dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night club musical act 028: you
  1. [00:00] cosmic gate and myon and shane 54 ft aruna- all around you {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  2. [05:21] jonas steur ft jennifer rene- still i wait (richard durands in search of sunrise rmx)
  3. [10:51] tritonal ft cristina soto- still with me (club mix)
  4. [16:28] dennis sheperd and alan morris ft sue mclaren- i die (alan morris club mix)
  5. [21:54] beat service ft neev kennedy- but i did
  6. [28:10] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- you got to go (kyau and albert rmx)
  7. [32:57] cosmic gate ft emma hewitt- be your sound (orjan nilsen rmx)
  8. [39:56] boom jinx ft justine suissa- phoenix from the flames (omnia and the blizzard rmx)
  9. [45:26] fortunate- escape on time
  10. [50:12] arcane science ft melissa loretta- confession (cramp rmx)
  11. [55:40] temple one ft neev kennedy- love the fear
  12. [60:20] susana- home (daniel kandi retrolift rmx)
  13. [66:28] ben nicky and cassandra fox- the one (daniel kandi rmx)
  14. [71:46] alex morph ft sylvia tosun- an angels love (vocal mix)

   It’s been 3 long years and you guys have stuck it out with Night Club Musical. First I wanna say thank you so much.  I’m just trying to take you to another place for about 80 minutes (Kind of like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory- ha). No, really I love sharing the journey with you.  Its not always for the dance floor or just for the beats, but it’s mainly for that feeling you get when you hear THAT tune that just gave you the ultimate chills or uplifts you and wish you could share it with everyone.  I’m always looking for that perfect track that takes me to highest of the high point. I mix each NCM as if you are in the same room as me, hoping not to screw it up and keep you moving, smiling or relaxed.  For those that have been listening since the beginning thanks so much for sticking with me.  For those that came on board later thanks for letting the tunes i select and mix together into your house, car or wherever you are (sorry about all the thanks, but I am truly grateful).  The shout outs keep me going and I love your feedback whether good or bad.  Those things keep the NCM OPEN for business.  I will try not to suck in year 3 and it keep NCM flowing with quality tracks from all the great electronic artists out there- especially trance artists.  I think Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys said it best, “Music is our lifes foundation and shall succeed all the nations to come.”   Welcome to NCM Act 028 and all its characters... YOU!!!

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night CHILLED musical 002: comfort zone
  1. [00:00] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- you got to go (deansdale rmx)
  2. [05:11] john o’callaghan ft betsie larkin- impossible to live without you
  3. [08:08] phaeleh ft soundmouse- afterglow
  4. [12:34] bjork- all is full of love
  5. [16:54] jes- as the rush comes (hamptons chills rmx)
  6. [21:42] sunlounger ft zara taylor- found (downtempo)
  7. [27:40] andain- promises
  8. [31:24] tydi ft audrey gallagher- worlds apart
  9. [35:14] above and beyond ft richard bedford- sun and moon (ID remix)
  10. [38:39] lange ft betsie larkin- all around me (reprise)
  11. [40:20] aly and fila ft sue mclaren- still
  12. [44:01] armin ft aelyn- in and out of love (dubstep chill mix)
  13. [47:11] andain- you once told me
  14. [51:39] dev- in the dark (proper villains rmx)
  15. [55:49] tydi ft tania zygar- vanilla
  16. [59:52] craig armstrong ft elizabeth fraser- this love
  17. [65:53] headstrong ft stine grove- tears
  18.   [69:14] betsie larkin and rafael frost- made of love
  19.   [73:23] faithless ft zoe johnston- crazy english summer

   Finally back by your request, Night CHILLED musical 002.  Like I’ve been saying this is a tough follow up to the original so i will let you be the judge. With snow already in some forecast, nothing better than warming up under the blankets and pushing play for this one. I listened to this on playback today and I am thinking: does this mix say something about me that I don;t know? It gets kind of dark at times.  Unlike the last time around I couldn’t get enough chill tunes for all the great upbeat versions provided on original NCMs, but I didn’t stray far from the electronic artists that provide our pure euphoria on the dance floor. So sit back, relax, put your feet up instead of your arms and get in your comfort zone.  I present to you... Night Chilled Musical-Comfort Zone.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 027: nineteneleven


