 72:59-end

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night club musical: act 003 icicle-flavoured caress

NCM 003 is a nice melodic dance episode with a couple of explosions here and there. More listener friendly than 002 and inspired by the Cocteau Twins and my Grounded mix over the holidays. This is just nice smooth head nodding vocal trance with a couple of vocal electro tracks. Notable tracks are Hero inspired from King Arthur, Imagine, Fake Awake (vocals very Cocteauesque), a take on an old Cranberries track- Your Smile, Tiestos remix for Maroon 5 and of course the sexy voice herself, Jes makes an appearance. The floor stormer comes from Bendj and Sushy.  You can either dance, clean house or just chill in Act 003, Icicle-Flavoured Caress. Hope ya enjoy. Happy New Year! You can pick up my older mixes at or contact me at


1. cocteau twins- essence 0-2:50
2. dj cor fijneman ft melissa mathes- disappear (sylvane rmx) 2:50-8:51
3. deadmau5 and kaskade- i remember 8:51-15:22
4. maroon 5- not falling apart (tiesto rmx) 15:22-20:27
5. andain- beautiful things (gustav rmx) 20:27-26:36
6. sunlounger and zara- talk to me (dance version) 26:36-32:28
7. robimon ft tiff lacey- goodbye 32:28-37:34
8. danny darko- hero 37:34-43:09
9. alex kunnari- breathe in (heikki l and alex kunnari rmx) 43:09-48:36
10. bendj ft sushy- me and myself (wolfgang gartner club mix) 48:36-54:00
11. andy moor- fake awake 54:00-60:26
12. arctic quest ft anita kelsey- your smile (sied van riel rmx) 60:26-67:02
13. andrelli and blue ft hila- imagine (mike nichol rmx) 67:02-72:40
14. jes- around you 72:40-end

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