dj bigdirty's: night club musical (podcasts) This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.

"Take me down to the place where the freaks are gonna play."

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:37] ivan gough & marcus santoro feat lily papas- dreaming {neon}

3. [04:26] kryder- piece of art {armada}

4. [08:16] dubvision- no more {rave culture}

5. [11:08] iammtn- your love (john grand remix) {elliptical sun}

6. [14:53] slander & dylan matthew- love is gone (armin van buuren remix) {gud vibrations}

7. [19:34] john grand- kenopsia {euphonic}

8. [24:00] lasgo- something (myon bootleg) {patreon}

9. [27:57] farius & sue mclaren- love is love (airo remix) {enhanced progressive}

10. [32:37] jody wisternoff- cold drink, hot girl (oliver smith remix) {distinctive}

11. [37:06] tritonal & emme- out of the dark (morgin madison remix) {enhanced}

12. [41:51] kaidro- home {enhanced}

13. [45:33] roman messer & anven- moment {suanda}

14. [48:58] far out & leonard a- ultraviolet {ophelia}

15. [52:10] cubetronic & makizante- feel me now {suanda}

16. [56:47] anske & sarah shields- compromise (arjans remix) {coldharbour}

17. [01:01:26] talamanca, david sherlock & john grand- balearic soul {monstercat}

18. [01:06:13] mully,shvman & rily shay- stranded (somna remix) {emengy deep}

19. [01:10:30] farius- alibi (farius lost in 137 mix) {enhanced progressive}

20. [01:15:36] aly & fila vs scott bond vs charlie walker- shadow {future sound of egypt}

21. [01:20:30] sun decade & arielle maren- find ourselves {suanda}

22. [01:24:06] arggic & suquerja- I see you {suanda}

23. [01:29:12] christopher corrigan- heartfelt {regenerate}

24. [01:33:33] norni & gid sedgwick- ferris wheel (ashley wallbridge remix) {eximinds airlines}

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“I'll take out the sun, back where we begun again.”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:37] andrew rayal & takis feat zagata- closer {armada}

3. [03:27] blr & truetone- you are like that {frost}

4. [07:15] ali bakgor- in your eyes {frost}

5. [11:04] drym & susie ledge- nothing i won’t do {valteon}

6. [16:47] aluna & punctual- summer of love {higher ground}

7. [20:37] tiesto, ummet ozcan & tomhio- be something {musical freedom}

8. [24:11] morgin madison- start again {720maus}

9. [28:15] swedish house mafia & the weeknd- moth to a flame (david di sabato remix) {white}

10. [32:33] navos x harlee- you & I (chapter & verse remix) {island/universal}

11. [36:25] alexander popov & whiteout- right back {interplay}

12. [39:59] jaytech- galactic {anjunabeats}

13. [44:01] super8 & tab feat alyna- perfect day (jaytech mix) {anjunabeats}

14. [48:49] whiteout & semblance smile- all I want {interplay}

15. [52:42] qrion- 11-11 {anjunadeep}

16. [56:18] atb- I don’t wanna stop (myon bootleg) {patreon}

17. [59:25] aurosonic & susana- weather the storm (progressive mix) {raznitzanmusic}

18. [01:04:55] corey james & truth be told- sirens calling {enhanced}

19. [01:08:41] york & au/ra- golden hour (avira remix) {enhanced}

20. [01:10:58] tom staar & eddie thoenick feat abel simpson- flames {armada}

21. [01:15:59] tim hox feat cilvr- tactus {revealed}

22. [01:20:00] jaytech- colossus {anjunabeats}

23. [01:24:20] coldplay- midnight (tiesto’s experimental tech house bootleg) {white}

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“The night keeps me going. ‘Cause I know your sky is spinning the same.”

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:24] ben böhmer & tinlicker feat felix raphael- run away {anjunadeep}

3. [05:22] lane 8 feat julia church- oh, miles {this never happened}

4. [10:16] dezza & demmo- coastline {colorize/enhanced}

5. [14:56] jerro feat sophia bell- demons {this never happened}

6. [16:58] above & beyond feat justine suissa- almost home (above & beyond deep mix) {anjunabeats}

7. [21:17] scorz & diana miro- shadow {armada}

8. [23:57] sofi tukker & john summit- sun came up {sofi tukker/ ultra)

9. [28:16] liberty city- if you really love someone (the murk groove) {tribal}

10. [31:00] spencer ramsay & kc lights- love with you (6am remix) {polydor/ sfr/ universal}

11. [34:34] leftwing & kody & jem cooke- shiver {spinnin deep}

12. [38:42] julian gray & 28mm & forts- air (jordin post remix) {enhanced}

13. [43:36] pretty pink feat the element- shadows {anjunabeats}

14. [47:42] gardenstate- by your side {anjunabeats}

15. [51:02] qrion- waterfalls {anjunadeep}

16. [55:25] johan vilborg- mai tai {enhanced progressive}

17. [59:48] mango & nd catani- all the roads {monstercat}

18. [01:03:43] embrz feat lizzy land- where you are {this never happened}

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"My love is like footsteps in this snow..."

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] Ferry Corsten feat Betsie Larkin- Made Of Love {Premier} 2009

3. [05:39] Chicane & Maire Brennan of Clannad- Saltwater {Xstravaganza} 1999

4. [09:15] MaRLo & feenixpawl- Lighter Than Air {Armada} 2019

5. [12:55] Armin Van Buuren feat Sharon den Adel- In And Out of Love (Ilan Bluestone & Maor Levi remix) {Armada} 2020

6. [18:16] Above & Beyond & Andy Moor- Air For Life {Anjunabeats} 2005

7. [22:12] Dash Berlin- Til The Sky Falls Down (Andrew Rayel remix) {North Sea} 2015

8. [25:16] Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery feat Oceanlab- On A Good Day (Metropolis) {Anjunabeats} 2009

9. [30:21] Motorcycle feat Jes- As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Sweeping Strings Mix) {EMI} 2003

10. [35:32] 4 Strings- Take Me Away (Into The Night) {SPINNIN} 2001

11. [38:05] Coastline & Madelin- Alone With You (Bissen Remix) {Magic Island} 2008

12. [44:35] Above & Beyond & Oceanlab- Satellite (Above & Beyond Mix) {Anjunabeats} 2004

13. [50:32] Armin Van Buuren feat Justine Suissa- Burned With Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix) {Armada} 2004

14. [55:43] Paul Van Dyk- For An Angel ’98 (PVD E-Werk Club Mix) {Paul Van Dyk/ Mute} 1998

15. [01:00:30] Aly & Fila feat Jwayden- We Control The Sunlight {Armada} 2011

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“You love the glow of sunrise. My stars come out at night.”

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] alpha 9- the purpose is you {anjunabeats}

3. [03:18] gardenstate & bien- the best part (gardenstate outer space mix) {anjunabeats}

4. [08:08] motorcycle feat jes- as the rush comes (Christoph remix) {positiva/emi}

5. [11:26] tiesto feat ilira- lose you {musical freedom}

6. [14:02] jaytech- road to nowhere {anjunabeats}

7. [18:47] above & beyond feat richard bedford- thing called love (oliver heldens mix) {anjunabeats}

8. [23:30] omnia- forever {etrnty}

9. [26:40] marlo & monika santucci- colder {reaching altitude}

10. [30:04] mark sixma, m6 & reorder feat sydnee carter- crash {armada}

11. [34:19] paul van dyk feat plumb- i don’t deserve you (axisson bootleg) {white}

12. [39:39] haliene- glass heart (craig connelly remix) {black hole}

13. [45:47] billy gillies- lovesick {future sound of egypt}

14. [49:28] angelus- keeps me high {high voltage}

15. [53:21] roman messer & mike zaloxx with jennifer rene- lately {suanda}

16. [57:24] kbk feat nayenne- together {trancemission}

17. [01:01:07] jordan tobias- island home {subculture}

18. [01:04:57] dj t.h., cyre & linnea schossow- chasing shadows {future sound of egypt}

19. [01:09:35] factor b- innerspace {theatre of the mind}

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"There is a light that never goes out."

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] gardenstate & gjon’s tears- répondez- moi {anjunabeats}

3. [06:06] lyfes feat ida- speed of love {young gunz}

4. [09:49] fatum feat mars atlas- deserve it {anjunabeats}

5. [13:35] dt8 project- forever (rodrigo deem remix) {enhanced progessive/ (enhanced)}

6. [18:49] kyau & albert- runaway girl (beatsole remix) {euphonic}

7. [23:16] adrian fyrla & brian cross- my mistakes {revealed}

8. [26:08] julian gray, 28mm & forts- air (adrian alexander remix) {enhanced}

9. [30:23] kojun & susana- caught in a memory {serendipity}

10. [34:10] aurosonic, spark7 & sarah Russell- touched by an angel (progressive remix) {raznitzanmusic}

11. [39:56] khomha- earthshine {armada}

12. [42:55] avira & kiko franco feat nathan nicholson - ocean {armada}

13. [46:12] titus1, euphoric 72 & kintsuku- who you are {enhanced progressive/ (enhanced)}

14. [50:15] achilles & jessie lee thetford- for the best (stratos kokotas) {raznitzanmusic}

15. [54:11] euphoric nation & michael fearon feat lya adams- stranger {anjunabeats}

16. [58:00] super8 & tab feat julie thompson- my enemy (zack evans mix) {anjunabeats}

17. [01:02:52] goldback & joeseph vega- running {infrasonic}

18. [01:07:32] beatsole, stefkoo & cea- 2008 {armada}

19. [01:12:36] ramsey westwood & lkx- distance {ava}

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Introducing The Classics Club Musical. A new dance/electronic music series where DJ Bigdirty turns back the clock, and revisits some of the best vocal trance/“trouse” tracks of all time mixed in the next hour. Sometimes it’s hard to categorize them, but you (the listener) will get the picture.

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:35] Kaskade- Angel On My Shoulder (EDX’s Belo Horizonte At Night Remix) {Ultra} 2008

3. [05:43] Andy Duguid feat Julie Thompson- Falling {Black Hole} 2008

4. [11:35] Andy Moor feat Carrie Skipper- So Much More (Shawn Mitiska Remix) {AVA} 2008

5. [16:44] Gareth Emery feat Christina Novelli- Concrete Angel {Garuda} 2012

6. [21:58] Gareth Emery & Standerwick feat Haliene- Saving Light {Monstercat} 2017

7. [26:39] Robbie Rivera- Float Away (Brian Cross Remix) {Ultra} 2006

8. [31:40] Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford- Sun & Moon (Above & Beyond Club Mix) {Anjunabeats} 2011

9. [37:12] Dash Berlin feat Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren- Man On the Run {North Sea} 2009

10. [43:51] Armin Van Buuren feat Susana- Shivers {Armada} 2005

11. [50:26] Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan- Silence (Airscape Remix) {Nettwerk} 2000

12. [56:40] Sunlounger & Zara- Lost (Aly & Fila Remix) {Armada} 2008

13. [01:02:20] Lange feat Sarah Howells- Out Of the Sky {Maelstrom} 2008

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"Some days I start to feel like life is coming for me. But there’s a hundred other ways my life is running from me."

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:24] embrz- letting go {seeking blue}

3. [04:01] chicane- now or never (back pedal brakes remix) {armada (modena)}

4. [07:54] ben bohmer feat lau.ra- erase {anjunadeep}

5. [13:13] kaskade feat colette- when i’m with you {arkade (om)}

6. [17:17] tove lo- cool girl (nora en pure remix) {universal}

7. [22:11] lipless- paradox {thrive}

8. [25:55] that kind- summer in love {get together (good company)}

9. [30:15] morgin madison & motives- reach {colorize (enhanced)}

10. [33:02] french 79- diamond veins (ver:west remix) {aftr hrs (musical freedom)}

11. [36:51] nightlapse feat bambie- lightning like this {ultra}

12. [40:55] nora en pure- life on hold {enormous (gunk)}

13. [44:35] marsh- fable {anjunadeep}

14. [49:29] tom ferry & eline- forget to forget {chillyourmind}

15. [52:35] sg lewis & lastlings- all we have {emi}

16. [56:55] ruben de ronde & that girl- lose yourself (scorz remix) {statement!}

17. [01:00:48] spada feat britt lari- feel again {zero three}

18. [01:04:48] robby east & jantine- somebody else {future house}

19. [01:08:27] billie eilish & khalid- lovely (embrz remix) {white}

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“When it gets heavy. You’ll be the light to get out of the dark.”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] tritonal & emme- out of the dark {enhanced}

3. [05:10] epidemika- waiting {elliptical sun}

4. [08:44] rolo green- psychotronic {greenstone recordings}

5. [12:17] dennis sheperd & jes- by my side {magik muzik}

6. [17:03] armin van buuren & davina michelle- hold on {armada}

7. [22:05] arty, bayer, fatum & jes- follow the drive (myon mashup) {patreon}

8. [27:09] corti organ & linney- wild {find your harmony}

9. [31:00] andy moor & somna feat blu eyes- up in smoke (c-systems remix) {ava}

10. [35:11] sue mclaren & suzanne chesterton presents siskin- real love {vandit}

11. [40:18] ruben de ronde & that girl- lose yourself (huem remix) {statement!}

12. [43:47] d72 & that girl- feel the energy {reaching altitude}

13. [47:44] armin van buuren feat kazi jay- for all time {armada}

14. [54:01] andrea mazza- alone in your eyes {go music}

15. [57:43] christina novelli & richard durand- my guiding light {muse}

16. [01:00:43] adip & roxanne emery- embers (steve dekay remix) {suanda}

17. [01:04:58] woody van eyden & cheryl barnes- salty skin {heavens gate}

18. [01:09:08] daniel kandi & prox- freefall {ava white}

19. [01:13:46] marlo & haliene- whisper (chris burke remix) {reaching altitude}

20. [01:18:07] d72, obm & that girl- in my heart (richard durand remix) {black hole}

21. [01:21:43] dreamseekers- lift me {nocturnal knights}

22. [01:24:58] drival- mandala {digital society/enhanced}

23. [01:29:33] susana & raz nitzan- fall into trust {raznitzanmusic}

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1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] dash berlin & tate mcrae- you broke me first {north sea}