  1. [00:00] adele- set fire to the rain (thomas gold rmx)
  2. [02:52] space rockerz ft tania zygar- puzzle piece
  3. [08:53] andy duguid ft fenja- strings (club mix)
  4. [15:04] creep ft romy medley croft- days (super8 and tab rmx)
  5. [19:40] dns project ft madelin zero- another day (khomna rmx)
  6. [24:32] grace- not over yet (max graham vs protoculture rmx)
  7. [30:44] eximinds- forever love (juventa rmx)
  8. [35:45] giuseppe ottaviani ft linnea schossow- just for you
  9. [40:56] emery and kirsch- lose yourself (tritonal air up there rmx)
  10. [47:21] andy moor ft sue mclaren- fight the fire(club mix) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  11. [53:50] super8 and tab ft betsie larkin- good times (lange rmx)
  12. [59:14] cramp ft natalie peris- more to this (solis rmx-sophie sugar edit)
  13. [64:14] simon patterson ft lucy pullin- keep quiet
  14. [70:44] blue tente ft aelyn- you’re not mine (uplifting mix)

NCM 027 brings us to the end of summer.  You wont need jackets for this though- should keep ya warm enough.  Hope ya enjoy.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 026: buckle up
  1. [00:00] bt ft kirsty hawkshaw- a million stars (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  2. [06:38] estiva ft josie- better days
  3. [12:23] andy duguid and jes-  before you go (taxigirl edit)
  4. [16:35] solarstone and orkidea ft billie koppel (dennis sheperd rmx)
  5. [21:22] armin and nadia ali- feels so good (jochen miller)
  6. [25:18] blake jarrell- maldives (genix rmx)
  7. [29:15] kyau and albert- a night like this
  8. [33:19] protoculture ft shanon hurley- sun gone down (alex morph and chriss ortega rmx)
  9. [39:34] headstrong ft stine grove- tears (aurosonic rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  10. [45:21] signum ft julie thompson- never be the smame again (myon and shane 54 monster mix)
  11. [51:35] linnea schossow- someone like you (alex morph dark morph rmx)
  12. [56:50] betsie larkin and super8 and tab- all we have is now
  13. [63:10] reorder and dave deen ft irena love- again
  14. [68:28] philippe el sisi ft josie- over you
  15. [73:30] activa ft julie harrington- stronger

NCM 026!!! Not gonna say a lot (like I always do), just let the music speak for itself.  But let me say this, the title has nothing to do with music. As silly as it sounds I am excited when I saw this week that the clothing store Buckle is coming to New England. haha.  Thats MY store.  If they are looking for store models give me holla.  One last thing what did I tell you about Stine Grove more than a year ago?  Said she would blow up. Tune of the Now...She is here!!!  As always listen to this baby loud. Hope ya enjoy the mix

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 025: surround yourself


  1. [00:00] jan martin and hysteria! ft debbie plein- save me now (beat service proglifting rmx)
  2. [06:53] alex sayz ft nadia ali- free to go
  3. [12:30] susana ft julian vincent- fall in deep (alexander popov rmx)
  4. [17:08] red carpet ft marcus schossow and ramona korber- alright (marcus schossow rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  5. [21:39] ruby and tony- up and down (oza rmx)
  6. [27:34] snatt and vix ft alexandra badoi- cold shower
  7. [32:33] kyau and albert - velvet morning (super8 and tab rmx)
  8. [38:19] mark eteson- universal language
  9. [44:23] full tilt- restrictor (matthew nagle rmx)
  10. [49:46] armin ft vanvelzen- take me where i wanna go (giuseppe ottaviani rmx)
  11. [55:58] susana ft jorn van deynhoven- never mine (sean bayer rmx)
  12. [61:55] aly and fila ft katherine crowe- it will be ok (arctic moon rmx)
  13. [68:05] will holland ft jeza- start again (juventa rmx)
  14. [74:13] armin ft winter kills- take a moment (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)

