dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night club musical: act 019 the habit


1. chicane ft blandine- where do i start  0-3:46

2. katy perry- teenage dream (digital self rmx)  3:46-8:55

3. flash brothers ft epiphony- more than you know (ram rmx)  8:55-14:35

4. ben preston ft susie- this feeling inside (robert burian rmx) 14:35-20:11

5. paul oakenfold ft matt goss- firefly (kenneth thomas rmx)  20:11-25:40

6. filo and peri ft audrey gallagher- this night  25:40-31:44

7. susana ft tenishia- the other side (tenishia other rmx)  31:44-38:15

8. michael badal- exile  38:15-43:32

9. pedro del mar ft ridgewalkers- tears of the dragon (mike foyle rmx)  43:32- 50:08

10. nadia ali- triangle ( myon and shane 54 classic rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  50:08-56:14

11. hybrid ft charlotte james- disappear here (andy moor rmx)  56:14-62:15

12. 4 strings ft ellie lawson- safe from harm  62:15-67:08

13. anton firtich ft betsie larkin- out of the storm  67:08-72:02

14. philippe el sisi ft sue mclaren- the last hope 72:02-end

NCM is 2 years old this month!!!  Lets celebrate- but no smoking allowed.  The Habit may sound a little bipolar to ya.  From one extreme to the other.  Thats because I’m breaking the habit.  I quit smoking and was a little on edge for this one.  Funny as you look at the titles and it talks about Fireflies, dragons, Where Do I start, this feeling inside, safe from harm, the other side and fittingly the last hope.  Whats a guy to do?  First off, dont pick on me because I included Katy Perry in the mix.  Just give this remix a try and notice the difference.  Loving that tune.  Tune of the month, Triangle has a great feel about it.  Love the lyrics and when it breaks down its what i love about Nadia.  Audrey Gallagher on This Night is a great song.  She screams her little irish heart out.  I had problems picking between the original or Max Graham remix.  Cant loose either way, but the original had more vocals on it.  Safe From Harm is a pleaser along with Tears From the Dragon, although including that title in the mix makes me feel as though I’m looking at tracks from Sesame Street.  The final track The Last Hope is a bomb track-  trance gone techno.  been waiting a few months for that track.  The only instrumental on here is my work out track of the month.  Exile will make ya feel like you are climbing.  Put it at 41:50 and see what I mean.  Hope ya enjoy The Habit- this honestly was a tough mix.  Picture me chewing on a straw and breathing in deep for the next month or two. 


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.





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night club musical: act 018 lights please


 1. haley vs deadmau5- falling in love with brazil (kaskade mashup)  0-5:30


2. bt ft andrew bayer- the emergency (today is the day mix)  5:30-11:49


3. arty- twilight tonight (arty re-mode)  11:49-17:22


4. george acosta ft kathleen fisher- love rain down (ruby and tony remix)  17:22-24:14


5. armin van buuren ft fiora- breath in deep  24:14-28:46


6. vegaro- never ending  28:46-34:56


7. yuri kane ft melissa loretta- daylight  34:56-41:23


8. niko pavlidis ft sopheary- long roads  41:23-47:24


9. armin van buuren ft ana criado- down to love  47:24-52:08


10. redban- medina (progressiver rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  52:08- 58:24


11. tydi ft tania zygar- half light  58:24-62:25


12. jon obir ft julie harrington- never enough  62:25-67:06


13. aly and fila ft sue mclaren- i can hear you (den rize and mark andrez rmx)  67:06-end


The rain is beating up the east coast trying to dampen my spirit, sound like the man is trying to keep me down once again,  but fresh new mix always picks me up and shows me the light.  For starters Kaskade mashes up his girl Haley with Deadmau5 which instantly puts ya in a good mood, BT and Andrew Bayer screams in your face about your I loves you. Do you remember in the early 90s when there was a form of alternative rock called shoegazing?  It was one of my favorites.  Arty is the EDM version of shoegazing. Layer upon layer of keys makes a loud yet beautiful sound.  Yuri Kane doesn’t disappoint with his follow up to his smashing track Right Back- almost a track of the month selectee.  The track of the month is not the obvious choice this month.  It comes from Redban who I know nothing about.  I just know when I put it on, instant motion and fist pounding begins.  Tydi and Tania Zygar team up again with a slammer. On a huge system it is nuts.  You like the Ellipitical machine?  Put Never Ending on toward the last 7 minutes of your work out. Guaranteed to get through it.  Yep, I am That Dude that goes to beat of the music on the machine at the gym.  There are parts that feel like you’re getting ready for take-off, or weaving through traffic - shift the gears then BAM open road baby.  Finally, I closed out with a different version of I Can Hear You.  This version wasn’t out when I did 017.  Hate when that happens because I try to minimize repeat tracks on NCM.  Everything going on this version is absolutely airy and stunning. Enjoy the mix and would someone please turn the lights on for the east coast?