3. [03:16] chakra- home (gvn remix) {(earth music) armada}

4. [05:44] solr & sarah de warren- who we are {enhanced}

5. [09:58] embrz- echoes {endless drive}

6. [14:12] genix & zashanell- all I want {anjunabeats}

7. [17:40] linnea schossow & paul arcane- free love {ufo}

8. [21:38] husman- desire {rave culture}

9. [25:24] gxd & elle vee- best of you {armada}

10. [30:53] vadim bonkrashkov- remember the night {interplay}

11. [34:09] super8 & tab- black is the new yellow (emerge remix) {anjunabeats}

12. [38:12] noise zoo & caitlin stubbs- reverie (elypsis mix) {raznitzanmusic}

13. [42:12] roger sanchez & oliver heldens- another chance {(stealth) (sony) ministry of sound}

14. [45:34] lane 8 & kasablanca- run (kasablanca vip) {this never happened}

15. [48:27] phillip castle- deja vu {ava}

16. [52:42] maywave- paloma {euphonic}

17. [56:12] daniel wanrooy- run & hide {(armada) flashover}

18. [59:11] mark roma feat lauren nicole- need your love {caos}

19. [01:02:12] ewave- no more (marc benjamin edit) {heartfeldt}

20. [01:05:43] morgan page & gian varela feat fagin- lost (gareth emery remix) {armada}

21. [01:10:34] morgin madison- gamma {mau5trap}

22. [01:16:27] adrian alexander- yara {elliptical sun}

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1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] lights- and counting (myon & shane 54 summer of love remix) {white}

3. [04:35] spark & shade- be where you are {above all}

4. [09:04] atb- 9pm (til I come) (dash berlin miami rework) {white}

5. [12:04] cubicore- holding on {armada}

6. [16:15] gvn & jbj- stay {anjunabeats}

7. [20:49] seven lions, wooli & amidy- shadows (maor levi remix) {ophelia}

8. [25:05] genix- higher & higher {anjunabeats}

9. [28:45] age of love, charlotte de witte & enrico sangiuliano- the age of love (charlotte de witte & enrico sangiuliano remix) {diki}

10. [32:30] above & beyond & justine suissa- almost home (above & beyond club mix) {anjunabeats}

11. [37:16] epyxx- crash & burn {ablazino}

12. [42:45] oliver smith- be alone {anjunabeats}

13. [47:00] denis kenzo & clara yates- far from behind {denis kenzo recordings}

14. [51:49] farius & sue mclaren- love is love {enhanced}

15. [57:52] awakend & monica santucci- lost when you’re away {enhanced}

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“To unlock doors I use a key. And when I'm looking for something I use my eyes. I use booze to unlock me. Don't ask me why I smoke, but I drink to get drunk."

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:23] supernova- lovely summer dreams {blackboard}

3. [03:45] kryder & b. jones- girlfriend {spinnin records}

4. [07:22] spencer brown & qrion- rainy april {anjunadeep}

5. [12:26] tagavaka- you could be the one {anjunadeep}

6. [16:50] marcus santoro feat diana miro- oblivion {protocol}

7. [19:40] tommy trash & kiesza- tectonic {hau5trap}

8. [24:07] billie eilish- no time to die (samuel sonder remix) {white}

9. [28:47] riko- by my side {purified}

10. [33:24] sander van doorn feat sia- drink to get drunk (laura van dam remix) {spinnin records}

11. [37:01] suchos feat bri- take me home {enormous chills}

12. [39:51] gorgon city & jem cooke- dreams {emi}

13. [43:13] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- stranded {monstercat}

14. [47:01] kaiyan- beyond the meadow {colorize}

15. [51:51] dezza & emme- i wanna know (leossa remix) {colorize/enhanced}

16. [56:10] warung- letting go {anjunadeep}

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“Give me hope, give me love in the dark nights. Take me home, light it up like a flashlight.”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] tritonal feat cristina soto- everafter (cubicore remix) {enhanced}

3. [04:27] farius- alibi {enhanced}

4. [07:42] paul oakenfold & aloe blacc- I’m in love (alexander popov remix) {perfecto}

5. [11:14] skylex & lucid blue- believer (ruslan radriges remix) {raznitzanmusic}

6. [15:18] cass fox vs khoma & david gravel- touch me alpha centauri (myon mashup) {patreon}

7. [19:29] maglev- reaching europa {black hole}

8. [24:54] tritonal feat fisher- slave (sunny lax remix) {enhanced}

9. [29:43] ferry corsten & haliene- wherever you are {flashover}

10. [35:59] richard durand & sarah de warren- made of stone {muse}

11. [40:14] sean tyas & shelby merry- someday (story of oz remix) {deep in thought}

12. [45:08] sunlounger feat zara- lost (roger shah 2018 update) {armada}

13. [50:13] vinny degeorge- seascape {alter ego}

14. [55:34] nicholas gunn feat alina renae- broken (giuseppe ottaviani remix) {armada}

15. [59:58] sunlounger, roger shah & paul thomas feat susie ledge- on the other side (roger shah & yelow uplifiting remix) {future sound of egypt}

16. [01:04:22] dennis sheperd & sarah russell- when our worlds collide (john o’callaghan remix) {black hole}

17. [01:09:24] angelus- not changin’ {regenrate}

18. [01:13:17] drym, gxd & linney- give me life {valteon}

19. [01:17:49] bt- wildfire (sean tyas remix) {black hole}

20. [01:22:27] jordan tobias feat limelight- angel in disguise {go}

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"Like the sun needs its stars, you make my world shine bright."

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] cannons & tiesto- fire for you (tiesto remix) {columbia}

3. [04:00] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- the light {monstercat}

4. [09:37] patrik humann & gid sedgwick- falling {enhanced progressive}

5. [12:38] cosmic gate & diana miro- nothing to hide {wake your mind}

6. [16:03] kyau & albert- spuren {euphonic}

7. [20:52] bt- wildfire (somna remix) {black hole}

8. [25:10] denis sender- timeline {suanda}

9. [28:45] above & beyond feat gemma hayes- counting down the days (mike saint-jules remix) {white}

10. [33:41] chris giuliano feat natalie major- running with the wind {anjunabeats}

11. [39:36] above & beyond vs audien- alchemy vs wayfarer (myon mashup) {patreon}

12. [44:38] tritonal feat meredith call- broken down (john grand remix) {enhanced}

13. [48:50] super8 & tab feat julie thompson- my enemy (super8 & tab 2021 remix) {anjunabeats}

14. [54:30] ramsey westwood- can’t sleep {ava}

15. [58:37] activa & shelley segal- fall in {black hole}

16. [01:03:08] aly & fila feat jes- sunrise {armada}

17. [01:08:06] tritonal feat cristina soto- still with me (eleven remix) {enhanced}

18. [01:13:25] vintage & morelli & arielle marin- other side {monstercat}

19. [01:19:09] ramsey westwood- start again {raveup}

20. [01:22:54] dennis sheperd & katty heath- losing my mind (paul arcane remix) {black hole}

21. [01:27:09] burns- talamanca {parlaphone/ffrr}

22. [01:31:37] roman messer & richard bedford- breathe {sundae}

23. [01:36:47] veracocha- carte blanche (Ilan bluestone remix) {armada}

24. [01:41:08] semblance smile- unity {suanda}

25. [01:45:01] vintage & morelli & arielle marin- hands of god {monstercat}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_075__elysium.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 10:04am PST

“Send myself all over, somewhere, sometime”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] above & beyond feat zoe johnston- love is not enough (amr mix) {anjunabeats}

3. [05:34] cri feat bernache- from me {anjunadeep}

4. [08:50] genix & northing- take our time {anjunabeats}

5. [14:34] andy moor- safe on both sides (ltn pres. ghostbeat remix) {enhanced progressive}

6. [19:00] above & beyond- home (boxer & amy wiles mix) {anjunabeats}

7. [23:25] gardenstate & bien- the best part {anjunabeats}

8. [28:06] londin thompson- don’t prove me wrong (maor levi remix) {republic}

9. [31:52] franky wah feat aetho- should have seen it coming (yotto remix) {anjunadeep}

10. [37:06] braxton & lauren l’aimant- holding on {colorize}

11. [40:42] eli & fur- walk the line {anjunadeep}

12. [44:19] dt8 project- forever {enhanced progressive}

13. [49:30] falden- dont wanna know (le youth remix) {this never happened}

14. [53:10] jordin post- fade away {anjunabeats}

15. [58:00] pretty pink feat gracie thunder- echo (jody wisternoff remix) {anjunabeats}

16. [01:02:08] christian burns- tigers (live (br) remix) {black hole}

17. [01:06:12] nora en pure feat liz cass- won’t leave your side {enormous tunes}

18. [01:11:38] vintage & morelli & arielle maren- heartbeat {monstercat}

19. [01:16:17] sultan & shepard feat fractures- all that remains (gvn remix) {this never happened}

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_006.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:33pm PST

When it's all not so clear

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] sully, shvman & rily shay- stranded (andy moor remix {emengy deep}

3. [06:15] david broaders- don’t let me go {euphonic}

4. [10:36] katzz- high on your love {enhanced progressive}

5. [14:09] tasadi & numa- brighter than ever {ava}

6. [18:35] w&w, martin jensen & linnea schossow- greece 2021 {rave culture}

7. [23:44] patrik humann & sarah de warren- love again (beatsole remix) {enhanced progressive}

8. [28:08] ferry corsten & leon boiler feat nblm- trust you {armada}

9. [32:12] gareth emery feat sarah de warren- calling home {we’ll be ok}

10. [36:19] orjan nilsen & dj governor- memoirs {armada}

11. [40:35] dj t.h. & alexandria badoi- kiss me {coldharbour}

12. [45:33] vini vici & neelix feat mkla- come close {alteza}

13. [50:05] antonio moreno- we ain’t coming down (jody 6 remix) {nocturnal knights}

14. [55:39] key lean & kyler england- infinity (mhammed el alami remix) {suanda}

15. [01:00:17] andy moor & somna feat monika santucci- free fall (millennial’s on full force remix) {ava}

16. [01:04:45] metta & glyde- heaven & earth {future sound of egypt}

17. [01:09:33] andy moor- safe on both sides (daniel kandi’s bangin’ remix) {ava}

18. [01:14:38] alex byrka & cold face- australia {armada}

19. [01:19:03] dustin husain- timegazer {armada}

20. [01:24:23] alessandra roncone- feel the trance energy (ter anthem) {future sound of egypt}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_074__abstract.mp3
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"Always melting in your heat."

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:38 ] laura van dam & pharian- stay {lovelace}

3. [04:03] asco & nicola fasano- you’re not alone {hexagon}

4. [07:19] jarod glawe feat natalie major- falling (orjan nilsen remix) {tell you something}

5. [11:13] kryder & natalie shay- rapture {black hole}

6. [15:58] marco v & vision 20/20- rab/bit {in charge}

7. [19:28] tom staar, jem cooke & avira- gravity {armada}

8. [22:58] kryder- come home soon {perfect havoc limited}

9. [27:20] oliver smith- on the moon {anjunabeats}

10. [32:30] above & beyond feat richard bedford- sun & moon vs anjunafamily (myon mashup) {patreon}

11. [37:41] key lean & sean ryan- vision {find your harmony}

12. [41:37] maor levi- save the last trance {anjunabeats}

13. [46:40] dj melodie & yelow- crystal clear {intoneation axiom}

14. [51:03] tilt- invisible (jaytech remix) {solar storm}

15. [57:13] milad e & andy kumanov- all I need {interplay}

16. [01:01:24] dennis sheperd, roger shah & adam is a girl- we are one {dennis kenzo remix) {black hole}

17. [01:06:48] smr lve feat roxanne emery- lost in love (Paul arcane remix) {interplay (enhanced)}

18. [01:11:03] asco feat sohiala- enfasi {spinnin records}

19. [01:14:00] alexander popov & kitone- control me {armada}

20. [01:17:27] avira feat chris howard- gold (dubvision remix) {armada}

21. [01:21:27] vivid- olympia {enhanced}

22. [01:25:29] rodrigo deem- mighty {enhanced progressive}

23. [01:30:42] ruslan borisov, nytigen & t’iera- shining up there {2rock}

24. [01:35:08] alex klingle- colors back (paul arcane remix) {enhanced progressive}

25. [01:39:34] andy kumanov & 7 oceans feat tess fries- sunshine valley {nanostate}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_073__10_47pm.mp3
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Stretch out & wait

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:23] myon feat icon- cold summer (ltn sunrise remix) {thrive}

3. [05:00] sound quelle & deeplowdog- I can take your pain away {silk}

4. [09:10] kaskade feat dani poppitt- love like that {arkade}

5. [12:47] eli & fur- come back around {anjunabeats}

6. [17:33] vidojean x oliver loenn- found u {gemstone}

7. [22:09] shingo nakamura & brandon mignacca- darling midnight {monstercat}

8. [25:47] adriatique, marino canal & delhia de france- home {siamese}

9. [30:37] roan shenoyy & praye- say no more {release deep}

10. [35:11] edx feat jess ball- take me home {spinninrecords}

11. [38:54] everything but the girl- missing (cl mcspadden powerhouse mix) {chrysalis}

12. [44:44] leftwing & kody- collide {musical freedom}

13. [49:50] hrrtz & shells- keep going {anjunabeats}

14. [54:31] john summit & parachute youth- better than this {sweat it out}

15. [58:50] julian gray, 28mm & forts- air {enhanced}

16. [01:02:28] andromedha- harbour calling {monstercat}

17. [01:06:16] solid stone & jennifer rene- not enough {armada}

18. [01:11:51] gorgon city & cami- body language {semi} 

19. [01:15:26] christoph & yotto feat sansa- out of reach {pryda}

20. [01:18:25] leftwing: kody & darla jade- deeper {21nhg}

21. [01:22:32] ferry corsten feat lovlee- our moon (protoculture remix) {flashover}

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_005.mp3
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Don't forget to inhale...

