dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to

side Eugene (the valley)


1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:43] ben bohmer- wall of strings

3. [04:37] tritonal ft rosie darling- never be the same [alpha 9 remix]

4. [09:37] 3lau ft xira- tokyo

5. [13:23] kaskade ft madge- tight

6. [16:11] gorgon city- roped in


side Portland (PDX)


7. [21:00] atb ft gia koka- wanderer

8. [27:04] above & beyond- another angel

9. [31:03] marlo & feenixpawl- lighter than air

10. [34:30] atb ft karra- the only one

11. [40:03] grum- the ascent


side Seattle (SEATAC)


12. [44:36] ltn & cassidy ford- hurt yourself

13. [49:16] above and beyond- anjunafamily

14. [54:27] kast- pager (kyau & albert rmx)

15. [59:36] paul arcane & sendr- heart

16. [01:03:10] atb & markus schulz- heartbeat (festival rmx)


side Vancouver (O Canada)


17. [01:18:19] genix- giant steps

18. [01:11:30] dezza and julian gray- cold outside (farius remix)

19. [01:15:55] alex sonata, theRio & linna schossow- stay

20. [01:19:52] jason ross ft emilie brandt- iou (jason ross remix)

21. [01:24:03] kyau & albert- i feel love (john grand remix)


US 101 (PNW Coast)


22. [01:27:59] markus schulz & bt- i need love

23. [01:32:23] antillas ft fiora- damaged (gxd remix)

24. [01:37:48] sean tyas & shelby merry- someday

25. [01:42:48] berg- see it coming

26. [01:46:44] gareth emery ft pollyanna- lionheart (magnus remix)


Exit to HOME


27. [01:51:58] the thrillseekers ft sheryl deane- synaesthesia (club mix)


Pack your stuff, I’m about to take you on an EDM soundtrack journey through the Upper Left. I know you may be thinking grunge, but that was the 90s, and it was probably a glorious time to be here. 2020 is right around the corner so with clear eyes and full hearts take this Northwest journey with me. Much like Oregon, the journey will get a little strange, but you may find yourself loving it.  We’re gonna take a different kind of trail for two hours, you’ll find you can’t lose. BTW The play on these sentences are killing me. 


Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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An electronic soundtrack to the literary art of “Girl with Curious Hair,” a continuation from "NCM 032: everything is green." Dark with uplifting moments. Take it in. 

PART 2: from green to yellow


1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:42] grum ft natalie shay- afterglow

3. [05:47] grum ft dom youdan- tomorrow

4. [10:42] xanti, tim bell and elenoir- queen of love

5. [14:30] avb ft candace sosa- runaway

6. [18:56] franky wah ft robinson- hide (franky wah club mix)

7. [24:47] ilan bluestone and maor levi ft gid sedgwick- can you

8. [29:18] above and beyond vs avb- show me love

9. [34:18] new order- true faith (orkidea pure progressive rmx)

10. [38:48] atlantis- fiji (kolonie rmx)

11. [43:33] dt8 project- carry on (myon return to 95 rmx)

12. [48:18] henry dark- sunflower


PART 2.55: mayfly revisited


13. [53:03] myni8hte - above the fields

14. [57:14] kyau and albert- so true

15. [1:01:30] avb and bt ft nation of one- always

16. [1:05:10] assaf and cassandra grey- all of you

17. [1:11:50] ferry corsten and johnny b- hear it now (ferry’s fix)

18. [1:15:45] oliver smith- mirage

19. [1:20:20] andy moor and somna ft monika santucci- free fall (sheridan grout rmx)

20. [1:25:24] super8 and tab- irufushi

21. [1:31:06] avb ft sam martin- miles away

“Girl with Curious Hair,” a continuation from NCM 032: everything is green. Dark with uplifting moments. Take it in. 

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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:42] nitrous oxide- verano

3. [06:57] jaytech ft tommy murphy- batumi

4. [10:50] shane 54 ft clara sophie- delirium

5. [15:43] myon ft icon- cold summer (dash berlin rmx)

6. [19:04] cosmic gate ft foret- need to feel loved

7. [24:04] jeffrey sutorius ft jonathan mendelsohn- nothing hurts like love (alexander poor rmx)

8. [27:45] shane 54- dark and long (dark train)

9. [32:44] avb ft cimo frankel- all comes down 

10. [36:53] matt fax ft krysta youngs- the chase (jaytech rmx)

11. [41:38] mitiska and profetik ft julie thompson- blue

12. [46:08] linkin park- in the end (marcus schulz tribute mix)

13. [52:44] holbrook and skykeeper vs forces- mariana’s trench

14. [56:54] markus schulz and alina eremia- you light up the night

15. [01:02:45] mark sixma- escape with me

16. [01:06:32] andrew rayel and christina novelli- lighthouse

17. [01:10:27] libra ft taylor- anomally calling your name (markus schulz rmx) 

18. [01:15:45] max graham ft tania zygar- diamonds

19. [01:19:50] nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx) 


20. [01:27:54] myon and shane 54- trapped (jonas steur inevitable mix)

21. [01:34:45] claudia cazacu ft audrey gallagher- freefalling (futurecode rmx)

22. [01:39:02] ram and stine grove- saving angel


24. [01:46:35] cigarettes after sex- keep on loving you

25. [01:50:25] sad radio on cassini- don’t forget



mid/night/life. mixlife at 50.   

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