   This is a case of early morning mixing. NCM 025 comes at ya pretty hard.  Get ready for a hand raising experience.  Going to try to cover all 14 tracks since I have time on a plane traveling cross country. Had to get this one to ya quick from the last mix since i’m about to go on vacation n 2 days.  I always love a good lead-off track. Jan Martin brings the airy Save Me Now. Reminds me of driving to an Armin gig a couple of months ago.  Surprise, Nadia Ali is back on NCM with Free To Go.  Very Miami sounding.  Susana pops in 2 tracks from her new album.  Fall in Deep has that driving bass then the keys hit- oh my!.  Hands up!!  Then later in the mix she provides Never Mine.  Just pure trance that makes your heart stop tune. This lady’s voice is demanding- love it.  THEN when you hear the words “the sun is gonna keep on shining...” OH HERE GO HELL COME! Marcus Schossow throws this Alright tune at ya and you just lose your sh%#!  Go ahead and yell.  This is ultimate hands up stuff we’re talkin bout here.  My tune of the now! Makes me take a step back and just WOW!  Ruby and Tony then throw you some chopped up vocals with Up and Down.  Don’t leave the dancefloor it’s still going.  THEN get ready to get naked.  Cold Shower is just that track.  It is hot.  All i can think about is grinding up against my girl on the floor.  I just picture lights, sweat, and steam from the floor rising.  Such a sexy track. Oh don’t leave the floor.  Kyau and Albert pump it more for ya.  Velvet Morning will wear ya down. This track has been putting a smile on face all month.  Don’t leave the floor yet.  Mark Eteson provides a beauty, but yet a floor stabber with Universal Language. The beat is hot, but when it breaks get our float on. I love Trance!!! Don’t leave the floor. Then we get our instrumental called Restrictor.  My rule as always if it does not have vocals and makes NCM it better be good stuff- land your plane here please.  You make the call.  HOT!  Armin pops in 2 tracks this episode.  First with Take Me Where I Wanna Go.  Will discuss the other track later.  Aly and Fila bring Katherine Crowe back with them with It Will Be OK.  It’ s a hands up baby after the lyrics. Put it  just before 63:58 and you will feel the chills run up your arm- Beautiful Track.  Once again, I Love Trance!! Finally Will Holland and Jeza make NCM.  I have put this track off til the next mix the last 3 times I think.  Tried to find a good spot for it.  I love the lyrics.  Makes ya think.  The beachy guitar in the undertones of the track fit perfect. I finished the mix with Armin’s Take a Moment.  I want everyone to appreciate this summer.  Make the most of it no matter where you are.  Surround Yourself with beautiful people both inside and out.  Love one another.  One thing I figured out when I was about 14 years old.  Music brings us all together.  It makes ya smile it makes ya love.  It expresses all feelings.  Nothing like Trance does it more.  I hope NCM 025 puts that smile on your face.  Makes ya love the person next to you.  Spread that this summer will ya?  Thank you all for listening every month.  All I ever wanted.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 024: heavens dancefloor


  1. [00:00] shato and paul rockseek- wonderfooled
  2. [05:49] first state ft sarah howells- skies on fire
  3. [12:05] dj feel ft melissa loretta- 4 u 2 c (eximinds mx)
  4. [17:13] bt ft jes- the light in things (tydi rmx)
  5. [24:25] marlo jt jano- the island
  6. [29:26] andain- everything from me (promises) (myon and shane 54 rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of now}
  7. [34:27] starkillers and alex kenji ft nadia ali- pressure (alesso rmx)
  8. [39:15] sander van doorn ft carol lee- love is darkness (ummet ozcan rmx
  9. [44:21] maufactured superstars ft scarlett quinn- take me over (ferry corsten fix)
  10. [48:15] allure ft jes- show me the way (tydi rmx)
  11. [54:48] max graham ft neev kennedy- so caught up
  12. [60:35] orjan nilsen ft neev kennedy- anywhere but here (bjorn akesson rmx)
  13. [67:54] aly and fila ft sue mclaren- still (jorn van deynhoven rmx)
  14. [72:58] gareth emery ft lucy saunders- fight the sunrise (daniel kandi’s rise rmx)