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:37] myon vs smith & pledger- not a lot forever (myon mashup) {patreon}

3. [05:14] andy moor, somna & linney- more than love (craig connelly remix) {ava white}

4. [10:42] andrew rayel- silver lining (flrntn & tom Klay remix) {armada}

5. [15:23] lange & sarah howells- out of the sky {chris schweitzer remix) {black hole}

6. [21:01] tempo giusto- in another life {armada}

7. [25:53] triode & clara yates- missing part of me {ava white}

8. [31:01] drival & natalie gioia- flying {always alive}

9. [36:07] atlantis- fiji (reorder remix) {black hole}

10. [40:31] richard durand & christina novelli- save you (cold blue remix) {magik muzik}

11. [45:30] aly & fila & denise rivera- hymn of hope {future sound of egypt}

12. [52:12] factor b feat cat martin- vacancy (club mix) {theatre of the mind}

13. [57:42] nikolauss & john o’callaghan- blaithin {subculture}

14. [01:03:10] dustin husain- disarming voice {monster neos}

15. [01:08:26] david gravell & corti organ- bliss (metta & glyde remix) {find your harmony}

16. [01:13:21] ben nicky & apollo- dance (shugz & david rust remix) {xploded}

17. [01:17:42] fonzerelli- moonlight party (greg downey) {deep in thought}

18. [01:23:11] reorder & jordan tobias feat clara yates- contagious {armada}

19. [01:27:04] sunlounger feat susie ledge- sail away (roger shah & yellow mix) {magic island}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_072__full_steam.mp3
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Shine on…

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:37] ilan bluestone feat giuseppe de luca- what do you want from me? {anjunabeats}

3. [05:20] gareth emery feat dani poppitt- friendly fires {we’ll be ok}

4. [10:29] denis airwave & tiera- my freedom {2rock}

5. [15:11] john o’callaghan feat audrey gallagher- big sky (andrew rayel remix) {armada}

6. [20:25] gxd & elle vee- sail (reorder remix) {ava white}

7. [25:15] markus schulz & daimy lotus- are you with me (sector 7 remix) {black hole}

8. [29:40] dj t.h. & audrey gallagher- siren {digital society}

9. [33:25] avao- network x {stijn rutte, levi kotten}

10. [37:57] christina novelli & dj xquizit- so cold (dan thompson remix) {Arkham digital}

11. [43:26] gxd & sarah de warren- hell & high water {cold harbour}

12. [49:00] kosmonova- missing you (talla 2xlc remix) {push2play}

13. [52:43] alan morris & fenna day- burning game {raznitzanmusic}

14. [58:38] coast 2 coast feat discovery- home (maarten de jong remix) {armada}

15. [01:01:53] benjamin duchenne- closer {armada}

16. [01:06:17] somna & noire lee- beside you (sean tyas magical mix) {magik muzik}

17. [01:12:54] lost witness & emel- now {2rock}

18. [01:18:28] illuminor- horizon (factor b remix) {amon vision}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_071__illuminate.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:29am PST

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] tom staar & ferry corsten feat darla jade- glow {armada}

3. [06:05] stevie krash & helix- u & I {kryteria}

4. [10:08] genix & lyca- numb {anjunabeats}

5. [15:07] koyah & glasscat- anywhere (nourey remix} {elliptical sun}

6. [19:52] cosmic gate- feel it {black hole}

7. [24:22] somna, mark bester & tara louise- leave {enhanced progressive}

8. [28:38] otiot feat lovlee- void {anjunabeats}

9. [33:07] roman messer feat romy wave- leave you now {suanda}

10. [37:11] fisherman & lachi- dna {black hole}

11. [41:50] taylor torrence feat natalie major- if we say goodbye (steve brian remix) {enhanced progressive}

12. [45:45] ilan bluestone feat el waves- tonight {anjunabeats}

13. [49:05] amy wiles- biding time {anjunabeats}

14, [52:57] armin van buuren feat Sarah Reeves- tell me why {armada}

15. [56:23] roman messer- amsterdam {suanda}

16. [01:00:03] bigtopo- ali {suanda}

17. [01:04:56] au5 & haliene- was it you (taylor torrence remix) {enhanced}

18. [01:09:49] prox- hypnotic (daniel kandi progressive mix) {always alive}

19. [01:15:26] ilan bluestone feat jan burton- underneath moonlit canopy {anjunabeats}

20. [01:18:22] mehilove- stellar {monster cat}

21. [01:23:44] roman messer & ruslan radriges- heartbeat {suanda}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_070.mp3
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(add) toast to that

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:23] fatum & jennifer pague- make it rain {anjunabeats}

3. [04:03] avira feat chris howard- gold {armada}

4. [07:52] golden sky- rise & fall {elpida}

5. [12:56] mehilove- universe {monstercat}

6. [17:30] mauro picotto- feels like home {alchemy}

7. [21:46] maxinne & lauren l’aimant- tell me something {toolroom productions}

8. [25:50] say say feat eeva- jump {armada}

9. [29:12] gregor potter & linka- endora {spinninrecords}

10. [32:22] minus one- hold me {armada} 

11. [35:56] march 13- just be {anjunabeats}

12. [41:01] ilan bluestone feat ellen smith- love not lust {anjunabeats}

13. [45:06] aly & fila & plumb- somebody loves you (paul thomas remix) {future sound of egypt}

14. [49:25] sevenn- moon and stars {kevin daniel brauer}

15. [54:06] mehilove- everytime {alter ego}

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_004.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:32pm PST

Not the “bigdirty 069” you Googled? Click play for this good clean love-fest.

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] ruben de ronde & that girl- lose yourself {statement!}

3. [03:59] fast distance feat jennifer rene- summer breeze {armada (flashover)}

4. [08:02] embers- wait for you {another rhythm}

5. [11:05] cubicore feat k.i.r.a.- you {armada}

6. [15:10] andy moor- safe on both sides- {enhanced progressive}

7. [21:54] olan & nourey- in motion (club mix) {anjunabeats}

8. [26:20] arty- take your time {armada}

9. [29:47] gardenstate & gvn- take me there {anjunabeats}

10. [33:29] dj tatana- spring breeze (martin roth remix) {sirup}

11. [37:38] armin van buuren feat rbvln- weight of the world (club mix) {armada}

12. [42:11] super8 & tab feat colin smith- hurricane love {armada}

13. [46:50] kapera & ana silver- escape {enhanced}

14. [50:40] jora- myself with you {in my opinion}

15. [53:56] ruddaz & joel gershom- I can’t breathe {future sound of egypt}

16. [59:27] fonzerelli- easy {magik}

17. [01:04:37] steve brian & troves- lie to yourself (karanda remix) {enhanced progressive}

18. [01:09:24] kroman & koyah- sky {elliptical sun}

19. [01:14:05] robbie rivera ft denise rivera- back to zero (juicy miami remix) {juicy}

20. [01:19:45] otiot- ingonyama {armada}

21. [01:23:42] solis & sean truby feat sue mclaren- closer to the earth {infrasonic}

22. [01:28:51] kyau & albert- outside 21 {euphonic}

23. [01:33:02] armin van buuren & maor levi- divino {armada}

24. [01:37:32] michael angelo- without u {copyright control}

25. [01:41:47] andy moor feat sue mclaren- trespass (lemon & einar k club mix) {ava}

26. [01:47:23] nitrous oxide & sarah russell- lower than the ground

27. [01:51:59] costa & elara- sunrise {raznitzanmusic}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_069__overunder.mp3
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A little “pick me up”

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] steve brian & troves- lie to me {enhanced progressive}

3. [03:30] einmusik & lexer feat jyll- leave you {einmuisika}

4. [08:54] farid & hidden tigress- diamond eyes (ltn pres ghostbeat remix) {future sound of egypt}

5. [13:06] franky wah- not in love {ministry of sound}

6. [17:29] nomra & moone- fall in {enhanced}

7. [22:47] above & beyond feat gemma hayes- counting down the days (yotto remix) {anunabeats}

8. [27:07] sian evans- hide u (tinlicker remix) {armada}

9. [31:36] bandes- supernova {armada}

10. [35:15] mehilove- beautiful {anjunabeats}

11. [40:35] milkfish-north beach {statement!}

12. [45:42] dezza & emme- i wanna know {colorize/enhanced}

13. [50:00] tomas heredia- gave u my love (mike saint-jules mix) {anjunabeats}

14. [55:40] rush & hydro & zellix- night {found frequencies}

15. [59:00] deadmau5 & kaskade- i remember (strobelite mix) {ultra}

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_003.mp3
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Prepare for take-off…

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] patrik humann & sarah de warren- love again {enhanced progressive}

3. [05:03] andrelli & blue & hilla- transparent (tritonal air up there remix) {armada}

4. [10:58] corti organ & sarah de warren- ace {inharmony}

5. [14:32] super8 & tab- in this life {armada}

6. [18:48] factor b & arielle martin- connected {theatre of the mind}

7. [26:20] corti organ- legendary {armada}

8. [30:27] WORLD PREMIERE: jorn van deynhoven feat trinity electric lady- viva la vida for a minute (dj bigdirty vocal bootleg in a minute mix) {white label}

9. [36:57] yang, j. pulcher & linney- lifeline (the wlt remix)

10. [41:35] ilan bluestone feat ellen smith- stranger to your love (stone blue remix) {anjunabeats}

11. [46:40] alex m.o.r.p.h.- phoenix flying {vandit}

12. [51:19] c-systems & hanna finsen- listen to the wind (temple one remix) {digital society}

13. [56:53] fabio xb feat christina novelli- step into the light (jason thirlwall remix) {digital society}

14 [01:02:27] christopher corrigan- away from you {raznitzanmusic}

15. [01:07:47] spy & mhammed el alami- balance {armada}

16. [01:11:40] christina novelli & leroy moreno- in my arms {muse}

17. [01:17:23] drym & gid sedgwick- lost in you (leroy extended remix) {valteon}

18. [01:21:44] seven lions feat paul meany- higher love (seven lions & jason ross 1999 remix) {ophelia}

19. [01:26:18] ghost etiquette feat aza nabuko- needed you (sam laxton remix) {ava white}

20. [01:30:38] nitrous oxide & jaki nelson- embrace the love {raznitzanmusic}

21. [01:37:44] steve byers- how did we get here {monster pure} [01:43:54]

22. ferry tayle & elucidus- paradise beach {future sound of egypt}

23. [01:50:20] metta & glyde- visualize {regenerate}

24. [01:54:42] roman messer- sunset {suanda}

Direct download: night_club_muscial_act_068__kick_in_the_tires__light_the_fires.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:08pm PST

Every time a change occurs in your life you embark on a transitional journey. Fuse it to enjoy it so much more. Enjoy this journey.

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] embrz- light falls (dj bigdirty extended mix) {this never happened}

3. [04:04] ilan bluestone feat ellen smith- stranger to your love {anjunabeats}

4. [08:08] marcus santoro & isabelle stern- it’s not about you (byor remix) {enhanced}

5. [12:12] steve brian, nathan rux & rachael nemiroff- to get to you (cubicore remix) {enhanced progressive}

6. [16:16] kaskade & ella vos- miles to go {monster cat}

7. [20:12] aurosonic & katie marne- give light (progressive mix) {raznitzanmusic}

8. [26:58] binary finary- 1998 (jose de mara remix) {armada}

9. [30:12] alesso & armin van buuren- leave a little love (club mix) {armada}

10.[34:12] daav one- alone {gemstone}

11. 36:35] eugenio tokarev- nowhere {interplay}

12. [41:08] yuri kane- around you {premiere}

13. [46:18] eximinds & proyal- say it now {reaching altitude}

14. [49:15] koven- missing (ilan bluestone remix) {monster cat}

15. [53:49] yang, j. pulcher & linney- lifeline {inharmony}

16. [57:58] ltn & aser gado- keep me closer {ava}

17. [01:02:48] robbie rivera- float away (brian cross remix) {ultra}

18. [01:07:44] bigtop & zeus- maladeta {suanda}

19. [01:12:54] jes- under the midnight sun (somna remix) {magik}

20. [01:16:51] the blizzard- torden {ava}

21. [01:22:05] east & atlas & katrine stenbekk- heroes {enhanced progressive}

22. [01:26:16] awakened & ana silver- nothing to lose {enhanced}

23. [01:30:56] farius- wait {enhanced progressive}

24. [01:34:53] leon boiler & aika- northern moon {armada}

25. [01:39:39] emerge- insight {scorchin’}

26. [01:43:20] ansun & fissure- off my mind {sosumi}

27. [01:47:47] york feat oly- everything changes {armada}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_067__fusion.mp3
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Good morning or good night…

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] rick & morty feat kotomi & ryan elder- don’t look back (monoverse rework) {white}

3. [03:52] billie eilish- i love you (myon tales from another world mix) {patreon}

4. [09:48] myon feat alisa feudo- the darkest light (gardenstate remix) {anjunabeats}

5. [14:26] cosmic gate & diana miro- blame {wake your mind}

6. [19:36] scorz feat jaime deraz- poison (club mix) {armada}

7. [24:21] olan & nourey- in motion {anjunabeats}

8. [29:56] marsh feat leo wood- my stripes (braxton & marsh mix) {anjunadeep}

9. [36:08] dezza & emme- getaway {colorize/enhanced}

10. [41:18] mike saint-jules- flares {anjunabeats}

11. [46:14] hayden james, gorgon city & nat dunn- foolproof {future classic}

12. [50:46] spencer brown feat rachel k collier- always do you {anjunabeats}

13. [54:47] ilan bluestone & maor levi feat alex clare- hold on (gvn remix) {anjunabeats}

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_002.mp3
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Inspired by 4AD music.  Enjoy this trance journey

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] nima van ghavim- after life {ava}

3. [05:06] andy duguid & chelsea holland- dreamers {magik muzik}

4. [11:05] hausman- let me go {enhanced progressive}

5. [16:34] ltn & cassidy ford- hurt yourself (mark bester remix) {ava}

6. [21:59] beatsole, eugenio tokarev & kimberly hale- only me {raznitzanmusic}

7. [26:37] somna & jennifer rene- back to life (mark bester remix) {ava}

8. [31:20] nifra & mia koo- forever forever (beatsole remix) {coldharbour}

9. [36:16] dj t.h. & jan johnston- stealing time (markus schulz in search of sunrise rework) {coldharbour}

10. [41:03] tekno, dj t.h. & that girl- our desire {interplay}

11. [45:07] avao- light off {reaching altitude}

12. [48:40] omnia & audrey gallagher- i believe {armada}

13. [52:55] joel hirsch & jennifer rene- pieces {armada}

14. [57:09] smr lve feat roxanne emery- lost in love (madwave remix) {always alive}

15. [01:02:12] seven lions feat fiora- days to come (seven lions 1999 remix) {ophelia}

16. [01:06:40] joint operations centre, kate miles & john o’callaghan- behind the silence (john o’callaghan remix) {subculture}

17. [01:13:09] hi profile- dark places {dm7}

18. [01:16:52] norni- oblivion {eximinds airlines}

19. [01:20:48] trance wax feat moya brennan- rivers {anjunabeats}

20. [01:25:13] yahel feat tammy- ocean (arrival remix) {spin twist}

21. [01:29:18] paul denton, audrey gallagher & sneijder- beneath the stars (sneijder remix) {future sound of egypt}

22. [01:35:37] ben nicky, stunt & avao- raindrops (avao remix) {xploded}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_066__wall_of_sound.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 8:00pm PST

No cover charge tonight because Night Club Musical officially hits senior citizen status (065).

