dj bigdirty's: night club musical This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.

“To unlock doors I use a key. And when I'm looking for something I use my eyes. I use booze to unlock me. Don't ask me why I smoke, but I drink to get drunk."

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:23] supernova- lovely summer dreams {blackboard}

3. [03:45] kryder & b. jones- girlfriend {spinnin records}

4. [07:22] spencer brown & qrion- rainy april {anjunadeep}

5. [12:26] tagavaka- you could be the one {anjunadeep}

6. [16:50] marcus santoro feat diana miro- oblivion {protocol}

7. [19:40] tommy trash & kiesza- tectonic {hau5trap}

8. [24:07] billie eilish- no time to die (samuel sonder remix) {white}

9. [28:47] riko- by my side {purified}

10. [33:24] sander van doorn feat sia- drink to get drunk (laura van dam remix) {spinnin records}

11. [37:01] suchos feat bri- take me home {enormous chills}

12. [39:51] gorgon city & jem cooke- dreams {emi}

13. [43:13] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- stranded {monstercat}

14. [47:01] kaiyan- beyond the meadow {colorize}

15. [51:51] dezza & emme- i wanna know (leossa remix) {colorize/enhanced}

16. [56:10] warung- letting go {anjunadeep}

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“Give me hope, give me love in the dark nights. Take me home, light it up like a flashlight.”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] tritonal feat cristina soto- everafter (cubicore remix) {enhanced}

3. [04:27] farius- alibi {enhanced}

4. [07:42] paul oakenfold & aloe blacc- I’m in love (alexander popov remix) {perfecto}

5. [11:14] skylex & lucid blue- believer (ruslan radriges remix) {raznitzanmusic}

6. [15:18] cass fox vs khoma & david gravel- touch me alpha centauri (myon mashup) {patreon}

7. [19:29] maglev- reaching europa {black hole}

8. [24:54] tritonal feat fisher- slave (sunny lax remix) {enhanced}

9. [29:43] ferry corsten & haliene- wherever you are {flashover}

10. [35:59] richard durand & sarah de warren- made of stone {muse}

11. [40:14] sean tyas & shelby merry- someday (story of oz remix) {deep in thought}

12. [45:08] sunlounger feat zara- lost (roger shah 2018 update) {armada}

13. [50:13] vinny degeorge- seascape {alter ego}

14. [55:34] nicholas gunn feat alina renae- broken (giuseppe ottaviani remix) {armada}

15. [59:58] sunlounger, roger shah & paul thomas feat susie ledge- on the other side (roger shah & yelow uplifiting remix) {future sound of egypt}

16. [01:04:22] dennis sheperd & sarah russell- when our worlds collide (john o’callaghan remix) {black hole}

17. [01:09:24] angelus- not changin’ {regenrate}

18. [01:13:17] drym, gxd & linney- give me life {valteon}

19. [01:17:49] bt- wildfire (sean tyas remix) {black hole}

20. [01:22:27] jordan tobias feat limelight- angel in disguise {go}

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"Like the sun needs its stars, you make my world shine bright."

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] cannons & tiesto- fire for you (tiesto remix) {columbia}

3. [04:00] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- the light {monstercat}

4. [09:37] patrik humann & gid sedgwick- falling {enhanced progressive}

5. [12:38] cosmic gate & diana miro- nothing to hide {wake your mind}

6. [16:03] kyau & albert- spuren {euphonic}

7. [20:52] bt- wildfire (somna remix) {black hole}

8. [25:10] denis sender- timeline {suanda}

9. [28:45] above & beyond feat gemma hayes- counting down the days (mike saint-jules remix) {white}

10. [33:41] chris giuliano feat natalie major- running with the wind {anjunabeats}

11. [39:36] above & beyond vs audien- alchemy vs wayfarer (myon mashup) {patreon}

12. [44:38] tritonal feat meredith call- broken down (john grand remix) {enhanced}

13. [48:50] super8 & tab feat julie thompson- my enemy (super8 & tab 2021 remix) {anjunabeats}

14. [54:30] ramsey westwood- can’t sleep {ava}

15. [58:37] activa & shelley segal- fall in {black hole}

16. [01:03:08] aly & fila feat jes- sunrise {armada}

17. [01:08:06] tritonal feat cristina soto- still with me (eleven remix) {enhanced}

18. [01:13:25] vintage & morelli & arielle marin- other side {monstercat}

19. [01:19:09] ramsey westwood- start again {raveup}

20. [01:22:54] dennis sheperd & katty heath- losing my mind (paul arcane remix) {black hole}

21. [01:27:09] burns- talamanca {parlaphone/ffrr}

22. [01:31:37] roman messer & richard bedford- breathe {sundae}

23. [01:36:47] veracocha- carte blanche (Ilan bluestone remix) {armada}

24. [01:41:08] semblance smile- unity {suanda}

25. [01:45:01] vintage & morelli & arielle marin- hands of god {monstercat}

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“Send myself all over, somewhere, sometime”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] above & beyond feat zoe johnston- love is not enough (amr mix) {anjunabeats}

3. [05:34] cri feat bernache- from me {anjunadeep}

4. [08:50] genix & northing- take our time {anjunabeats}

5. [14:34] andy moor- safe on both sides (ltn pres. ghostbeat remix) {enhanced progressive}

6. [19:00] above & beyond- home (boxer & amy wiles mix) {anjunabeats}

7. [23:25] gardenstate & bien- the best part {anjunabeats}

8. [28:06] londin thompson- don’t prove me wrong (maor levi remix) {republic}

9. [31:52] franky wah feat aetho- should have seen it coming (yotto remix) {anjunadeep}

10. [37:06] braxton & lauren l’aimant- holding on {colorize}

11. [40:42] eli & fur- walk the line {anjunadeep}

12. [44:19] dt8 project- forever {enhanced progressive}

13. [49:30] falden- dont wanna know (le youth remix) {this never happened}

14. [53:10] jordin post- fade away {anjunabeats}

15. [58:00] pretty pink feat gracie thunder- echo (jody wisternoff remix) {anjunabeats}

16. [01:02:08] christian burns- tigers (live (br) remix) {black hole}

17. [01:06:12] nora en pure feat liz cass- won’t leave your side {enormous tunes}

18. [01:11:38] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- heartbeat {monstercat}

19. [01:16:17] sultan & shepard feat fractures- all that remains (gvn remix) {this never happened}

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