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 017 summerloved part 2


tiesto ft kirsty hawkshaw- just be (anitillas rmx)  0-4:02

tiesto and bt- break my fall (adam k and pettigrew and soha rmx)  4:02-9:42

maor levi ft ashley tomberlin- chasing love  9:42-15:22

dash berlin and idaho- to be the one (cressida rmx)  9:42-21:15

dns project ft johanna- timestep  21:15-27:25

jonas steur ft julie thompson- side by side (orjan nilsen rmx)  27:25-33:12

dj rem ft shakeh vanessi- im alive  33:12-38:52

hernandes ft stine grove- without you  38:52-44:38

markus schulz ft justine suissa- perception (super 8 and tab rmx)  44:38-51:41

aly and fila ft sue mclaren- i can hear you  51:41-56:48

armin van buuren and sophie ellis bextor- not giving up on love (jorn van deynhoven rmx)  56:48-62:07

gareth emery ft lucy saunders- sanctuary (sean tyas rmx)  62:07-68:49

nacho chapado and smaz ft sue mclaren- between heaven and earth (aly and fila rmx)  68:49- end

Part 2 of the night club musical end of summer mix.

The night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 017 summerloved part 1


chris reece and nadia ali- the notice (khomha rmx) 0-5:20

aruna and mark eteson- let go 5:20-9:28

jes- closer (bimbo jones rmx)  9:28-14:39

ben nicky ft linnea schossow- tears  14:39-20:41

tydi ft audrey gallagher- calling {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  20:41-27:14 

atb ft jennifer karr- could you believe (a and t ny knights rmx) 27:14-32:03

kylie minogue- get outta my way (mat zo rmx)  32:03-36:36

jan johnston meets tenishia- flesh 2010  36:36-43:48

above and beyond pres oceanlab ft justine suissa vs gareth emery- on a metropolis day (myon and shane 54 mash up)  43:48-49:18

adam tas ft sopheary- say (luke terry rmx)  49:18-55:05

sophie sugar vs sunlounger ft zara- lost together (armin van buuren mash up)  55:05-61:19

dido- everything to lose (armin van buuren rmx)  61:19-67:32

mark sherry- fractured 2010 (take me there) (ram and sacha milde rmx)  67:32-72:59

reorder ft stine grove- biscay bay (akira kayosa rmx)  72:59-end

What better way to end the summer than with a double disc mix.  Summer 2010  will rank as one of the better summer electronic dance music years.  I told everyone because I was 2 weeks behind on this one I would do a 2 part mix because of it- I lied.  This was planned prior to the delay, however these dang musicians made it hard for me by releasing stuff during that 2 week period so I had to do some last minute switching up.  Meanwhile while I was mixing disc 1 at the 42 minute mark my Serato box drops with all the cables in it, but doesn’t disconnect, so I continue to mix not wanting to jar anything loose while it hung there and continued to sweat it out not wanting to start over.   Just goes to show ya what a lucky and great summer it has been.  Tydi gets tune of the month 2 months in a row. Love during the peak how he throws the guitar riff in there (called attention to detail).  Looks like he’s found the formula.  Aruna’s tune runs a close second.  Of course on disc 2, seems like what is everyones new summer favorite from AVB and Sophie Ellis Bextor will get the ladies singing along into the  fall and winter.  One thing I can say its been a a great summer and you guys showed me lots of love- summerloved.  Maybe I should have called it great eats, because this BBQ I'm eating right now is sooo good. Hope ya enjoy the next 2 and half hours of grind it out electronic dance music.