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] dt8 project- see it through {anjunabeats}

3. [03:50] gareth emery- I saw your face {create music}

4. [07:30] myon feat nikol apatini- ghost town (Myon tales from another world mix) {ride}

5. [13:20] jaytech- dreamworld {anjunabeats}

6. [17:20] britney spears- gimme more (Kaskade remix) {rca}

7. [22:02] mk vs steve brian- 17 the 90s (myon mashup) {patreon}

8. [26:55] steve brian & renee- sweet little lies (myon summer of love remix) {enhanced progressive}

9. [32:18] daft punk- one more time (myon remix)

10. [37:05] maor levi & bt feat nation of one- here {armada}

11. [42:26] anske & sarah shields- compromise {coldharbour}

12. [48:03] denis kenzo- on your arms {denis kenzo}

13. [52:57] illuminor- umzansi (beatsole remix) {amon vision}

14. [57:50] i_o- in my head part II {armada}

15. [01:01:47] above & beyond vs seven lions & jr- higher crash love (myon mashup) {patreon}

16. [01:07:36] dennis sheperd & katty heath- losing my mind {black hole}

17. [01:11:30] super8 & tab &tom fall feat london thor- september {armada}

18. [01:17:00] bryn liden, amy wiles & boss axis- integration (amy wiles remix) {euphonic}

19. [01:22:08] atb- desperate religion (orange project remix) {patreon}

20. [01:29:20] artisan feat anki- love is divine {coldharbour}

21. [01:35:02] shogun feat tania zygar- find me {armada]

22. [01:41:52] adrian alexander & quizzow- snowfall {elliptical sun}

23. [01:46:02] denis airwave & sarah escape’- horizon {abora}

24. [01:51:00] omnia & drym- enigma {armada}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_065__u_mixed.mp3
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The new series DJ Bigdirty's Breakfast Club Musical. A different kind of detention.

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:22] crvvcks- only when the night falls {musical freedom}

3. [04:39] samantha james vs james kaiser- kestrel rise (myon mashup) {patreon}

4. [09:26] marcus santoro & isabelle stern- it’s not about you {enhanced}

5. [12:47] franky wah feat aetho- should have seen it coming {anjunadeep}

6. [17:18] thomas gold feat jillian edwards- magic (cubicore remix) {armada}

7. [22:28] unkle & amtrac feat ysee,eska,elliott power,keaton henson,leila moss, miinkdhani harrison & steven young- farewell (amtrac rapid remix) {unkle}

8. [27:00] sander van doorn feat blondfire- golden {spinnin records}

9. [30:36] dennis sheperd & joston- when I’m alone {black hole}

10. [35:26] will sea- all night {in my opinion}

11. [39:29] jack trades & kayrae- phantoms (joel freck remix) {physical presents}

12. [42:47] late night alumni vs lesh- 4am days gone by (myon mashup) {patreon}

13. [49:08] tru concept & romany- runaway {anjunadeep}

14. [53:27] sound quelle- shake {statement!}

15. [57:46] gvn- I don’t {anjunabeats}

Get ready for musical detention. DJ Bigdirty presents a musical series that captures the mood after or before the Night Club Musical.  Something to take you home or wake up to the next morning.  Ladies and gentlemen Breakfast Club Musical.  When the melody doesn’t fit during the peak of the night, but hits the spot without all the lights.

Direct download: breakfast_club_musical_001.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:14pm PST

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:38] avira feat grace ackerman- run to you

3. [05:29] luis torres feat lucas ariel- paradise

4. [09:58] paul arcane & quizzow- you (ares remix)

5. [13:33] andy moor, soma & linney- more than love

6. [18:18] late night alumni & myon- love song (myon definitive club mix)

7. [23:19] kaskade feat dragonette- fire in your new shoes (sultan & ned sheperd electric daisy remix)

8. [28:22] michael fearon feat victoria leshchenko- supernatural

9. [33:13] tydi feat tania zygar- half light (max graham remix)

10. [38:40] markus schulz & christina novelli- (markus schulz escape remix)

11. [44:13] farius- quiet hope

12. [47:55] alex m.o.r.p.h. feat natalie gioia- the reason

13. [52:27] haliene- walk through walls (marlo remix)

14. [56:07] william orbit- barber’s adagio for strings (ferry corsten remix)

15. [01:01:37] leo van goch & the sixth sense feat sveda b- blinding lights (chris sx remix)

16. [01:08:23] 4 strings, trance classics & ellie lawson- safe from harm (omar sherif remix)

17. [01:14:11] ltn & christina novelli- i’d go back (rinaly remix)

18. [01:19:03] al& fila feat denise rivera- my mind is with you

19. [01:24:33] abstract vision & rebecca louise burch- I will wait (rydex remix)

20. [01:29:28] seven lions & haliene- rush over me (seven lions 1999 mix)

21. [01:33:46] armin feat sophie ellis bextor- not giving up on love (jorn van deynhoven)

22. [01:38:10] armin feat winter kills- take a moment (alex m.o.r.p.h. remix)

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_064__youmeus_pt_3.mp3
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I'm on a boat. 

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] kaptan- whatever you want (gold house remix)

3. [03:34] alex mills- be somebody

4. [07:56] hugel, stefy di cicco & hugo cantarra feat nikol apatini - 4 to the floor

5. [12:02] gruuve- cloud

6. [17:07] diplo & sonny fodera- turn back time

7. [20:55] crystal waters- 100% (pure love)

8. [24:44] tom ferry & kiesza- I think that I like you (low steppa remix)

9. [30:44] just kidden- more to life

10. [34:33] poolclvb- always (odd mob remix)

11. [38:24] tibtok & Adrian lux feat charlee- as i sleep

12. [42:16] inner city- good life

13. [48:07] frost- overtones (proff remix)

14. [54:00] karen overton- your loving arms

15. [01:01:16] pbh & jack & ps1 feat hannah boleyn- coffee & a coke

16. [01:05:04] airo & robert b- the distant (Karanda remix)

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_064__youmeus_pt_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:01am PST

Lush sound from dj bigdirty

1.  [00:00] intro

2. [00:39] emily hackett- how the hell (michael’s song) (sj remix)

3. [04:25] telepopmusik- breathe (djimboh remix)

4. [08:30] tsha- sister

5. [12:56] christian burns- magic

6. [17:21] julian gray & zashanell- static

7. [21:30] elevven & jes- heartbeat tonight (ellipsis remix)

8. [26:24] elypsis- I miss you

9. [31:18] ltn, ghost beat & nina carr- captivated

10. [35:27] falden & diana miro- so far away

11. [38:03] nourey & zoya- all night

12. [43:20] alex hook & matey Emerson ft rene- i need somebody

13. [48:56] cubicore ft k.i.r.a.- circles

14. [53:15] jay lumen- ultra (mat zo remix)

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_064__youmeus_pt.1.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 4:31pm PST

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] deadmau5 & kiesza- bridged by a lightwave

3. [07:50] maor levi ft nyla- one love

4. [12:50] elysian- water

5. [18:00] alex sonata & the rio ft gid sedgwick- awakening

6. [23:04] christina novelli- numb

7. [28:05] giuseppe ottaviani- til we meet again

8. [31:33] bt, matt fax & nation of one- walk into the water (craig connelly remix)

9. [37:07] haliene- walk through walls (markus schulz remix)

10. [41:46] ruben de ronde ft eke- wanderlust (eugenia tokarev remix)

11. [46:52] roman messer- sweet desire (bogdan vix remix)

12. [50:35] allen watts ft gid sedgwick- another you

13. [54:59] paul van dyk & shedona- exhale

14. [59:09] reorder ft bo bruce- we are the world

15. [01:03:37] craig connelly & tara louise- time machine

16. [01:10:20] elevven- one last time (roman messer remix)

17. [01:15:51] craig connelly & siskin- all for love (giuseppe ottaviani remix)

18. [01:20:57] factor b- bravo

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_063__back_front_side_pt_2.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 7:49am PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] lastlings- out of touch

3. [05:07] kapera ft lauren l’aimant- feelin you

4. [08:49] armin van buuren, avira & be no rain- hollow

5. [12:48] scorz ft diana leah- come to life

6. [16:52] the subculture ft nikki ambers- alive (warren remix)

7. [20:57] kamilo sanclemente & dabeat- canis (Jerome isma-ae remix)

8. [24:49] assaf & cassandra grey- lost at sea

9. [31:13] jora ft reptile room- speak for yourself

10. [34:50] alpha 9 & muvy- friend

11. [38:23] dennis sheperd & eke- playing with fire

12. [42:57] felon ft eke- fine lines

13. [46:47] dezza & lauren l’aimant- settle

14. [50:55] york- on the beach (kryder remix)

15. [55:29] orjan nilsen- sankthansaften

16. [01:00:00] maor levi ft roel- my eyes

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_063__back_front_side_pt_1.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:14pm PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:41] mat zo ft olan- colors

3. [06:01] vintage & morelli- we are free

4. [12:06] seven lions ft lights- falling away

5. [17:07] andrew rayal & olivia sebastianelli- everything everything

6. [24:22] myon ft alissa feudo- omen in the rain

7. [29:39] adam k ft naan- wake up (morgan page remix)

8. [34:22] cramp- ru116 (cramp 2020 mix)

9. [39:14] jet & oliver smith- don’t let it end

10. [44:29] elysian- little star (maor levi remix)

11. [49:10] i_o- audio dust

12. [51:51] bt, emma hewitt & alpha 9- no warning lights (alpha 9 remix)

13. [57:18] reorder & jordan tobias ft alexis naylor- after tomorrow

14. [01:01:16] taylor torrence & tara louise- dream again

15. [01:05:28] ilan bluestone ft gid sedgwick- paid for love

16. [01:10:15] levitate- fuego

17. [01:13:39] i_o & lights- run

18. [01:17:59] jes- two souls (andy moor remix)

19. [01:23:17] nomadsignal & isotapes- thorium - 238

20. [01:27:08] giuseppe ottaviani & sue mclaren- not one goodbye

21. [01:32:11] kyau & albert- what it takes (maywave remix)

22. [01:37:00] gxd & elle vee- sail

23. [01:42:10] markus schulz & haliene- tidal wave (daxson remix)

24. [01:47:21] route too far & sarah howells- without you (nitrous oxide remix)

25. [01:52:54] mark eteson- universal language

26. [01:58:00] michel kaelios- who I am (Greg downey rework)

27. [02:02:11] prox- equilibrium

28. [02:06:53] billy gillies- closed eyes

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_062__antibody.mp3
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dj bigdirty trance/progressive mix session live from home in Eugene, Oregon. Video available at or at Youtube


Oceanlab Vs Eric Prydz- Breakin 2night {Anjunabeats} [00:41]

Kaskade Ft Madge- Tight {Arkade} [07:18]

Gareth Emery- Long Way Home (Cosmic Gate Remix) {Garuda} (09:54)

Above & Beyond & Gareth Emery Presents OceanLab - On A Good Day (Metropolis) {Anjunabeats} [14:00]

Above & Beyond - Walter White {Anjunabeats} [19:54]

Markus Schulz vs Chakra - I Am Original Remix {Armada & Ultra Music} [24:57]

Grum - The Ascent {Anjunabeats} [31:10]

Above & Beyond - Blue Monday {Anjunabeats} [36:19]

Super8 & Tab - L.A. {Anjunabeats} [42:05]

Robert Burian Feat. Zdenka Predna - You (Club Mix) {Forza Music} [46:39]

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston - No One On Earth (Gabriel & Dresden Remix) {Anjunabeats} [52:40]

Maywave- Let Me Go {Euphonic} [59:01]

Andy Moor feat. Sue McLaren - Fight The Fire {Armada} [01:04:06]

Aruna- Save the Day (Myon & Shane 54 Summer of Love Remix) {Black Hole Recordings} [01:11:00}

Markus Schulz & Jared Lee - Together (Rise Together Mix) {Black Hole recordings} [01:15:38]

Direct download: live_session.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 9:19am PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:44] praana- gold {colorize/enhanced}

3. [05:04] alpha 9- all that i can {anjunabeats}

4. [08:38] quizzow & loreno mayer ft enya- who you are {enhanced}

5. [13:11] ferry corsten- tomorrow {flashover}

6. [17:56] keith harris ft rilvyk- light it up {synth collective}

7. [22:27] i_o & lights- drift away {mau5trap}

8. [25:40] above & beyond ft zoe johnston- no one on earth (gabriel & dresden remix) {anjunabeats}

9. [31:46] maywave- let me go {euphonic}

10. [36:34] maor levi- arcadia {armada}

11. [41:44] gabriel & dresden ft subteal- coming on strong (myon return to 95 remix) {anjunabeats}

12. [46:10] i_o & stars- annihilation {mau5trap}

13. [50:19] jason ross ft fiora- when the night falls (sunny lax remix) {ophelia}

14. [55:49] gareth emery- long way home (cosmic gate remix) {garuda}

15. [1:00:30] sunny lax- angels with filthy souls {anjunabeats}

16. [1:05:07] elysian ft emma hewitt- beyond the comfort zone {anjunabeats}

17. [1:09:46] somna & jennifer rene- stars collide {magik muzik}

18. [1:14:37] snake ft ellie white- loving u {coldharbour}

19. [1:20:35] sheridan grout & mark bester ft julia ross- under water {armada}

20. [1:26:13] quizzow, leonard a & joseph vega- altair {big toys production}

21. [1:29:53] super8 & tab ft jess ball- live for tonight {armada}

22. [1:34:58] gxd vs holbrook skykeeper ft cari- stars {ava}

23. [1:38:42] markus schulz & jared lee- together (rise together mix) {black hole}

