dj bigdirty's: night club musical This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.

Good morning or good night…

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] rick & morty feat kotomi & ryan elder- don’t look back (monoverse rework) {white}

3. [03:52] billie eilish- i love you (myon tales from another world mix) {patreon}

4. [09:48] myon feat alisa feudo- the darkest light (gardenstate remix) {anjunabeats}

5. [14:26] cosmic gate & diana miro- blame {wake your mind}

6. [19:36] scorz feat jaime deraz- poison (club mix) {armada}

7. [24:21] olan & nourey- in motion {anjunabeats}

8. [29:56] marsh feat leo wood- my stripes (braxton & marsh mix) {anjunadeep}

9. [36:08] dezza & emme- getaway {colorize/enhanced}

10. [41:18] mike saint-jules- flares {anjunabeats}

11. [46:14] hayden james, gorgon city & nat dunn- foolproof {future classic}

12. [50:46] spencer brown feat rachel k collier- always do you {anjunabeats}

13. [54:47] ilan bluestone & maor levi feat alex clare- hold on (gvn remix) {anjunabeats}

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Inspired by 4AD music.  Enjoy this trance journey

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] nima van ghavim- after life {ava}

3. [05:06] andy duguid & chelsea holland- dreamers {magik muzik}

4. [11:05] hausman- let me go {enhanced progressive}

5. [16:34] ltn & cassidy ford- hurt yourself (mark bester remix) {ava}

6. [21:59] beatsole, eugenio tokarev & kimberly hale- only me {raznitzanmusic}

7. [26:37] somna & jennifer rene- back to life (mark bester remix) {ava}

8. [31:20] nifra & mia koo- forever forever (beatsole remix) {coldharbour}

9. [36:16] dj t.h. & jan johnston- stealing time (markus schulz in search of sunrise rework) {coldharbour}

10. [41:03] tekno, dj t.h. & that girl- our desire {interplay}

11. [45:07] avao- light off {reaching altitude}

12. [48:40] omnia & audrey gallagher- i believe {armada}

13. [52:55] joel hirsch & jennifer rene- pieces {armada}

14. [57:09] smr lve feat roxanne emery- lost in love (madwave remix) {always alive}

15. [01:02:12] seven lions feat fiora- days to come (seven lions 1999 remix) {ophelia}

16. [01:06:40] joint operations centre, kate miles & john o’callaghan- behind the silence (john o’callaghan remix) {subculture}

17. [01:13:09] hi profile- dark places {dm7}

18. [01:16:52] norni- oblivion {eximinds airlines}

19. [01:20:48] trance wax feat moya brennan- rivers {anjunabeats}

20. [01:25:13] yahel feat tammy- ocean (arrival remix) {spin twist}

21. [01:29:18] paul denton, audrey gallagher & sneijder- beneath the stars (sneijder remix) {future sound of egypt}

22. [01:35:37] ben nicky, stunt & avao- raindrops (avao remix) {xploded}

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No cover charge tonight because Night Club Musical officially hits senior citizen status (065).

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] dt8 project- see it through {anjunabeats}

3. [03:50] gareth emery- I saw your face {create music}

4. [07:30] myon feat nikol apatini- ghost town (Myon tales from another world mix) {ride}

5. [13:20] jaytech- dreamworld {anjunabeats}

6. [17:20] britney spears- gimme more (Kaskade remix) {rca}

7. [22:02] mk vs steve brian- 17 the 90s (myon mashup) {patreon}

8. [26:55] steve brian & renee- sweet little lies (myon summer of love remix) {enhanced progressive}

9. [32:18] daft punk- one more time (myon remix)

10. [37:05] maor levi & bt feat nation of one- here {armada}

11. [42:26] anske & sarah shields- compromise {coldharbour}

12. [48:03] denis kenzo- on your arms {denis kenzo}

13. [52:57] illuminor- umzansi (beatsole remix) {amon vision}

14. [57:50] i_o- in my head part II {armada}

15. [01:01:47] above & beyond vs seven lions & jr- higher crash love (myon mashup) {patreon}

16. [01:07:36] dennis sheperd & katty heath- losing my mind {black hole}

17. [01:11:30] super8 & tab &tom fall feat london thor- september {armada}

18. [01:17:00] bryn liden, amy wiles & boss axis- integration (amy wiles remix) {euphonic}

19. [01:22:08] atb- desperate religion (orange project remix) {patreon}

20. [01:29:20] artisan feat anki- love is divine {coldharbour}

21. [01:35:02] shogun feat tania zygar- find me {armada]

22. [01:41:52] adrian alexander & quizzow- snowfall {elliptical sun}

23. [01:46:02] denis airwave & sarah escape’- horizon {abora}

24. [01:51:00] omnia & drym- enigma {armada}

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The new series DJ Bigdirty's Breakfast Club Musical. A different kind of detention.

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] crvvcks- only when the night falls {musical freedom}

3. [04:39] samantha james vs james kaiser- kestrel rise (myon mashup) {patreon}

4. [09:26] marcus santoro & isabelle stern- it’s not about you {enhanced}

5. [12:47] franky wah feat aetho- should have seen it coming {anjunadeep}

6. [17:18] thomas gold feat jillian edwards- magic (cubicore remix) {armada}

7. [22:28] unkle & amtrac feat ysee,eska,elliott power,keaton henson,leila moss, miinkdhani harrison & steven young- farewell (amtrac rapid remix) {unkle}

8. [27:00] sander van doorn feat blondfire- golden {spinnin records}

9. [30:36] dennis sheperd & joston- when I’m alone {black hole}

10. [35:26] will sea- all night {in my opinion}

11. [39:29] jack trades & kayrae- phantoms (joel freck remix) {physical presents}

12. [42:47] late night alumni vs lesh- 4am days gone by (myon mashup) {patreon}

13. [49:08] tru concept & romany- runaway {anjunadeep}

14. [53:27] sound quelle- shake {statement!}

15. [57:46] gvn- I don’t {anjunabeats}

Get ready for musical detention. DJ Bigdirty presents a musical series that captures the mood after or before the Night Club Musical.  Something to take you home or wake up to the next morning.  Ladies and gentlemen Breakfast Club Musical.  When the melody doesn’t fit during the peak of the night, but hits the spot without all the lights.

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