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night club musical: act 012 crash

The title for this months NCM says it all for my past month. My computer crashed, my body crashed and I've been just exhausted. Think im perfectly healthy now as we move closer to spring. Tune of the month goes to the Amurai and Melissa Loretta track. I love the feel I get from it. The most interesting tune has to be the lead track from Martin Roth and Lily Allen- loving those lyrics... very much. I couldnt wait to lead off with it this month. Samantha James track definitely brings back memories Kaskades last album. I added 2 non-vocal tracks, but like I always say they better be damn good to make the musical. The Jan Martin track is a modern day Three Drives and a Vinyl groove. When the break hits, its beautiful. Also, while working out I came across a great work out track on DI radio called Chimera. Awesome to lift to. The Dj Mog tune reminds me of my New Order days. Never Cry Again is chilling when the vocals hit especially on the break. I love Mike Shivers style, hes has become a favorite. The classic tune Touch Me has been redone many times, but this is my favorite. The build is breath taking. Hope ya enjoy this and thanks for all the recent feedback. As always listen to this LOUD. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions  go to the NEW NIGHT CLUB MUSICAL FACEBOOK PAGE go to or



1. martin roth vs lily allen- loosing your f-ing gravity (mufflerash bootleg) 0-5:22 2. chris reece ft luciana di nardo- still breathin 5:22-10:00 3. samantha james- waves of change (kaskade rmx) 10:00-15:36 4. zoo brazil ft leah- you can have it all (steve kaetlel rmx) 15:36-19:34 5. jan martin- luago (dennis shepherd rmx) 19:34-23:55 6. dj mog ft sarah lynn- somewhere (mark le sal rmx) 23:55-28:16 7. yuri kane- right back 28:16-33:50 8. amurai ft melissa loretta- unconditional love {bigdirty tune of the month} 33:50-40:54 9. ashley wallbridge- chimera 40:54-46:40 10. dns project ft johanna- mindful (progressive rmx) 46:40-52:30 11. dash berlin- never cry again (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 52:30-58:35 12. cassandra- touch me {dj bigdirty classic} 58:35-65:00 13. fkn ft laurie- alone 65:00-70:26 14. mike shiver and matias lehtola- nana (filo and peri's big room revival) 70:26-end

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