24. [1:43:55] fisherman- heartcore {armada}

25. [1:49:15] andy moor & somna- look back {ava}

26. [1:54:18] markus schulz vs chakra- i am {armada}

27. [2:00:27] behind the sunset- change {intonenation axiom}

28. [2:04:19] allure & julie thompson- somewhere inside (bogdan & vix & claudiu adam remix) {magik muzik}

29. [2:09:42] sue mclaren & suzanne chesterton pres siskin- connected {pure trance recordings}

30. [2:15:02] james dymond & linney- what have i got to lose {fsoe}

31. [2:20:09] jardin- need you {go music}

32. [2:25:03] giuseppe ottaviani & lucid blue- i believe {black hole}

33. [2:29:25] lost witness & kate louise smith- this dream {raznitzanmusic}

get this episode & all other night club musical episodes (beginning at 001) at too  

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_061__soul_1969.mp3
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For my sister Eugenia who got me into music

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:42] kyau & albert- what it takes {euphonic}

3. [02:21] myon ft icon- cold summer {ride}

4. [08:08] mehilove- escape {silk music}

5. [13:12] dosem- extraction {anjunadeep}

6. [17:16] elysian, ilan bluestone, maor levi & emma hewitt- moonchild {anjunabeats}

7. [22:54] elevven- one last time {armada}

8. [27:24] sunny lax x ed sheeran- 86 x happier (mashup)

9. [32:08] fast distance- home {armada}

10. [36:23] spencer brown & qrion- safeway sushi {anjunadeep}

11. [39:47] grum ft natalie shay- afterglow (kryder rmx) {anjunabeats}

12. [44:41] spark & shade- the void {high contrast recordings}

13. [48:08]  tom ferry & dfux ft nick de la hoyde- lullaby (rodg rmx) {axtone}

14. [52:32]  weekend players- into the sun (maor levi rmx) {armada}

15. [57:18] tritonal & man cub ft svrcina- worth it all {enhanced}

16. [01:02:30] maryn ft susie ledge- lost in a dream {armada}

17. [01:07:32] above & beyond pres. tranquility base- surrender (genix rmx) {anjunabeats}

18. [01:12:12] rodg ft patrick baker- nothing to prove  (asaaf rmx) {statement!}

19. [01:16:53] sodality- dreamer {suanda music}

20. [01:20:05] darren tate & jono grant- let the light shine (crusy & jose de mara rmx) {armada}

21. [01:24:17] space corps- together {armada}

22. [01:28:49] arty & muvy- freedom {armada}

23. [01:32:25] robert burian ft zdenka predna- you {forza music}

24. [01:38:34] rodg- first & last {statement!}

25. [01:42:30] avb & marlo ft mila josef- this i vow {armada}

26. [01:47:53] myon & shane 54 ft aruna- helpless (monster mix} {s107 recordings}

27. [01:55:14] alex byrka & van yorge- caribbean breeze {flashover}

28. [02:00:07] jes- we belong to the night (giuseppe ottaviani rmx) {magik music}

29. [02:04:49] gareth emery ft annabel- you’ll be ok (giuseppe ottaviani rmx) {create music group}

30. [02:09:59] smr lve ft kyler england- story of your heart (tensteps vs daniel kandi rmx) {always alive recordings}

31. [02:14:20] seven lions & hailene- what’s done is done {ophelia}

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_60__eugenia.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 5:39pm PST

1.   [00:00] existence

2. [02:15] blue 

3. [04:10] cigarettes after sex- crush

4. [08:30] alina baraz- more than enough

5. [10:58] emerge & jennifer rene- landslide (seven24 & emiol remix))

6. [14:44] who am i interlude

7. [15:03] direct & matt van- cold ground

8. [19:03] lana del rey- doin time

9. [22:19] jhene aiko- while we’re young

10. [26:12] portishead- it’s a fire

11. [29:48] drip

12. [30:04] pvris- you know you like it (dj bigdirty edit)

13. [33:52] myon ft icon- cold summer (sean darin remix)

14. [36:47] haliene- dream in color

15. [40:10] stay high interlude

16. [40:20] sj ft chelsea lankes- if we could stay high

17. [44:00] imogen heap- run time (matt lange remix)

18. [49:35] dabin ft daniela andrade- hold (mr fijiwiji remix)

19. [53:12] andrew bayer ft asbjorn- tomorrow boys

20. [59:08] july skies- southern orchards

21. [01:02:00] cigarettes after sex- k.

22. [01:07:13] cocteau twins- serpentskirt

23. [01:11:09] apek,hailene & man cub- breathe in the moment

24. [01:14:37] faime- rain

25. [01:17:09] halsey- graveyard (acoustic)

26. [01:21:02] lush- never never

sunday chill 


Direct download: night_chilled_musical_006__room.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 12:40pm PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] lane 8 ft polica- the rope (le youth rmx)

3. [05:54] deepshader ft monstress- dark canyon

4. [10:09] chris giuliano- dream you

5. [14:39] myon & alissa fuedo- the darkest light

6. [19:53] avb ft sharon den adel- in and out of love (maor levi & ilan bluestone rmx)

7. [23:39] avb ft ne-yo- unlove you (myon return to 95 rmx)

8. [27:51] noise zoo & caitlin stubbs- reverie (michael fear rmx)

9. [32:25] hausman- vermillion

10. [38:23] late night alumni- empty streets (alpha 9 rmx)

11. [43:03] muvy- can’t stay here

12. [46:00] taylor torrence ft natalie major- if we say goodbye

13. [50:26] matt cerf & tombac ft jaren- who i am (yang rmx)

14. [54:52] avb & bt- always (bt rmx)

15. [59:48] myon & alissa fuedo- perfect ghost

16. [01:05:27] aurosonic & stine grove- in euphoria we rise (progressive rmx)

17. [01:11:40] avb ft james newman- high on your love (khomna rmx)

18. [01:16:21] paul oakenfold & alexander popov ft lzrz- with you (club mix)

19. [01:20:03] beatsole- mir

20. [01:24:59] gareth emery & emily vaughn- you are

21. [01:29:03] jason ross- for love

22. [01:32:56] andromeda & linnea schossow- cast a spell on me (jeff ozmits rmx)

23. [01:38:21] alhena- textures

24. [01:42:47] rafael frost & jennifer rene- higher (hazem beltagui rmx)

25. [01:48:28] jorn van deynhoven & christina novelli- waiting on the other side (club mix)

26. [01:53:11] paul morrell- call it love (fat kid’s balearic remix)

27. [01:57:24] tiesto ft jes- everything (standerwick rmx)

28. [02:02:34] gxd-echoes

29. [02:06:26] alex morph ft cheryl barnes- hidden sun of serenity

30. [02:12:08] ilan bluestone, stoneblue & emma hewitt- hypnotized

31. [02:16:05] nitrous oxide & fenna day- spring is always somewhere else

32. [02:21:29] aly & fila- the walk

While you're holed up at home this is the one you've been waiting for.  Stay safe out there y'all. 

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_059__isolate.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 6:11pm PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:55] nox vahn ft mimi paige- dream of love

3. [05:37] ephixa & laura brehm- losing you 

4. [10:04] cri ft sophia bell- me and my friends (cri remix)

5. [15:00] eli & fur- wall to wall

6. [19:37] diversion & jennifer rene- wishing

7. [24:26] ken takano- in love (frozt edit)

8. [27:53] sad radio on cassini- you have to be a perfect man

9. [30:36] frost- overtones

10. [35:05] braxton- chiaroscuro

11. [39:00] spencer brown & paperwhite- chance on us

12. [42:49] the dualz- inside me

13. [46:52] cut_- out of touch (tinlicker remix)

14. [52:10] solid stone & jennifer rene- pushing up

15. [56:57] nox vahn & marsh ft mimi paige- follow me

16. [01:03:41] spencer brown & marsh- pursuance

17. [01:09:01] matt lange- rift

18. [01:15:06] eli & fur- night blooming jasmine (rodriguez jr remix)

19. [01:19:38] matt lange ft tania zygar- way you know

20. [01:24:31] jakatta- american dream intro

21. [01:25:49] jakatta- american dream

22. [01:30:00] tsha- sacred

23. [01:35:06] mike mazoo & andy bianchini- other side

24. [01:37:53] baile- amae (sasha fabic2099 mix)

25. [01:42:24] massive attack ft shara nelson- unfinished sympathy

26. [01:47:28] spencer brown & qrion- foggy august (dj bigdirty edit)

27. [01:52:20] robyn w/ kleerup- with every heartbeat (tinlicker remix)

28. [01:58:14] pvris- old wounds


It was time for another night CHILLED musical.  Chiaroscuro is a little different from the rest. There’s more actual mixing involved & it has more deep house  tracks added to the downtempo tracks- with a lounge feel.   True to its title these tracks are where light meets dark and vice versa. Kick back, tap a foot or nod a head and enjoy the journey.

night club musical Facebook page is available at or email me at for future track considerations. Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance & progressive house tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

Direct download: night_CHILLED_musical_005__chiaroscuro.mp3
Category:podcasts -- posted at: 3:34am PST

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:43] formal one- neon city {ava}

3. [05:13] vintage & morelli, arielle maren & rnx- lonely shore (rnx mix) {silk recordings}

4. [09:52] grum ft natalie shay- stay {anjunabeats}

5. [17:10] fatum, genix, jaytech, & judah- all in {anjunabeats}

6. [21:07] gabriel & dresden ft jan burton- keep on holding (ilan bluestone & maor levi remix) {anjunabeats}

7. [26:14] above &beyond ft richard bedford- alone tonight (above & beyond gorge update) {anjunabeats}

8. [30:03] quizzow & nima van ghavim- impala {enhanced}

9. [33:49] lumisade- red {armada}

10. [39:41] above & beyond ft new order & bernard sumner- blue monday {anjunabeats}

11. [45:50] tritonal, schala & jorza ft haliene- long way home {enhanced music}

12. [51:04] maor levi ft liz- take your love {anjunabeats}

13. [54:56] ltn & christina novelli- i’d go back (club mix) {ava}

14. [01:00:33] haliene- dream in color (ruben de ronde remix) {monstercat}

15. [01:05:14] sunlight project- aint giving up {mondo}

16. [01:08:13] andrew bayer ft alison may- open end resource (in my next life mix) {anjunabeats}

17. [01:14:26] michael fearon- need somebody {ava}

18. [01:18:14] ilan bluestone & el waves- we are the universe {anjunabeats}

19. [01:21:55] kukuzenko ft noa- hello, hello (dj version) {euphonic}

20. [01:26:40] east & atlas- whispers {enhanced}

21. [01:30:44] above & beyond ft zoe johnston- love is not enough (fatum remix) {anjunabeats}

22. [01:35:36] oliver smith- curiosity {anjunabeats}

23. [01:41:03] emata- alive {elliptical sun}

24. [01:46:13] markus schulz ft nikki flores- we are the light (artento divine remix) {black hole}

25. [01:50:24] ferry corsten ft nevve- freefall (dim3nsion remix) {flashover}

26. [01:55:05] tom fall- guding light {garuda}

27. [01:58:52] andy moor, somna & blu eyes- up in smoke {ava}

28. [02:03:27] aly & fila- te espero aqui {fsoe}

29. [02:07:40] memory loss- shapeshifter {ava}

30. [02:12:43] ascension- someone (giuseppe ottaviani remix) {armada}

31. [02:17:08] super8 & tab- treasures {armada}

32. [02:21:12] above & beyond ft zoe johnston- there’s only you (above & beyond club mix) {anjunabeats}

From here to there is all over the place, much like my life from 2017-2019. Here are some of the latest trance/house/edm releases along with some of the ones I missed during my absence.  There’s an up & down theme here, but in the end there’s only…

night club musical Facebook page is available at or email me at for future track considerations. Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance & progressive house tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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side Eugene (the valley)


1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:43] ben bohmer- wall of strings

3. [04:37] tritonal ft rosie darling- never be the same [alpha 9 remix]

4. [09:37] 3lau ft xira- tokyo

5. [13:23] kaskade ft madge- tight

6. [16:11] gorgon city- roped in


side Portland (PDX)


7. [21:00] atb ft gia koka- wanderer

8. [27:04] above & beyond- another angel

9. [31:03] marlo & feenixpawl- lighter than air

10. [34:30] atb ft karra- the only one

11. [40:03] grum- the ascent


side Seattle (SEATAC)


12. [44:36] ltn & cassidy ford- hurt yourself

13. [49:16] above and beyond- anjunafamily

14. [54:27] kast- pager (kyau & albert rmx)

15. [59:36] paul arcane & sendr- heart

16. [01:03:10] atb & markus schulz- heartbeat (festival rmx)


side Vancouver (O Canada)


17. [01:18:19] genix- giant steps

18. [01:11:30] dezza and julian gray- cold outside (farius remix)

19. [01:15:55] alex sonata, theRio & linna schossow- stay

20. [01:19:52] jason ross ft emilie brandt- iou (jason ross remix)

21. [01:24:03] kyau & albert- i feel love (john grand remix)


US 101 (PNW Coast)


22. [01:27:59] markus schulz & bt- i need love

23. [01:32:23] antillas ft fiora- damaged (gxd remix)

24. [01:37:48] sean tyas & shelby merry- someday

25. [01:42:48] berg- see it coming

26. [01:46:44] gareth emery ft pollyanna- lionheart (magnus remix)


Exit to HOME


27. [01:51:58] the thrillseekers ft sheryl deane- synaesthesia (club mix)


Pack your stuff, I’m about to take you on an EDM soundtrack journey through the Upper Left. I know you may be thinking grunge, but that was the 90s, and it was probably a glorious time to be here. 2020 is right around the corner so with clear eyes and full hearts take this Northwest journey with me. Much like Oregon, the journey will get a little strange, but you may find yourself loving it.  We’re gonna take a different kind of trail for two hours, you’ll find you can’t lose. BTW The play on these sentences are killing me. 


Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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An electronic soundtrack to the literary art of “Girl with Curious Hair,” a continuation from "NCM 032: everything is green." Dark with uplifting moments. Take it in. 