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.



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night CHILLED musical: un-dirtied


steve forte rio ft jes- blossom (lounge mix) {tribute to a tiesto lead track}  0-2:03

yuri kane- right back (chillout mix) {from NCM 012}  2:03-6:01

bt ft jes-  every other way {from NCM 008}  6:01-9:52

sunlounger ft zara taylor- lost (chill version)  {from NCM 001, 004}  9:52-15:20

tritonal ft cristina soto- piercing quiet (tritonals chillout mix) {from NCM 006}  15:20-20:36

nadia ali- fantasy  {from NCM 014}  20:36-24:32 

tiesto ft jes- everything (acoustic version}  {from driving eva mendes- my first internet mix}  24:32-27:57

bt ft jc chasz- force of gravity (christian rusch rmx) {from NCM 005}  27:57-30:36

kaskade ft haley gibby- i remember {from NCM 003}  30:36-34:46

coastline ft madelin zero- alone with you (chillout mix) {from NCM 002}  34:46-38:24

dj shah ft aruna- now or never (acoustic version) {from NCM 004}  38:24-44:02

oceanlab ft justine suissa- i am what i am  {huge voice in EDM-had to be on here- NCM 006, 007, 016}  44:02-48:39

reflekt ft delline bass- need to feel loved (horizontal mix)  {from NCM 005}  48:39-54:38

robert burian ft zdenka predna- you (chill mix) {NCM 011}  54:38-57:43

iio ft nadia ali- rapture (made2chill rmx) {classic}  57:43-61:38

dash berlin ft emma hewitt- waiting (orchestra rmx) {best pure trance genre vocalist-had to be here- NCM 005, 008, 011, 013, 015}  61:38-65:05

baligomingo ft jody quine- you’re a star {because if i made my own artist album, i’d hire diff vocalist and it would sound like this- cocteauesque}  65:05-69:09

tucandeo and storyline ft jennifer hershman- unarmored love {new track I could not fit on last NCM}  69:09-73:32

linnea schossow- someone like you  {new siren to the trance world}  73:32-end

Sometimes you just need to come down.  This is the follow up to chilled out Serenity Now from 2 years ago, but using dance tracks from previous night club musicals (see notes next to track titles) or inspirational vocalist from the series.  TRUE STORY (because I will bs ya a lot), on July 21st at 5 pm I opened up the immediate surrounding windows.  It was dark outside because of the thunder and lightning storm.  Turned out all the lights and turned on 2 reddish yellow lava lamps around the mixer. I swear there are some points when making this I thought I was floating.  I was also hoping the electricity would stay on too.  My son was upstairs in his room watching cartoons, my daughter away and my wife was working late.  Had nothing else to do and no where to be.  I enjoy that feeling. Put a CD in the CD recorder, hit record and for the next 80 minutes this is what you hear.  This is my serenity now. Afterwards, back to the real world and made the kid dinner. Its not Kurt Cobain, but its a dj’s unplugged- in my world its purely Un-dirtied.



 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 016 duende


first state ft sarah howells- reverie  0-5:48

adrian lux- teenage crime 5:48-10:09

sandro perez and hakan ludvigson ft marcie joy- read my mind (yuri kane rmx) 10:09-15:06 

sectr 24 ft chelsea lee- say goodbye (johnny yono rmx)  15:06-21:33

markus schulz ft justine suissa- perception  21:33-25:23

max graham ft ana criado- nothing else matters 25:23-31:36

shogun ft emma lock- save me  31:36-37:33

tydi ft tania zygar- vanilla  37:33-43:47  {dj bigdirty tune of the month}

mike shiver ft fandy- sique (ronski speed rmx)  43:47-48:19

dakota- johnny the fox (barnes and heatcliff rmx)  48:19-54:46 {bigdirty sexy romp of the month}

orjan nilsen- lovers lane  54:46-59:03  {bigdirty beach tune of the month}

tenishia ft aneym- stranger to myself (mike shiver garden state mix}  59:03-65:10

