dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night club musical act 050: Best of NCM
  1. [00:00] intro
  2. [00:45] andy duguid ft leah- wasted
  3. [06:30] meremek and tropixx- only you
  4. [10:59] oceanlab vs eric prydz- breakin’ 2night
  5. [17:37] george Acosta ft fisher- true love
  6. [23:00] above and beyond- walter white
  7. [28:03] offer nissim ft maya simantov- first time
  8. [34:43] seven lions and myon and shane 54 ft tove lo- strangers
  9. [39:48] bt- the emergency (today is the day mix)
  10. [46:07] the euryhtmics- here comes the rain again
  11. [51:42] oceanlab vs mike shiver ft justine suissa- if I could fly on the surface (Daniel kandi rmx)
  12. [57:40] super8 and tab- l.a.
  13. [1:02:50] andy moor- fake awake
  14. [1:09:36] velvetine- safe (wherever you are)
  15. [1:14:35] vintage and morelli- afterglow
  16. [1:22:23] andy moor ft sue mclaren- fight the fire
  17. [1:29:00] aruna- save the day (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  18. [1:34:14] dash berlin, cerf, mistika ft jaren- man on the run
  19. [1:41:42] above and beyond pres. Oceanlab and gareth emery ft justine suissa – on a good day (metropolis)
  20. [1:48:30] iio ft nadia ali- rapture (riva rmx)
  21. [1:55:10] alpha 9- bliss
  22. [2:00:02] andain- promises (myon and shane 54 summer love rmx)
  23. [2:05:51] arty- twilight tonight
  24. [2:12:31] Imogen heap- headlock (ron van den beuken rmx)
  25. [2:17:39] dash berlin and markus schulz ft seri- never rain down again (myon and shane 54 dash-up)
  26. [2:21:44] nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx)
  27. [2:28:34] bt ft kirsty hawkshaw- a million stars (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  28. [2:35:18] katy perry- teenage dream (digital self rmx)
  29. [2:40:38] oceanlab ft justine suissa- lonely girl (gareth emery rmx)
  30. [2:46:22] sophie sugar and sunlounger ft zara (avb mahup)
  31. [2:52:12] delerium and sarah mclachlan- silence (airscape rmx)
  32. [3:00:26] lana del rey- young and beautiful (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  33. [3:05:18] nadia ali- triangle (myon and shane 54 classic rmx)
  34. [3:11:03] ronski speed and syntrobic ft renee stahl- pink skye
  35. [3:17:08] andain- beautiful things (gustav rmx)
  36. [3:23:11] tydi ft audrey Gallagher
  37. [3:30:56] signalrunners and julie thompson- these shoulders (andy moor rmx)
  38. [3:36:42] jonas steur ft jennifer rene- still I wait (richard durand in search of sunrise rmx)
  39. [3:42:45] lange ft emma hewitt- live forever (mat zo rmx)
  40. [3:48:53] London grammar- hey now (arty rmx)
  41. [3:54:15] cosmic gate, myon and shane 54 ft aruna- all around me
  42. [4:00:10] cassandra fox- touch me (mike koglin and jono grant rmx)
  43. [4:06:26] allure ft jes- show me the way (tydi rmx)
  44. [4:12:01] yves de la croix and john evans ft lokka vox- ashamed (Fabio xb rmx)
  45. [4:17:24] sonic bounce ft cece peniston – the final push
  46. [4:22:40] tiesto ft kirsty hawkshaw- just be (antillas rmx)
  47. [4:30:24] cosmic gate and emma Hewitt- bee your sound (orjan nilsen rmx)
  48. [4:37:20] paul van dyk ft arty- the ocean
  49. [4:42:25] atb ft jansoon- move on (club mix)
  50. [4:49:04] protoculture ft shannon hurley- sun gone down (alex morph and chris ortega rmx)
  51. [4:55:25] kaskade and deadmau5fy haley- move for me
  52. [5:01:06] imogen heap- run-time (matt lange rmx)
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night club musical act 049

1. [00:00] intro 

2. [00:45] max freegrant ft referna- bring it one back 

3. [06:01] solid stone ft jennifer rene- pushing up 

4. [10:43] sevenn, bhasker and blue rose- feeling so high 

5. [15:46] vintage and morelli- desire (dezza rmx) 

6. [20:34] moby- porcelain (above and beyond rmx) 

7. [26:15] fatum and jes- anything can happen 

8. [30:50] vitodito- las casas del joder (seawayz and sollito vocal rmx) 

9. [35:30] aresz and sollito- reverie (sodality rmx) 10. [40:43]

10. [40:43] genix and sue mclaren- lose yourself 

11. [44:45] aruna- sunrise (aerosoul vs aruna rmx) 

12. [48:30] adam sobiech and eimear- just a deam 

13. [53:23] rodrigo deem- lux 

14. [58:18] oceanlab vs mike shiver ft Justine suissa- if I could fly on the surface (daniel kandi mashup) 

15. [1:04:12] push- strange world (andrew bayer rmx) 

16. [1:09:51] ltn and blue ghost- chasing the arrow 

17. [1:15:03] kyau and albert- memory lane 

18. [1:20:16] rodg-high on life 

19. [1:25:01] markus schulz ft delacey- destiny 

20. [1:32:35]myon and shane 54 ft haley- round we go 

21. [1:36:56] Fabio xb and liuck ft Roxanne emery- nowhere to be found (ltn rmx) 

22. [1:41:48]aruna- what if (rodrigo deem rmx) 

23. [1:46:20] mr andre- lybra 

24. [1:51:21] tiesto- carpe noctum 

25. [1:56:21] alex ender- silver linings 

26. [2:00:37] headstrong ft stine grove- I will find you (martin graff progressive rmx) 

27. [2:06:44] raz nitzan ft jess morgan- not like everyone (aurosonic rmx)

28. [2:11:18] maor levi ft mangel suvernan- made of fire

29. [2:15:56] gai barone ft katty heath- you make it hurt (allen and envy rmx)


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night club musical act 048
  1. [00:00] intro
  2. [00:42] croquet club- eternite'
  3. [04:21] steve brian- avocado (cabriolet paris rmx)
  4. [09:54] gareth emery and alastor ft london thor- hands (matt fax rmx)
  5. [16:56] nero- guilt (maor levi and ilan bluestone rmx)
  6. [22:55] tritonal ft angel taylor- getaway (matt fax rmx)
  7. [28:10] maor levi- andromeda
  8. [32:40] arty and andrew bayer- follow the light
  9. [37:40] ltn and arielle maren- lucky star (vintage and morelli rmx)
  10. [44:17] norin and rad vs coldplay- clocks boom (myon and shane 54 mashup)
  11. [49:14] cosmic gate and eric lumiere- edge of life
  12. [55:03] Adrian alexander and emerge ft esslu- prove me right
  13. [1:00:43] breathe Carolina and husman ft carah faye- giants
  14. [1:04:09] kyau and albert ft in gray- sleeping lions
  15. [1:10:20] andain- summer calling (kris oneil rmx)
  16. [1:16:05] adrian alexander and skylane- stratosphere
  17. [1:20:44] thomas hayes vs aruna- start alluvion (farid mashup)
  18. [1:24:47] Rafael frost and neev kennedy- call this love
  19. [1:30:47] gai barone ft katty heath- you make it hurt (formal one rmx)
  20. [1:34:49] bring bliss- so far (chris peacock rmx)
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