Here we go again!  Artist save their best for the summer. Give me something to work with and we can do this.  While NCM 023 is gonna be hard to follow up, NCM 024 Heavens Dancefloor may land a few uppercuts to it.  So I start you off with with Wonderfooled. When the break hits this is what you may hear in heaven- straight beauty. Follow that up with Sarah Howells singing her heart out again with Skies On Fire.  Its almost like an unplugged (raw) Trance track. Melissa Loretta provides a sleeper track. Sneaks up on ya and next thing you know you’re saying where did this come from? I have waited forever for The Light in Things to be released. Jes is my girl.  I thought it would be tune of the year, BUT then Andain released Everything From Me (Promises) mixed by Myon & Shane 54. I can’t quit playing this one over and over. It seduces you and next thing you know you are moving in with it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Jes makes another appearance with Allure.  There was huge anticipation for this release.  Love it. especially once Tydi got his hands on it. Ferry Corsten mixes the heck out of Take Me Over- dancefloor stormer!!  Liking Carol Lee on Love is Darkness.  Nadia Ali provides her voice on a floorstomper!  Neev Kennedy shows up twice. On the first she wants to know where butterflies are free to fly and on the second she wants to be Anywhere But Here.  Both nice tracks, plus I’m a big Max Graham fan. I gurantee you that you will be singing the Aly and Fila track along with Gareth Emery Fight the Sunrise track. In my head I’m picturing a packed house, angels float-dancing and me spinning this stuff for the rest of my life...with a few breaks.  Hope you enjoy heavens dancefloor I hope you got your hand stamped for a little slice of it.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 023 perfect storm


  1. [00:00] karanda ft sopheary- crashing
  2. [05:25] george acosta ft kathleen fisher- the way she loves
  3. [09:59] tiesto and mark knight ft dino- beautiful world
  4. [15:03] adam k ft naan- wake up (morgan page rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}
  5. [19:53] luke terry ft helen sylk- cloudbreak (yuri kane rmx)
  6. [25:44] susana ft espen gulbrandsen- connection (myon and shane 54 monsterless mix)
  7. [29:47] atb ft kate louise smith- where you are
  8. [34:05] ferry corsten- feel it
  9. [39:05] andy moor and m.i.k.e.- spirits pulse
  10. [45:56] kenneth thomas ft roberta harrison and steven taetz- drive (ryan mendoza rmx)
  11. [51:37] john ocallaghan ft betsie larkin- save this moment (gareth emery rmx)
  12. [58:03] atb ft jansoon- move on (club mix)
  13. [64:52] ehren stowers ft emi jarvi- predator (dj feel rmx)
  14. [69:57] dark matters ft ana criado- the quest of a dream (paul webster rmx)
  15. [73:37] luke terry ft kerry leva- arpora (john ocallaghan rmx)

We gonna get summer started right.  NCM 023: Perfect Storm is the ticket.  Yeah I know the name has been used before (see Gloucester, Ma) but so much for originality.  But the lack of originality stops there.  Tiesto is back in NCM.  Its been a while my man, but this track crosses over to Trance.  Sounds weird saying that.  ATB put out a new album and I got 2 tracks from it right here for ya.  Sexy vocals start the mix.  Sopheary is a up and coming artist and Kathleen Fishers voice is a  unique one NCM is familiar with.  BTW Dash Berlin put out a new album.  I got a Quest of a Dream for ya.  I’m loving the Ehren Stowers and Emi Jarvi Predator track.  I heard it about 2 months ago, but never got the name of it.  After some research... FOUND IT!  What seems to be the lady of life’s favorite track Save This Momemt made 023 too.  I actually let her sit in the couch potato studio while I made this one. My tune of the month comes from Adam K, remixed by Morgan Page- Wake Up.  This is when I start my obsessive DJ pointing.  Ferry Corsten raises the roof and Andy Moor continues putting out nothing but quality tracks- floor shakers!! Boston’s own Kerry Leva closes it out. That about covers everything.  Perfect Storm title is actually for the peeps in the Southern U.S. who just went through what seems to be well... the perfect storm, with me being originally from Kentucky and all.  Hope everyone is recovering down there and getting life back to somewhat normal.  I know Im thinking about ya. Hope NCM can lift your spirits and prepare you for an unforgettable summer. I went back to my roots on this one. BTW since NCM started I just filled up my first notebook.  Gonna miss that book.  I gotta buy another one now- who’s buying?  