mike foyle pres statica- sundown 65:10-71:02

beat service ft emma lock- cut and run (ralphie b cutting edge mix)  71:02-end

Lots of people to follow, but let me just say when you get to the Johhny The Fox at 48:19 now thats special. Shoutout section to say I appreciate you all-  Special Thanks to:   Graeme Johnston, Jose Vargas, Jim Critchley (his idea for the FB site), Anya Bocharov, Steven (StevePak) Pak, Gina Hernandez, Justin Sincoff, Anthony Nelson, Summer Nelson, Julie Begin, Michelle Kumar, Rachel Anderson, Pavel Albrecht, Chadley Moore, Kevin Verlander, David Perez, Ahmed Ahmadein, Scott Super, Pat Clancy, Carlos Villanueva, Andre Olaciregui, Angela Swensen, Diana Rincon, Dave Kravos, Felipe Blanco, Jeanna Vail, Greg Amick, Micahel Saunders, Dawn Burt, Brendan Noone, Bobby Bell, David Jacomb, Lee Niethold, Brian Brantley, Ken Tabata, Kim Mullins-Boggs, Sergio Morales, Joanne Schaare, Maureen Lawler, Kimberly Gruber, Ricky Watson, Marco Vianello, Robin Gruber, Neal Caldwell, Vaughn Monroe, Sherif Amr, Christopher Frye, Daniela Dockhorn, Ashish Joyram, Karthik Kelamkandath, Rama Disuky, Yehia Osman, Sherif Maamoun, Alba Pullis, Fernando Zuniga, Geetu Vailoor, Dillon Scott, Robert Swensen, Dale Broussard, Steven Mata, Elaine Abich, Vivek Kumar, Andre de Lira, Hashem Meriesh, Julia Salter, Thomas Kietur, Francis Parulis, Homam Sanjakdar, Ctalina Hinostroza, Patricia reyes, Mario Leos, Elaine Juarez, Edwin Amador, Dezerae Amador, Leonard Falcke, Arturo Saldana, Nasser sarsour, carol Savanh, Kacy Lee, Prakashni Shandil, Karen Nelson, Farah Ainul, Patryk Podsiadlo, Scot eberspacher, Corey Hellmann, Goldschlager Oskjuvatn-Lis, Peter Delviscovo, Janette Valencia, Mufflerash Vibes, jennifer Boudrot, Kim webber, Dee Dee Townsend, Bassem Arnaout, Tim Dunn, Tony Cable, Christina French, Connie Sites, george Lewis, William Ellis, Jose Hernandez-Cruz, Steven Bernard, Danille Sincoff, Melissa Keough, meg haynes, Pablo Pacheco, jason Charity, Jerry Watts, Teffany baker, Georgia Visser Williams, Mike Hall, Kristo Kilk, Gary Beebe, Tonya Dunham, Karina Mendoza, heidi Volz, Rob Bowes, Sonia Garcia, Sara Escobar-Corona, Missy Gillette, Lynne Allard, Jessica reis-Larson, Sarah McKnight, Tessa Little, Rob Riplett, Shannon Lopez, Tricia LeVangie, Erika francies, erica Whitney, Tiffany Cummings, Yasmina Sellak , Monique (Mque) Trautmann, Amanda Dixon, Diane Goff, Woo park, Jules Hall, Naomi Oquendo, Christina Luginbuhl, Yazmine Yasmine, Steve Valdez, Stephen Sites, Sue Boltersdorf, Ron Wilson, Daniel Horton, Devona Smith, Jayme Medlin, Kevin Guild, Bryan Sue, Kaohu Kaina, Terence East, Sonya McAllister, Cynthia Waseta, Brad King, Karen Martinez, Michael Faklaris, Sarah O’Brien, Ray Hickman, Christine Summey, Ryan Morgan, Kristina Seitz, Jennifer Martin, Crysatl Rivera, Oliran Johnson, Chris Herman, Nathan Carter, Gina Callahan, Derya Bradley, Tanya Tillman, Dawn Souza, Mark Nunez, Windy Moskwa,  Gail Jones, Shatan Taylor, Jermiane Credit, Chris Schade, Christine Boddie, Pamela lewis, Paula Hargis, Julie Martin, Kimberly Sammons, Joel Buckley, Stacy Boyd, Jacqueline Perkins, Jim Ware, Lorie Valentin, Allen Oliver, Mary Noguez, Anthony Taylor, julie Ammons, Daniel Wigman, Sally Guild, Jodi Ingordi, ryne Tillman, Rachael West, deanna Hagen, Christina Francis, Michelle Bell, Alicia TIllman and last but not least my wife Wendi for putting up the high builds and finger pointing sessions.