PART 2: from green to yellow


1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:42] grum ft natalie shay- afterglow

3. [05:47] grum ft dom youdan- tomorrow

4. [10:42] xanti, tim bell and elenoir- queen of love

5. [14:30] avb ft candace sosa- runaway

6. [18:56] franky wah ft robinson- hide (franky wah club mix)

7. [24:47] ilan bluestone and maor levi ft gid sedgwick- can you

8. [29:18] above and beyond vs avb- show me love

9. [34:18] new order- true faith (orkidea pure progressive rmx)

10. [38:48] atlantis- fiji (kolonie rmx)

11. [43:33] dt8 project- carry on (myon return to 95 rmx)

12. [48:18] henry dark- sunflower


PART 2.55: mayfly revisited


13. [53:03] myni8hte - above the fields

14. [57:14] kyau and albert- so true

15. [1:01:30] avb and bt ft nation of one- always

16. [1:05:10] assaf and cassandra grey- all of you

17. [1:11:50] ferry corsten and johnny b- hear it now (ferry’s fix)

18. [1:15:45] oliver smith- mirage

19. [1:20:20] andy moor and somna ft monika santucci- free fall (sheridan grout rmx)

20. [1:25:24] super8 and tab- irufushi

21. [1:31:06] avb ft sam martin- miles away

“Girl with Curious Hair,” a continuation from NCM 032: everything is green. Dark with uplifting moments. Take it in. 

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_056__girl_with_curious_hair.mp3
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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:42] nitrous oxide- verano

3. [06:57] jaytech ft tommy murphy- batumi

4. [10:50] shane 54 ft clara sophie- delirium

5. [15:43] myon ft icon- cold summer (dash berlin rmx)

6. [19:04] cosmic gate ft foret- need to feel loved

7. [24:04] jeffrey sutorius ft jonathan mendelsohn- nothing hurts like love (alexander poor rmx)

8. [27:45] shane 54- dark and long (dark train)

9. [32:44] avb ft cimo frankel- all comes down 

10. [36:53] matt fax ft krysta youngs- the chase (jaytech rmx)

11. [41:38] mitiska and profetik ft julie thompson- blue

12. [46:08] linkin park- in the end (marcus schulz tribute mix)

13. [52:44] holbrook and skykeeper vs forces- mariana’s trench

14. [56:54] markus schulz and alina eremia- you light up the night

15. [01:02:45] mark sixma- escape with me

16. [01:06:32] andrew rayel and christina novelli- lighthouse

17. [01:10:27] libra ft taylor- anomally calling your name (markus schulz rmx) 

18. [01:15:45] max graham ft tania zygar- diamonds

19. [01:19:50] nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx) 


20. [01:27:54] myon and shane 54- trapped (jonas steur inevitable mix)

21. [01:34:45] claudia cazacu ft audrey gallagher- freefalling (futurecode rmx)

22. [01:39:02] ram and stine grove- saving angel


24. [01:46:35] cigarettes after sex- keep on loving you

25. [01:50:25] sad radio on cassini- don’t forget



mid/night/life. mixlife at 50.   

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_055__mid_night_life.mp3
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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:40] lange and sarah howells- out of the sky (omnia rmx)

3. [04:52] tydi ft london thor- it will be okay

4. [08:35] armin van buuren ft Susana- shivers (alpha 9 rmx)

5. [13:03] audien ft cecilia gault- higher

6. [17:03] asco ft norah b- lost again

7. [20:17] denis kenzo ft kate miles- guide

8. [25:11] alpha 9- sleepwalker

9. [29:49] denis kenzo ft sveta b- sweet lie

10. [34:58]- genix- I don’t wanna

11. [38:59] ferry corsten- I love you (won’t give it up)

12. [43:06] torio, bigtop and omar diaz- fall for me

13. [47:26] andy moor ft becky jean williams- the real you

14. [53:19] andy moor and alex ryan- reflection

15. [58:47] andain- promises (chris schweizer rmx)

16. [01:03:39] jonas steur ft Jennifer rene- fall to pieces (daniel skyver rmx)

17. [01:09:26] yuri kane- right back (solis and sean truby rmx)

18 [01:15:14] standerwick- I’ve been thinking about you

19. [01:18:51] ronski speed ft ciaran mcauley- corellia

20. [01:23:45] aly and fila ft haliene- paralyzed (a and z remix)

21. [01:28:36] jeremy vancaulart ft danyka nadeau- hurt (allen watts rmx)


Direct download: night_club_musical_act_054.mp3
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1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:44] above and beyond ft zoe Johnston- always (above and beyond rmx)

3. [06:35] imogen heap- hide and seek (tiesto ISOS rmx)

4. [13:58] maor levi and ilan bluestone ft el waves- we will remain (spencer brown rmx)

5. [18:44] oliver smith and natalie holmes- zero

6. [23:30] thomas hayes ft kyler England- golden (sunny lax rmx)

7. [29:10] ilan bluestone ft giuseppe de luca- i believe

8. [34:02] super8 and tab ft hero baldwin- burn

9. [38:56] dan norvan ft rebecca louise burch- i tried

10. [43:35] genix ft hannah magenta- you have it all

11. [48:56] mr pit- love you more

12. [53:45] feel ft elles de graaf- shadows (the sound of without you)

13. [57:47] poshout ft ange- beside (mma rmx)

14. [1:04:02] roger shah and moya brennan- morning star (signum rmx)

15. [1:09:24] michael flint and stephanie kay- hide

16. [1:15:04] mark sixma and emma Hewitt- missing (jorn van deynhoven rmx)

17. [1:20:42] aly and fila ft jwayden- we control the sunlight (dan stone rmx)

18. [1:26:16] talla 2xlc ft carl b and katie marne- keep the fire burning (magnus rmx)

Direct download: night_club_musical_act_053.mp3
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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:45] loud luxury ft brando- body (orjan Nilsen rmx)

3. [04:48] oliver smith ft amy j pryce- lovingly

4. [10:26] markus schulz ft emma Hewitt- safe from harm

5. [15:06] denis kenzo, fahjah and kate miles- who I am

6. [19:20] greenhaven djs and brooke tomlinson-the hall of records

7. [23:41] hazem beltagui and sarah russell-when our story has to end

8. [29:42] marco v- unprepared (dan thompson rmx)

9. [35:24] andy moor and adina butar- wild dream

10. [40:17] indecent noise ft jasmine chloe- alive tonight (ardi rmx)

11. [45:09] virtual self- ghost voices (solis and sean truby rework)

12. [50:29] craig connelly ft roxanne emery- this life

13. [55:57]markus schulz ft jes- calling for love


Direct download: night_club_musical_act_052.mp3
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1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:43] ferry corsten and dim3nsion- safe with me

3. [04:30] seven lions ft rico and miella- without you my love (myon extended definitive mix)

4. [09:03] roman messer ft christina novelli- fireflies

5. [14:36] josh oneil and angel falls- storm

6. [21:18] purple haze- bergen

7. [24:34] avb ft james newman- therapy (club mix)

8. [27:45] maor levi and ilan bluestone ft el waves- will we remain

9. [32:41] kyau and albert- the night sky (dj version)

10. [37:42] roger shah and jes- star-crossed (uplifting mix)

11. [43:47] feel and diana leah- out of life (sunset remix)

12. [48:54] solis and sean truby ft cari- easy way out

13. [54:00] dt8 project ft andrea britton- winter (solis and sean truby ultimate remix)


Direct download: night_club_musical_act_051.mp3
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night club musical act 050: Best of NCM
  1. [00:00] intro
  2. [00:45] andy duguid ft leah- wasted
  3. [06:30] meremek and tropixx- only you
  4. [10:59] oceanlab vs eric prydz- breakin’ 2night
  5. [17:37] george Acosta ft fisher- true love
  6. [23:00] above and beyond- walter white
  7. [28:03] offer nissim ft maya simantov- first time
  8. [34:43] seven lions and myon and shane 54 ft tove lo- strangers
  9. [39:48] bt- the emergency (today is the day mix)
  10. [46:07] the euryhtmics- here comes the rain again
  11. [51:42] oceanlab vs mike shiver ft justine suissa- if I could fly on the surface (Daniel kandi rmx)
  12. [57:40] super8 and tab- l.a.
  13. [1:02:50] andy moor- fake awake
  14. [1:09:36] velvetine- safe (wherever you are)
  15. [1:14:35] vintage and morelli- afterglow
  16. [1:22:23] andy moor ft sue mclaren- fight the fire
  17. [1:29:00] aruna- save the day (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  18. [1:34:14] dash berlin, cerf, mistika ft jaren- man on the run
  19. [1:41:42] above and beyond pres. Oceanlab and gareth emery ft justine suissa – on a good day (metropolis)
  20. [1:48:30] iio ft nadia ali- rapture (riva rmx)
  21. [1:55:10] alpha 9- bliss
  22. [2:00:02] andain- promises (myon and shane 54 summer love rmx)
  23. [2:05:51] arty- twilight tonight
  24. [2:12:31] Imogen heap- headlock (ron van den beuken rmx)
  25. [2:17:39] dash berlin and markus schulz ft seri- never rain down again (myon and shane 54 dash-up)
  26. [2:21:44] nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx)
  27. [2:28:34] bt ft kirsty hawkshaw- a million stars (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  28. [2:35:18] katy perry- teenage dream (digital self rmx)
  29. [2:40:38] oceanlab ft justine suissa- lonely girl (gareth emery rmx)
  30. [2:46:22] sophie sugar and sunlounger ft zara (avb mahup)
  31. [2:52:12] delerium and sarah mclachlan- silence (airscape rmx)
  32. [3:00:26] lana del rey- young and beautiful (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  33. [3:05:18] nadia ali- triangle (myon and shane 54 classic rmx)
  34. [3:11:03] ronski speed and syntrobic ft renee stahl- pink skye
  35. [3:17:08] andain- beautiful things (gustav rmx)
  36. [3:23:11] tydi ft audrey Gallagher
  37. [3:30:56] signalrunners and julie thompson- these shoulders (andy moor rmx)
  38. [3:36:42] jonas steur ft jennifer rene- still I wait (richard durand in search of sunrise rmx)
  39. [3:42:45] lange ft emma hewitt- live forever (mat zo rmx)
  40. [3:48:53] London grammar- hey now (arty rmx)
  41. [3:54:15] cosmic gate, myon and shane 54 ft aruna- all around me
  42. [4:00:10] cassandra fox- touch me (mike koglin and jono grant rmx)
  43. [4:06:26] allure ft jes- show me the way (tydi rmx)
  44. [4:12:01] yves de la croix and john evans ft lokka vox- ashamed (Fabio xb rmx)
  45. [4:17:24] sonic bounce ft cece peniston – the final push
  46. [4:22:40] tiesto ft kirsty hawkshaw- just be (antillas rmx)
  47. [4:30:24] cosmic gate and emma Hewitt- bee your sound (orjan nilsen rmx)
  48. [4:37:20] paul van dyk ft arty- the ocean
  49. [4:42:25] atb ft jansoon- move on (club mix)
  50. [4:49:04] protoculture ft shannon hurley- sun gone down (alex morph and chris ortega rmx)
  51. [4:55:25] kaskade and deadmau5fy haley- move for me
  52. [5:01:06] imogen heap- run-time (matt lange rmx)
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night club musical act 049

1. [00:00] intro 

2. [00:45] max freegrant ft referna- bring it one back 

3. [06:01] solid stone ft jennifer rene- pushing up 

4. [10:43] sevenn, bhasker and blue rose- feeling so high 

5. [15:46] vintage and morelli- desire (dezza rmx) 

6. [20:34] moby- porcelain (above and beyond rmx) 

7. [26:15] fatum and jes- anything can happen 

8. [30:50] vitodito- las casas del joder (seawayz and sollito vocal rmx) 

9. [35:30] aresz and sollito- reverie (sodality rmx) 10. [40:43]

10. [40:43] genix and sue mclaren- lose yourself 

11. [44:45] aruna- sunrise (aerosoul vs aruna rmx) 

12. [48:30] adam sobiech and eimear- just a deam 

13. [53:23] rodrigo deem- lux 

14. [58:18] oceanlab vs mike shiver ft Justine suissa- if I could fly on the surface (daniel kandi mashup) 

15. [1:04:12] push- strange world (andrew bayer rmx) 

16. [1:09:51] ltn and blue ghost- chasing the arrow 

17. [1:15:03] kyau and albert- memory lane 

18. [1:20:16] rodg-high on life 

19. [1:25:01] markus schulz ft delacey- destiny 

20. [1:32:35]myon and shane 54 ft haley- round we go 

21. [1:36:56] Fabio xb and liuck ft Roxanne emery- nowhere to be found (ltn rmx) 

22. [1:41:48]aruna- what if (rodrigo deem rmx) 

23. [1:46:20] mr andre- lybra 

24. [1:51:21] tiesto- carpe noctum 

25. [1:56:21] alex ender- silver linings 

26. [2:00:37] headstrong ft stine grove- I will find you (martin graff progressive rmx) 

27. [2:06:44] raz nitzan ft jess morgan- not like everyone (aurosonic rmx)

28. [2:11:18] maor levi ft mangel suvernan- made of fire

29. [2:15:56] gai barone ft katty heath- you make it hurt (allen and envy rmx)


Direct download: night_club_musical_act_049.mp3
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night club musical act 048
  1. [00:00] intro
  2. [00:42] croquet club- eternite'
  3. [04:21] steve brian- avocado (cabriolet paris rmx)
  4. [09:54] gareth emery and alastor ft london thor- hands (matt fax rmx)
  5. [16:56] nero- guilt (maor levi and ilan bluestone rmx)
  6. [22:55] tritonal ft angel taylor- getaway (matt fax rmx)
  7. [28:10] maor levi- andromeda
  8. [32:40] arty and andrew bayer- follow the light
  9. [37:40] ltn and arielle maren- lucky star (vintage and morelli rmx)
  10. [44:17] norin and rad vs coldplay- clocks boom (myon and shane 54 mashup)
  11. [49:14] cosmic gate and eric lumiere- edge of life
  12. [55:03] Adrian alexander and emerge ft esslu- prove me right
  13. [1:00:43] breathe Carolina and husman ft carah faye- giants
  14. [1:04:09] kyau and albert ft in gray- sleeping lions
  15. [1:10:20] andain- summer calling (kris oneil rmx)
  16. [1:16:05] adrian alexander and skylane- stratosphere
  17. [1:20:44] thomas hayes vs aruna- start alluvion (farid mashup)
  18. [1:24:47] Rafael frost and neev kennedy- call this love
  19. [1:30:47] gai barone ft katty heath- you make it hurt (formal one rmx)
  20. [1:34:49] bring bliss- so far (chris peacock rmx)
Direct download: night_club_musical_act_048.mp3
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night CHILLED musical 004: adagio

