dj bigdirty's: night club musical This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] deadmau5 & kiesza- bridged by a lightwave

3. [07:50] maor levi ft nyla- one love

4. [12:50] elysian- water

5. [18:00] alex sonata & the rio ft gid sedgwick- awakening

6. [23:04] christina novelli- numb

7. [28:05] giuseppe ottaviani- til we meet again

8. [31:33] bt, matt fax & nation of one- walk into the water (craig connelly remix)

9. [37:07] haliene- walk through walls (markus schulz remix)

10. [41:46] ruben de ronde ft eke- wanderlust (eugenia tokarev remix)

11. [46:52] roman messer- sweet desire (bogdan vix remix)

12. [50:35] allen watts ft gid sedgwick- another you

13. [54:59] paul van dyk & shedona- exhale

14. [59:09] reorder ft bo bruce- we are the world

15. [01:03:37] craig connelly & tara louise- time machine

16. [01:10:20] elevven- one last time (roman messer remix)

17. [01:15:51] craig connelly & siskin- all for love (giuseppe ottaviani remix)

18. [01:20:57] factor b- bravo

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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] lastlings- out of touch

3. [05:07] kapera ft lauren l’aimant- feelin you

4. [08:49] armin van buuren, avira & be no rain- hollow

5. [12:48] scorz ft diana leah- come to life

6. [16:52] the subculture ft nikki ambers- alive (warren remix)

7. [20:57] kamilo sanclemente & dabeat- canis (Jerome isma-ae remix)

8. [24:49] assaf & cassandra grey- lost at sea

9. [31:13] jora ft reptile room- speak for yourself

10. [34:50] alpha 9 & muvy- friend

11. [38:23] dennis sheperd & eke- playing with fire

12. [42:57] felon ft eke- fine lines

13. [46:47] dezza & lauren l’aimant- settle

14. [50:55] york- on the beach (kryder remix)

15. [55:29] orjan nilsen- sankthansaften

16. [01:00:00] maor levi ft roel- my eyes

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