 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 015 reflexions


Summer is here, not officially but in the electronic dance music world it is.  So get out the booty shorts and sweat til they throw you out.  There were about 6 or 7 songs that could have been this months tune of the month however I chose the lead track from Lange and Emma Hewitt.  When I hear it puts me in a great mood and sends me into memory overload and just thinking about the sun shining on me. You will know what I mean when it starts to build toward the middle of the track around 2:30 and Emma is hitting it.  Tomorrow it could be Aly and Fila with Jaren’s sister Josie with the beautiful “Listening”  and next week it could be another track.  I will leave that to you to argue.  Now if you immediately skip to about 52:05 you will hear the sound of heaven- think Im kidding?  This is why I love Andy Moor!  I think him and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to vocal tracks.  Also playing is the Zara Taylor and her follow up to huge Lost release.  This time shes found. Its perfect and will having you singing along in no time.  Wanna shake your ass? Ok how about the instant classic from Jaren  and her husband Matt Cerf.  It starts off slow but by the end you will be fist pumping as if you are at the Jersey Shore.  When listening to Nevada it will have you feel like you are the baddest person in the room.  Good theme if you think you are a tough guy.  Faithless says they are Not Going Home -hands up pants down for all.  Black is the New Yellow is not a fashion statement but a stormer from Super 8 and Tab- bouncing off the walls for this one.  Kathleen Fisher and George Acosta provide builds and a booty shaker themselves.  My underdog tune is from Judith Jobse.  You can appreciate it if you have your stereo loud- hint. Also Tania Zygar provides a beauty.  You think this one is good, wait til you hear her next release.  Finally Jurrane and Sly One provide proper ending to this mix.  Reminds me of an old Paul Van Dyk tune- cant remember the title tight now.   As you can tell I am pumped about NCM 015.   Could not wait to get it to you.  Yeah!!!


 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 



  1. lange ft emma hewitt- live forever (matt zo rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 0-5:40
  2. aly and fila ft josie- listening (aurosonic rmx)  5:40-12:28
  3. zoltan kontes ft tania zygar- take hold of me  12:28-17:49
  4. george acosta ft fisher- beautiful (gerry cueto rmx)  17:49-23:04
  5. cerf & mistika ft jaren- beggin you (armin van buuren rmx) {bigdirty instant classic} 23:04-29:36
  6. sunlonger ft zara- found (roger shah original mix)  29:36-35:52
  7. susana ft omnia and the blizzard- closer (beat service rmx)  35:52-42:34
  8. super 8 and tab ft anton sonin- black is the new yellow  42:34-48:34
  9. delerium ft miranda lee richards- send me an angel (andy moor rmx)  48:34-54:44
  10. rick snel ft judith jobse- remember (wellenrausch rmx)  54:44-60:45
  11. blue and black- nevada 60:45-66:18
  12. faithless- not going home (armin van buuren rmx)  66:18-71:53
  13. jurrane vs sly one- everything to me  71:53-end



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night club musical: act 014 reverie

YES the weather has turned into an official Spring so I opened up all the windows for this mix and stared into my backyard as I made NCM 014. But leave it to me to start the mix with Autumn Leaves- a perfect sounding lead off song though. So much music to choose from I'm thinking about doing a part 2. Song of the month is my boy Andy Moor and Carrie Skipper. Pumping energy comes from this. Denise Rivera helps me groove also. Been waiting forever for Nadia Ali and Fantasy to be put out. Beautiful track. Speaking of beautiful track, how about the Tritonal track. I think Arty is remixing everyones tracks these day. One of my favorite vocalist Kristy Thirsk (of Rose Chronicles fame) provides vocals on Black Flowers. This lady can really hit these high notes live and is a pure vocalist. Robert Burian has remixed another track that is just nasty. When I got the news this month that Tiesto was no longer doing In Search of Sunrise it broke my heart. One of the best series of all time and a big part of my inspiration when making this series. I had to put one track from that series thats been remixed recently in Everything Matters. I used to find myself daydreaming to that series wishing it was me and also wishing that I had access to those tunes prior to release. Thank you to everyone for the kind words on the NCM Facebook page , itunes and emails in the past month, this is a lot of fun and it means a lot. I will do my best to keep you interested and try not to change a thing. The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