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 022 somnium
  1. adele- rolling in the deep (bedroom8 rmx)  0-4:04
  2. lost witness ft andrea britton- red sun rising (michael cassette rmx)  4:04-9:08
  3. deadmau5 ft great svabo bech- raise your weapon (lee osborne rmx)  9:08-14:23
  4. nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}  14:23-20:46 
  5. jose amnesia ft jennifer rene- louder (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)  20:46-27:31
  6. mell tierra ft anna montgomery- this saturday night  27:31-32:36
  7. hybrid ft charlotte james- original sin (myon and shane 54 club redemption)  32:36-27:57
  8. armin ft winter kills- winter stayed (on the beach intro mix)  37:57-44:05
  9. cressida ft roxanne barton- heart on my sleeve (kyau and albert rmx)  44:05-48:44
  10. gareth emery ft roxanne emery- too late tonight (john ocallaghan rmx)  48:44-53:50
  11. ronski speed and sun decade ft emma lock- u got me (tritonal club mix)  53:50-59:42
  12. above and beyond ft richard bedford- sun and moon (dennis sheperd rmx)  59:42-65:41
  13. tydi ft brianna holan- never go back  65:41-72:35 
  14. tritonal ft meredith call- broken down (ronski speed rmx)  72:35-end

BAM NCM 022 smacks you in the face from the start.  I was listening to the tracks on playback and a lot of these lyrics on this months mix are depressing.  Sounds like a broken hearts club.  Try not to read too much into that. Spring is here baby.  No more huge jackets and I can show off my wonderful physique. You know love handles build up over the winter.  Tune of the now comes from Nitrous Oxide.  It was my perk up-feel good tune over the past month. Ever since Maor Levi got out of the military he’s been blowing remixes up. Of course everyones favorite Sun and Moon had to be included just out of princple.  Its the principalities Smokey.  A little different tune from me, but its funky as hell is This Saturday Night.  Reminds me of the old Paul Oakenfold tune Kill Faster Pussycat.  The remix of Adeles Rolling in the deep is happening- will fill up any dancefloor.  Tydi comes in with his new track with Brianna Holan.  When is this dude gonna release his album?  A must buy!! I also love the sound of Heart On My Sleeve. My favorite lyric of the month is from Tritonals Broken Down “Holy hell we’ve hit the bottom feeding...” which inspired the cover art fro NCM 022. Now that may be the ultimate low.  Hope I didnt keep it too dark in this mix.    

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 021 cold sweat


1.  kaskade and adam k ft sunsun- raining  0-4:00

 2. cerf and mitiska ft jaren- another world (dennis sheperd rmx)  4:00-8:30 brown ft kerry leva- memorial (you were loved) (maor levi rmx)  8:30-13:48

4.above and beyond ft ashley tomberlin- cant sleep (super8 and tab rmx)  13:48-19:27

5.richard durand ft ellie lawson- wide awake {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  19:27-25:01

6.signalrunners ft julie thompson- these shoulders (andy moor rmx) {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  25:01-31:43

7.yuri kane ft melissa loretta- daylight (dj feel rmx)  31:43-37:53

8.bobina ft betsie larkin- you belong to me {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  37:53-44:53