1.   [00:00] conjure one- demascus

2. [01:57] mazzy star- into dust

3. [07:21] atb ft tiff lacey- missing

4. [11:31] lissie- go your own way

5. [14:43] sunlounger and zara- lost (chill version)

6. [20:14] kaskade- i remember (araabmuzik rmx)

7. [23:50] boom jinx and meredith call- bring me back around(chill out rmx)

8. [26:39] tyler carter- leave your love

9. [30:07] ed sheeran- i see fire (kygo rmx)

10. [35:20] interlude cashback

11. [36:06] betsie larkin- the dream (ambient mix)

12. [38:58] sci fi scheme ft tasha rose- let you go

13. [43:41] late night alumni- this is why

14. [47:22] sarah blesko- all i want (beny rmx)

15. [53:17] washout break

16. [53:36] koven-petrichor

17. [58:06] essay and stumbleine- rhiannon 

18. [1:01:14] andrew bayer- need your love

19. [1:04:49] atb ft jes- together

20. [1:09:19] lana del rey- young and beautiful (patrickrezza rmx)

21. [1:13:05] laura welsh- break the fall (gemini rmx)

22. [1:17:22] skrux d’lacey ft delacey- my love is a weapon

23. [1:23:54] tyler carter- georgia

24. [1:28:09] enlighten me interlude

25. [1:28:19] amurai- love and light (downtempo mix)

26. [1:32:02] bt ft jes- every other way

27. [1:35:53] aruna- reason to believe (aruna chillier rmx)

28. [1:41:05] kaskade- steppin out (exclusive long mix)

29. [1:44:26] roger shah, brian laruso and jes- higher than the sun (sunlouger rmx) 

30. [1:50:17] daughter- love (baile mix)

31. [1:56:02] sg lewis- warm

32. [2:00:27] human league- human

33. [2:04:46] last train home interlude

34. [2:05:03] the sundays- wild horses

another chill mix as part of the night CHILLED musical collection.  Get close to someone, think or oscillate wildly. Just enjoy this one the way only you can. 

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 047: Rozena

1. [00:00] intro

2. [00:43] thomas hayes ft joni fatora- neon (ltns sunrise rmx) 

3. [04:49] ltn ft adara- outside the lines (ltn sunrise rmx) 

4. [09:39] kaskade- 4am

5. [13:55] jody wisternoff ft sian evans- the bridge (chicane rework) 

6. [18:15] shaun frank and kshmr ft  delaney jane – heaven 

7. [22:08] cosmic gate and jes- here we go again ( super8 & tab rmx) 

8. [27:49] boom jinx and fatum ft katrine stenbekk- coming home 

9. [33:39] boom jinx- bring me back around (oliver smith rmx) 

10. [38:43] bt- bt & ilan bluestone ft stef  lang- all these wounds (nick sember rmx) 

11. [43:15] somna and jennifer rene- back to life  

12. [49:00] tom fall and jes - come back 

13. [54:36] markus schulz ft lady v- winter kills me 

14. [1.00:35] morvan- fly away 

15. [1.05:12] stefan viljoen ft  jade mcdonald- divinity (spark & shade rmx) 

16. [1.09:04] paul van dyk ft sue mclaren- lights

17. [1.14:04] venom one ft sarah howells- rush  

18. [1.19:23] solis and sean truby ft Audrey Gallagher- skin deep (johann stome rmx) 

19. [1.24:10] first state ft anita kelsey- falling ((sied van riel rmx)  

20. [1.29:53] sonic bounce- the final push (sountrack rmx) 

21. [1.35:30] john ocallaghan ft sarah howells- find yourself (standerwick rmx) 

22. [1.40:37] ronski speed & jennifer rene- into the sky (stoneface & terminal rmx) 

23. [1.47:47] matt darey ft kate louise smith- see the sun (dan stone rework) 

24. [1.53:24] amir hussain ft jess morgan- set your heaven free  

25. [2.00:03] kaimo k & sue mclaren- the treasure of your heart 

26. [2.07:08] ROZENA BRODAUS (RIP)- THE GIFT [MOMS LAST VOICEMAIL TO ME] milt higgins aka dj bigdirty warm mix

27. [2.08:26] sg lewis- warm

In memory of my mom who passed away in August.  She got me the turntables for Christmas in 1985.  One had a pitch control and the other did not (I learned to mix the hard way).  She would’ve loved the house music on here, but the trance- not so much.  I love you and miss you. 


Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical act 046

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:45] julie thompson and ad brown- natural

3. [05:03] moonbeam ft sopheary- my hearts confession (going deeper rmx)

4. [09:21] seven lions ft ellie goulding- don’t leave (tiesto vs twoloud rmx)

5. [13:14] dash berlin ft roxanne emery- shelter (heyder rmx)

6. [18:28] cosmic gate vs ellie goulding- yai lights (airtrance mashup)

7. [23:06] the madison ft 3pm- amazing (ltn rmx)

8. [27:37] cole plante ft brix and brian logan dales- before i’m yours

9. [32:24] suspect 44 and soar- i feel it

10. [35:48] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- peace of mind

11. [40:08] awd- wintertide

12. [44:59] fisher and mike shiver- priceless

13. [50:03] jes- two souls

14. [55:07] kevin wild ft kelly sweet- fire and ice

15. [59:28] maor levi- deeper love

16. [1:04:05] the chainsmokers vs tove lo- habit (thomas hayes rmx)

17. [1:08:02] clean bandit ft jess glynne- real love (judah rmx)

18. [1:13:00] kyau and albert ft maria naylor- calming rain

19. [1:17:07] somna ft jennifer rene- hands

20. [1:22:40] ilan bluestone- tesseract

21. [1:27:50] estiva ft sarah russell- feel right (sirenscoel rmx)

22. [1:32:46] masoud ft melissa loretta- best days (club mix)

23. [1:38:11] zhu-faded (feel rmx)

24. [1:42:44] tenishia and susana- never let you down (cold rush rmx)

25. [1:48:22] jaco ft alan aldea- wait for you

26. [1:53:00] ltn ft arielle maren- let me go

27. [1:58:50] markus Schulz ft cece penniston- make you fall (grube and hovsepian rmx)

28. [2:03:41] paul oakenfold ft tiff lacey- hypnotized (markus schulz rmx)

29. [2:08:15] the thrillseekers- find you (sylvermay bootleg)

30. [2:12:45] dennis sheperd ft chloe langley- bring you home (ronski speed rmx)

31. [2:18:37] mark sherry and the space brothers- let it come (vocal outburst rmx)




32. [2:25:21] koven-petrichor

33. [2:28:57] bingo players ft kim viera- knock you out (mr fijiwiji rmx)

34. [2:32:57] tygris- lyra (t-mass rmx)


046 for 46. BOOM BOOM KNOCK YOU OUT. Hope ya enjoy this one.  No long storyline here, enjoy the bliss!!


Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical act 045: 2014 Top 30 Vocal Tracks


31.   [00:00] intro

30. [00:45] aruna- start a fire (awd and thomas hayes dmx)

29. [05:12] andy moor- fade to light (joseph areas dirty rock rmx)

28. [09:32] atb ft boss and swan- raging bull (junx rmx)

27. [14:20] vlad markus- follow you

26. [18:52] ben gold ft chiristina novelli- all or nothing

25. [23:52] susana- play fire with fire (bobina megadrive rmx)

24. [30:14] morvan- alyssa

23. [35:52] cole plante and myon and shane 54 ft ruby dell- if i fall (juventa rmx)

22. [40:53] ronski speed ft emma hewitt- lasting light 2k14 (christish rmx)

21. [45:31] diplo ft kai - revolution (maor levi rmx)

20. [49:30] arty and zedd- believe in me spectrum (vocal mashup)

19. [54:08] rocking j ft alexandra badoi- lumina

18. [59:43] tritonal- anchor

17. [1:03:47] cosmic gate ft kristina antuna (maor levi rmx)

16. [1:08:00] myon and shane 54 ft kyler england- summer of love

15. [1:13:30] alesso ft tove lo- heroes (we could be) (amtrac rmx)

14. [1:17:52] meramek and tropixx- only you

13. [1:21:50] luke bond ft roxanne emery- on fire

12. [1:26:16] solis and sean truby ft sue mclaren- closer to the earth (luigi lusini rmx)

11. [1:31:49] fabio xb and liuck ft christina novelli- back to you (wach rmx)

10. [1:37:17]  LISTEN TO THE REST FOR THE TOP 10

END: [2:28:59]


This is the year-end countdown for my favorite vocal tracks on NCM in 2014.  Thank you as always for listening to the mixes-you guys are the inspiration.  Have a safe and Happy New Year. I dedicate this year’s year-end countdown to a guy I wanted to be in my childhood.  The voice that made me lay on the floor by my radio in Kentucky with a tape recorder.  I used to write down all the top 5 songs and keep them in a tablet.  He only made me mad when Debbie Boone’s “You Light up my Life” was number 1 forever, but I grew to love “Bette Davis Eyes” and he introduced me to the music of Daryl Hall and John Oates.  Rest In Peace finally, Casey Kasem.   See you all in 2015.



Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical act 044

1.   [00:00] intro

2. [00:45] alesso ft tove lo- heroes (amtrac rmx)

3. [05:07] beyonce- haunted (rodg private mix)

4. [08:44] kaskade and john dahlback ft sansa- a little more

5. [13:09] fon.leman- cerberus

6. [17:34] yves de lacroix and john evans ft lokka vox- ashamed (fabio xb rmx)

7. [22:35] ron van den beuken ft imogen heap- headlocked (ron van den beuken club mix)

8. [27:43] super8 and tab ft julie thompson- patience

9. [31:46] juventa ft kelly sweet- superhuman (kago penchi rmx)

10. [36:10] mike foyle pres statica- abra a boca (pablo artiga rmx)

11. [41:38] barzek and jethimself ft victoria ray- holiday (vocal mix)

12. [47:45] rocking j ft alexandra badoi- lumina

13. [52:58] maor levi ft angela mccluskey- pick up the pieces 

14. [57:33] super8 and tab ft julie thompson- let go (juventa rmx)

15. [1:01:36] sick individuals- wasting time (andrew rayel rmx)

16. [1:05:39] cosmic gate ft kristina antuna- alone (maor levi rmx)

17. [1:09:58] speed limits and jaco- palm of your hand 

18. [1:15:08] ost and meyer- million miles away

19. [1:21:21] illuminor- stay 

20. [1:26:39] denis kenzo ft kimberly hale- find the light

21. [1:32:32] mark bester- felia

22. [1:36:52] denis kenzo ft jilliana danise- will be forever 

23. [1:42:41] andy moor and betsie larkin- not afraid (somna rmx)

24. [1:48:25] somna ft jennifer rene- because you’re here (johann stone rmx)

25. [1:54:12] roger shah and sunlounger and jes- glitter and gold (antillas and danken rmx)

26. [1:59:47] paul van dyk and jessus and adham ashraf ft tricia mcteague- only in a dream (pvd club mix)

27. [2:05:16] ben nicky and thomas mengel ft sue mcclaren- heart go

28. [2:11:36] reorder and ian standerwick pres skypatrol- skyres

29. [2:17:03] angelique- being (cold rush rmx)


Last mix of 2014. New location but hopefully same ol stuff from me. This is a long mix, so lay back and enjoy this journey baby. I honestly think there are some shades of old trance in this and hopefully some of the artists will get back to that.  The nerve of me to make a mix a week before finals, but I like living dangerously. Ok not really. I hope you have a great holiday and see ya in 2015.



Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical act 043

1.   [00:00] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- we’re all we need

2. [03:44] chicane ft bo bruce- still with me (andreas van hoog mix)

3. [08:58] cash cash ft julia michaels- surrender (tritonal rmx)

4. [12:38] sylvane ft sweet melissa- light me up (dennis pederson rmx)

5. [17:06] diplo ft kai- revolution (maor levi rmx)

6. [22:05] michael woods ft lauren dyson- in your arms (ilan bluestone rmx)

7. [26:38] paul oakenfold ft cassandra fox- touch me (mike koglin 2.0 rmx)

8. [32:48] jes and cold blue and dennis shepperd-runaway (ben negative rmx)

9. [37:28] meramek and tropixx- only you

10. [41:54] lana del rey- ultraviolence (hook n sling rmx)

11. [45:36] bt ft christian burns- paralyzed (maor levi rmx)

12. [50:43] la riots ft ineabell- let you go (bare rmx)

13. [55:07] dash berlin and 3lauft bright lights- somehow (club mix)

14. [59:09] roger shah and sied van riel ft jennifer rene- without you (mohamed ragab rmx)

15. [01:06:09] amos and coax- origins

16. [01:12:08] ronski speed and ost and meyer ft cate kanell- fortress

17. [01:16:43] aurosonic ft neev kennedy- now i see (club mix)

18. [01:23:00] denis kenzo ft sveta b- deep in my heart

19. [01:28:33] nikolay kempinskiy ft love dimension- new era (puma score rmx)

20. [01:34:00] mike shiver ft shannon hurley- a little rain (allen and envy rmx)

21. [01:39:20] sunlounger and sophie sugar ft zara- lost together (avb mash up) {blast from the past track}

22. [01:45:33] arctic moon ft noire lee- revolution (james rigby rmx)

23. [01:52:32] aly and fila and skypatrol ft sue mclaren- running

November!!!  May be 40 degrees your way, but it’s 100 here. Hit the road with this one for a little uplifting sunshine in your life.  Sidenote:  I totally forgot to mix a brand new track in here, I guess it can wait until Dec. SMH. Anyway, hope you enjoy it.  