To hear mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to  To join the new night club musical Facebook page go to You can also catch me or email me at


1. temple one and hannah ray- autumn leaves 0-3:54

  2. tritonal- utopia (arty rmx) 3:54-9:00

3. matt darey pres. urban astronauts ft kristy thirsk- black flowers (josh gabriel rmx) 9:00-16:23

4. leama and moor- everything matters (michael badal rmx) 16:23-22:26

5. nadia ali- fantasy (orient bootleg rmx) 22:26-29:35

6. markus schulz ft khaz- dark heart waiting (club mix) 29:35-34:11

7. anton firtich ft victoria mazze- meant to be free (robert burian rmx) 34:11-39:51

8. de donatis and ciacomix- angel 2010 (audiolux rmx) 39:51-45:42

9. nitrous oxide ft aneym- far away (club mix) 45:42-51:02

10. andy moor ft carrie skipper- she moves {bigdirty tune of the month} 51:02-58:06

11. giuseppe ottaviani ft faith- angel (club mix) 58:06-63:55

12. aly and fila ft denise rivera- my mind is with you 63:55-69:50

13. ben preston ft susie- remember me (daniel kandi’s flashy tribute rmx) 69:50-end

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night club musical: act 013 be kind rewind


Summer is coming around which can only mean one thing, the trance scene picks up. Finally Finally got the Velvetine track with Aruna after waiting since September. I love Safe (Wherever You are). So smooth it is. Its my tune of the month. How about the excellent remix from Ashley Wallbridge on Tritonals tune. This is what you should call first class production. There is a lot going on in that track. Sun in the Winter is a lovely track along with Mque providing vocals on Your Touch. The classic tune this month is not even a year old, but I missed the bus on this one last summer. Figured I would provide Never Say Never for you because I'm sure no one is sick of it. Two mash ups this month. Mike Shiver and Oceanlab and Deep Dish with Tiesto. Both excellently done. Pippa provides great vocals on Always More also. It was a short wait for this mix, but more tunes are dropping out of the sky. Summer is near!! The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

To hear mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to  To join the new night club musical Facebook page go to You can also catch me at or email me at


1. mike shiver vs oceanlab ft justine suissa- if i could fly on the surface (daniel kandi mashup) 0-5:40

2. dinka- elements (edx 5un5hine rmx) 5:40-11:06

3. max graham ft neev kennedy- sun in the winter (estiva rmx) 11:06-16:59

4. beat service ft emma locke- hiding to nothing (xtigma rmx) 16:59-23:14

5. velvetine ft aruna- safe (wherever you are) {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 23:14-28:31

6. marlo ft em- capture (mike koglin rmx) 28:31-35:26

7. 7 skies- caffeine 35:26-41:36

8. tritonal ft cristina soto- forgive me forget you (ashley wallbridge rmx) 41:36-47:25

9. armin van buuren ft jacqueline govaert (myon and shane 54 rmx) {bigdirty classic} 47:25-53:06

10. steve anderson ft pippa- always more (ernesto and bastian floating point rmx) 53:06-57:50 11. deep dish vs tiesto- i will say hello (myon and shane 54 mashup) 57:50-62:03

12. sun decade, ronski speed ft emma hewitt- lasting light (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 62:03-68:45

13. george acosta ft fisher- tearing me apart (dns project rmx) 68:45-75:13

14. matt holliday ft mque- your touch (adam nickey rmx) 75:13- end 


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night club musical: act 012 crash