9.armin ft laura v- drowning (myon and shane 54 classic mix)  44:53-50:22

10.sultan and ned shepherd ft nadia ali- call my name (max graham protoculture mix)  50:22-55:06

11.john ocallaghan vs timmy and tommy- talk to me (orjan nilsen rmx)  55:06-60:46

12.whiteroom ft amy cooper- someday (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)  60:46-66:52 ft aelyn- taken away (progressiver rmx)  66:52-73:09

14.will dukster ft solnce- im reaching part 2 (solis rmx)  73:09-end


Hoping NCM 021 breaks you out of the winter funk and gets ya ready for the spring time.  Plenty of quality vocal tracks to choose from.  Was going to name this one Winning or TigerBlood, but Charlie Sheen might have sued me.  ALL vocal tracks, (thats when you know it was a good Trance Progressive month) and 3 Co-tunes of the month.  I didn’t want to settle for just one this time around. I was pumping it all by myself while mixing.  Richard Durand is back with “Wide Awake”- a mover.  This normally doesn’t sound like something he puts out.  I couldn’t just let Andy Moor’s remix of “These Shoulders” go by.  It has that fun zig zag hop sound within the beat Andy is known for. Plus I am a bias M-M-M-Moor fan.  Last but not least Betsie Larkin belts it out on “You belong To Me.”  Probably really my favorite track for the month.  Kaskade starts the mix off with the perfect “Raining” title.  I can see myself driving to the club in the rain with this track on. Myon and Shane 54 do a helluva job remixing “Drowning”.  They made a generic sounding track sound great.  The DJ feel remix of “Daylight” picks it up a notch from the original- which I also loved.  If any of you are going to Miami for WMC and Ultra Music Fest and feel the need to throw this on, don’t hesitate.  I am hoping this baby gets ya ready for more sunshine.  Hopefully the days of Cold Sweat are over.  Thank you all for your support.  I’m loving my Night Club Musical listeners feedback.  

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical: act 020 vida


  1. robbie rivera ft lizzie curious- departures (cosmic gate rmx)  0-6:21
  2. schodt ft aida fenhel- fly into the night (antillas and dankann mix)  6:21-11:54
  3. nadia ali- ride with me (shogun rmx)  11:54-17:42
  4. lange ft betsie larkin- all around me (snatt and vix rmx)  17:42-23:00
  5. sneijder ft elsa hill- we are living (lost mix)  23:00-29:31
  6. miguel bose- por ti (above and beyond rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}  29:31-35:35
  7. ronski speed ft ana criado- a sign  35:35-40:25
  8. tydi ft tania zygar- half light (max graham rmx)  40:25-45:50
  9. markus schulz ft jennifer rene- not the same  45:50-50:38
  10. david tort and norman doray ft ali kokko- chase the sun (thomas gold rmx)  50:38-54:15
  11. amurai ft rough dutchess- infinity (7 reason version)  54:15-60:04
  12. ltn vs dash berlin ft - never dim sum again (will holland mash up)  60:04-64:35
  13. super8 & tab ft julie thompson- my enemy (club mix)  64:35-70:24
  14. andre visior and kay stone- sunrise (ronski speed rmx)  70:24-end


Welcome to 2011.  NCM 020 comes a little late, but sometimes life happens.  I also wanted to make sure I included new quality tracks for the mix instead of just settling for any vocal track that’s been released over the past month.  NCM starts out a little on mellow side and then picks up around Nadia Ali the electronic diva.  I found myself in Mexico over the holidays and just out of coincidence the tune of the month is a Spanish vocal trance smash by Miguel Bose.  I have no idea what is being said, but I can feel the above and beyond remix.  Tydi, who I consider the best remixer of 2010 gets Half Light remixed by another one of my favorites, Max Graham- great and best version of this tune.  Make sure you check out the great mash up tune Never Dim Sum Again Will Holland mixed.   I think I played it at least once a day over the past month.  Hope ya enjoy Vida.  Thank you for as great 2010 which was maybe the best year for vocal trance and I hope 2011 brings even better tunes and artists for me to mix in to Night Club Musical.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too.




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