The title for this months NCM says it all for my past month. My computer crashed, my body crashed and I've been just exhausted. Think im perfectly healthy now as we move closer to spring. Tune of the month goes to the Amurai and Melissa Loretta track. I love the feel I get from it. The most interesting tune has to be the lead track from Martin Roth and Lily Allen- loving those lyrics... very much. I couldnt wait to lead off with it this month. Samantha James track definitely brings back memories Kaskades last album. I added 2 non-vocal tracks, but like I always say they better be damn good to make the musical. The Jan Martin track is a modern day Three Drives and a Vinyl groove. When the break hits, its beautiful. Also, while working out I came across a great work out track on DI radio called Chimera. Awesome to lift to. The Dj Mog tune reminds me of my New Order days. Never Cry Again is chilling when the vocals hit especially on the break. I love Mike Shivers style, hes has become a favorite. The classic tune Touch Me has been redone many times, but this is my favorite. The build is breath taking. Hope ya enjoy this and thanks for all the recent feedback. As always listen to this LOUD. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions  go to the NEW NIGHT CLUB MUSICAL FACEBOOK PAGE go to or



1. martin roth vs lily allen- loosing your f-ing gravity (mufflerash bootleg) 0-5:22 2. chris reece ft luciana di nardo- still breathin 5:22-10:00 3. samantha james- waves of change (kaskade rmx) 10:00-15:36 4. zoo brazil ft leah- you can have it all (steve kaetlel rmx) 15:36-19:34 5. jan martin- luago (dennis shepherd rmx) 19:34-23:55 6. dj mog ft sarah lynn- somewhere (mark le sal rmx) 23:55-28:16 7. yuri kane- right back 28:16-33:50 8. amurai ft melissa loretta- unconditional love {bigdirty tune of the month} 33:50-40:54 9. ashley wallbridge- chimera 40:54-46:40 10. dns project ft johanna- mindful (progressive rmx) 46:40-52:30 11. dash berlin- never cry again (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 52:30-58:35 12. cassandra- touch me {dj bigdirty classic} 58:35-65:00 13. fkn ft laurie- alone 65:00-70:26 14. mike shiver and matias lehtola- nana (filo and peri's big room revival) 70:26-end

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night club musical: act 011 served cold

NCM 011 is served cold from New England with all vocal tracks to start off the new year. Not your floor stomper but I think it will work some magic on your ears. Jes leads the way with her voice on 3 of the tracks. A couple from her Motorcycle days, that have been recently remixed and her brand new cover of The Cure’s Love Song. The Kathy Fisher with George Acosta tune definitely warrants mentioning as one of favorites this month, but Robert Burian and Zdenka Predna is definitely the tune of the month. I’ve been waiting 3 months to get this. Its Trance meets a Jazz vocal. Hands go up for this one. Emma Hewiit provides the classic tune from 2007. I found myself listening to it a lot over the past month. Hamvai PG, whom I have no idea are is just something I stumbled upon. I like the overlapping vocals and the dark bouncy beat. ATB with Haley provide a very beautiful track with Gravity. Its my first winter back in Boston in 4 years. Its dark and its been served cold. This was the hardest mix Ive made in the series. Hope you enjoy it. As always listen to this LOUD. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions or pure loneliness go to or  Also check out the new night club musical website (still updating and should be fully functional sometime in February) at


TRACKLIST 1. motorcycle vs glen morrison ft jes- deep breath (mashup) 0-5:22 2. george acosta ft kathy fisher- true love 5:22-10:14 3. nadia ali- better run (wippenberg rmx) 10:14-15:07 4. kaskade and seamus haji ft haley- so far away 15:07-21:35 5. john ocallaghan ft lo fi sugar- every lesson learned (matt hardwick rmx) 21:35-26:43 6. chris lake ft emma hewitt- carry me away 26:43-32:49 {dj bigdirty classic} 7. robert burian ft zdenka predna- you (club mix) {bigdirty tune of the month} 32:49-39:10 8. hamvai pg and roberto winny- hello my friend (dave martin school edit) 39:10-43:33 9. atb ft haley- gravity (2010 atb club mix) 43:33-49:20 10. andain ft mavie marcos- beautiful (jorn van deynhovens sundale mix) 49:20-56:10 11. motorcycle ft jes- as the rush comes (Daniel kandi and anton fritch divine rmx) 56:10-62:06 12. jes- love song (cosmic gate rmx) 62:06-68:27 13. christian zechner- november mourning (c systems vocal mix) 68:27-73:49 14. rene ablaze vs cyrex ft stine grove- continuum (dima krasnik rmx) 73:49-end

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