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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1.   [00:00] mike mago and dragonette- outlines

2. [03:47] banks- waiting game (judah rmx)

3. [09:16] edx ft leon palmen- breathin 

4. [13:57] boom jinx ft meredith call- the dark (spencer brown rmx)

5. [18:25] ryn weaver- stay low (maor levi rmx)

6. [23:02] gusgus- over (juventa bootleg)

7. [26:29] ltn ft christina novelli- feeling like yeah (alexander popv rmx)

8. [30:55] myon and shane 54 ft kyler england- summer of love (club mix)

9. [36:38] tritonal- anchor

10. [40:39] ilan bluestone and jeromes isma ae- tension

11. [44:35] ruslan-set ft eva kade- the purity of chimera (reprobate rmx)

12. [49:58] max graham and corgi organ- fyc 2014

13. [54:20] solis and sean truby ft julie thompson- skin deep

14. [59:42] solis and sean truby ft sue mclaren- closer to the earth (luigi lusini rmx)

15. [1:05:31] morvan- alyssa

16. [1:11:05] ben gold ft christina novelli- all or nothing

17. [1:16:25] yves de lacroix ft marell- destroyves

18. [1:21:21] mike shiver ft johnny norberg and theresia svensson- the shade (progressive rmx)

19. [1:27:21] the thrillseekers ft aruna- waiting here for you (night music edit) {throwback track}

20. [1:34:28] hazem beltagui ft jennifer rene- the wonder

21. [1:41:10] ferry tayle & ludovic h ft sarah shields- the most important thing

22. [1:47:15] indecent noise ft noira lee- glitches (matt bowdidge rmx)


Here we go again. 042 starts by putting you in the lounge with a little house, and then about 18 minutes in it starts to turn things up a bit. Hope you enjoy this Fall classic.   



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night club musical act 041

1.   [00:00] kyau and albert- down (sebastien rmx)
2.   [04:22] solid stone and jennifer rene- not enough
3.   [09:55] eranga ft trica mcteague- welcome anymore
4.   [15:33] david morales and tamra keenan- here I am (kaskade rmx) {throwback track}
5.   [21:25] nikita leonenko- u r here
6.   [25:38] super8 and tab ft julie thompson- no frontiers (jerome isma-ae rmx)
7.   [31:46] darren tate and jono grant- let the light shine in (tenishia rmx)
8.   [36:43] cosmic gate and eric lumiere- falling back (mark sixma rmx)
9.   [41:14] andy moor vs sunny lax- I be (judah mashup)
10.         [45:50] andrew bayer 54 ft molly bancroft- keep your secrets (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
11.         [52:02] vlad markus- follow you
12.         [56:42] ellie Lawson- calling you (vadim spark rmx)
13.         [1:01:22] andy moor and lange ft fenja- top of the world
14.         [1:07:20] reunify ft danyka nadeau- come closer
15.         [1:11:16] andy duguid ft liana- zebra
16.         [1:16:04] above and beyond ft alex vargas- blue sky action
17.         [1:21:32] simon Patterson ft sarah howells- dissolve
18.         [1:28:53] susana- silent heart (denis kenzo main mix)
19.         [1:33:16] alex morph ft natalie giola- the reason (club mix)
20.         [1:38:13] delta-s ft christina novelli- alive (phillippe el sisi rmx)

21.         [1:44:54] grimes ft blood diamonds- go {slow it down track}

Summer might be coming to a close for some of you, but not this guy anymore.  Nothing by sun and sweet serenity these days.  To make up for missing out the past 5 months figured I would put another mix out of some great vocal gems within a month.  Get ya started with a little house and deep house before blasting off into trance for this one.  I think you will feel the vibes from NCM 041.


Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 040

1.   [00:00] jetlag ft esther- walk with me
2.   [03:18] judah ft kailin- this moment
3.   [08:18] george Acosta ft fisher- true love {throwback track}
4.   [13:50] arty ft angel taylor- up all night
5.   [18:16] cazzette ft kamilia amelia- weapon (edx acapulco at night rmx)
6.   [23:59] cosmic gate- happyness
7.   [28:40] andy moor- fade to light (joseph areas dirty rock mix)
8.   [33:30] orjan nilsen ft Christina novelli- hurricane (kevin wild rmx)
9.   [38:08] myon and shane 54 and late night alumni- under your cloud
10.         [43:21] dirty south and thomas gold- alive (ravenkis rmx)
11.         [47:32] archouse- burning ice
12.         [53:27] yuri kane ft Melissa Loretta- saved you
13.         [59:16] kat krazy ft eikka- siren (avb rmx)
14.         [64:48] ferrin and morris- panorama (alan morris rmx)
15.         [69:05] sied van riel ft alicia madison- gravity
16.         [75:00] markus schulz ft liz primo- blown away (beat service rmx)
17.         [80:53] soundprank- flare (ltn rmx)
18.         [87:07] aruna- start a fire (awd vs Thomas hayes rmx)
19.         [91:30] andy moor and betsie larkin- love again (ltn rmx)

20.         [97:40] jes ft roger shah and brian laruso- higher than the sun (sunlounger rmx)  {slow it down track}

Well here I am 5 months later in a new location and with NCM 040.  Unfortunately NCM is no longer being pumped out of Boston and is now way down south in Myrtle Beach, SC.  Should keep the wife and I in the summer mood about 10 months out of the year, which I have no problems with.  

This NCM 040 is dedicated to one of my heroes Casey Kasem who the world lost back in June.  Its only fitting that this one is 040 for the man who played American Top 40 for me when I was a kid and laid by the radio recording his every word and every song he played on Sunday mornings.  RIP. 

Special thanks to my former 80s ENMU college homie Alana Sparrow for the use of her profile photo for this episode.  27 years later, I’m still in college lol. 

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 039

1.   [00:00] sarah mclachlan- love comes (dave dresden and randy boyer rmx)

2.   [05:15] rudimental ft emeli sande (ivan gough and jebu rmx)

3.   [10:18] medina- fool (i feel bad for ya) (bottai rmx)

4.   [14:22] lancelot ft Anthony and cleopatra- givin it up (panda mix)

5.   [18:32] bob sinclar- yes u r (mylo rmx)

6.   [22:55] proyal ft ai takekawa- the orbit (biotones and max farewell rmx)

7.   [28:00] cole plante and myon and shane 54 ft ruby odell- if i fall

8.   [33:00] fatum ft natalie peris- words

9.   [37:15] eco ft carly burns- hurt (cold rush rmx)

10.         [44:30] ilan bluestone- spheres

11.         [49:35] christina perri- human (edx fe5tival rmx)

12.         [55:05] xb and yves de lacroix ft emma lock- lost in love

13.         [1:00:56] guru josh project- infinity (klass rmx)

14.         [1:04:58] fabio xb and liuck ft christina novelli- back to you (wach rmx)

15.         [1:09:57] karanda ft alana aldea- its now

16.         [1:15:30] d-mad- cote d’azur

17.         [1:20:20] henrix and Jacob liedhold ft zashanell- close your eyes

18.         [1:24:20] morgan page ft coury palermo- the only one

19.         [1:29:10] space rockerz ft cathy burton- lead you back

20.         [1:34:30] ltn ft cathy burton- you promised

21.         [1:39:20] thomas newson ft angelika vee- don’t hold us

22.         [1:43:55] antillas ft flora- damaged

23.         [1:49:29] futuristic polar bears- back to earth

24.         [1:53:10] roman messer ft Christina novella- frozen (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)

25.         [1:59:19] avb ft aruna- wont let you go (ian standerwick rmx)

26.         [2:06:50] tenishia ft kyler england- attention (chillout rmx)

Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 038: ice that melts your fingertips

1.   [00:00] tube and berger ft juilet sikora- come on now (set it off)

2.   [04:45] kyau and albert- do you still know (joseph areas dirty rock mix)

3.   [09:34] solarstone- solarcoaster (markus schulz rmx)

4.   [14:49] massai one- my hideaway

5.   [20:28] estiva and jeer alert- come home

6.   [24:44] stoneface and terminal ft ana criado- one heart (gal abutbul starlight rmx)

7.   [30:00] zedd ft hayley Williams- stay the night (zedd and kevin drew rmx)

8.   [33:45] edu-action hero

9.   [38:01] atb ft boss- raging bull (junkx rmx)

10.         [42:46] art shumiloff and jenia-roxanne (your shape)

11.         [46:19] tenishia ft kyler england- attention

12.         [51:19] sied van riel ft adina butler- 8 decades (matt davey rmx)

13.         [55:19] johan de kock and stefan viljoen ft nanje nowack- silence (tommy johnson rmx)

14.         [61:02] roger shah and dj feel ft zara taylor- one life

15.         [66:22] ira ft sarah Russell- constant invasions (purelight rmx)

16.         [71:11] ronski speed ft emma hewitt- lasting light 2k14 (christish rmx)

17.         [76:43] araya and mark dreamer- go on!

18.         [81:15] luke bond ft roxanne emery- on fire

19.         [86:00] atb ft jes- hard to cure

20.         [91:14] max graham and maarten de jong- lekker

21.         [95:33] bobina ft susana- play fire with fire (bobina megadrive rmx)

22.         [102:26] reorder- Gemini (adam ellis rmx)

23.         [107:03] tiesto ft jes- everything

24.         [112:42] max graham ft Susana- down to nothing (johan malmgren rmx)

25.         [118:55] lana del rey- young and beautiful (patrick reza rmx) {results and recovery track}

2 hour set, the longest in NCM history. 25 tracks, 21 vocal tracks.  I had problems eliminating tracks this month, so I said screw it, mix them all.  Saw Myon and Shane 54 and Dash Berlin live since the last mix and as always it inspired me, so everything was sounding good to me over the past month J. You may come across a little bit of everything in this mix.  Holy winter! Hopefully this breaks you out of your winter blues for at least 2 hours.   Enjoy this beauty of a mix.

Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 037: frio

1.   [00:00] atb ft aruna- my saving grace

2.   [03:58] andrew bayer- england

3.   [08:57] progresia ft linnea schossow- fire fire fire (ilan bluestone rmx)

4.   [13:33] arty vs zedd- believe in spectrum (mashup)

5.   [17:43] zak moya- cobra

6.   [22:30] bt vs norin and rad vs recurve- the emergency gift (myon and shane 54 mashup)

7.   [27:40] manufactured superstars ft danni rogue- like satellites (andy duguid rmx)

8.   [32:19] demi lovato- neon lights (cole plante with myon and shane 54 rmx)

9.   [36:41] ronski speed ft emma Hewitt- lasting light 2k14

10.         [42:56] kerry leva- proud (oliver smith rmx)

11.         [47:30] audien ft ruby prophet- circles

12.         [52:21] katy perry and dakota vs dj bigdirty – the foxy part of me (dj bigdirty foxy mashup)

13.         [56:56] johnny yono ft katty heath- try a little harder (sound quelle rmx)

14.         [62:42] ost and meyer ft roman polonsky- hold my hand

15.         [68:36] angelique- overcome

16.         [73:17] atb- ecstasy

17.         [76:52] john ocallaghan ft audrey gallagher- big sky (signum vs ram rmx)

18.         [83:48] somna and yang ft kimberly hale- deeper

19.         [89:22] yuri kane ft sopheary- obsession

20.         [96:00] mr fijiwiji ft coma- cynical {results and recovery track}

Happy New Year!  Bringing you 20 tracks this month along with a new way to end the mix with results and recovery track. Its been one cold month here in the northeast, keeping me indoors way too much.  Had plenty of time to put this together due to all the downtime.  Make sure you catch my mashup of Katy Perry and Dakota (Markus Schulz) and let me know what ya think. Hope ya enjoy the mix.

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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2013 Year End Vocal Track Top 11 + 1

1.    1.   [00:00] track number 11

2.   [06:30] track number 10

3.   [11:58] track number 9

4.   [17:11] track number 8

5.   [22:16] track number 7

6.   [26:22] track number 6

7.   [31:20] track number 5

8.   [35:31] track number 4

9.   [39:50] track number 3

10.         [45:09] track number 2 (hard to find)

11.         [49:59] the track of the year number 1

12.         [55:25] chill track of the year

Well here it is my first ever year-end greatest of track mix.  Counting down from 11 to 1 (had to be different) and even added my chill out track of the year at the end too.  Listen and I will give the tracklist in a couple of weeks- ha. These were the tracks that I immediately turned to full blast in my truck all year long I couldn’t just listen to them at medium volume.  Like Casey Kasem, I counted it down.  Just for laughs I threw in a Funkmaster Flex explosion in one of the mixes for 2 tracks so I could hide the fact that I couldn’t mix them together lol.  Its hard doing a countdown, don’t know how Ferry Corsten does it week to week.  2013 marks my return.  Its great to be back and I even got new equipment this year.  Thank you for the continued support and peer pressure to come back.  I love doing this. Heres hoping your 2014 is the bomb! I cant say enough how much I appreciate you guys listening. Love you all.  Thank God Al Gore created the internet- lol!

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page which is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release or my stupid rants and selfies. Feel free to upload your own music suggestions for the next mix there too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 036: where theres smoke

1.   [00:00] lulu rouge ft fanney osk- sign me out (lulu rouge rmx)

2.   [05:09] emma hewitt- rewind (mikkas rmx)

3.   [09:59] above and beyond- mariana trench

4.   [16:20] karanda- whopper

5.   [20:42] john christian- flight 643

6.   [25:04] kat krazy ft elkka- siren (avb rmx)

7.   [30:46] walden- first day (maor levi rmx)

8.   [36:13] mat zo- lucid dreams (ilan bluestone rmx)

9.   [42:32] tritonal ft skyler stonestreet- electric glow

10.         [47:57] juventa ft erica curran- move into light (husman rmx)

11.         [52:00] maison and dragen ft toni nielson- immortal love

12.         [57:18] tritonal ft phoebe ryan- now or never

13.         [62:34] aruna- reason to believe (steve kaetzel rmx)

14.         [68:09] invalyd ft polina- never coming down (Rafael frost rmx)

15.         [73:17] suspect 44- amazing

16.         [78:44] york ft Jennifer paige- lost under the sun (thomas hayes rmx)

17.         [83:33] twoandone and dennis kenzo ft sveta b - sitorya

 Snow day in the northeast.  Just in case you didn’t know I’ll be moving to Austin Texas in May, keep a look out for me.  I got finals to study for, but got a break and did this one.  Take a closer look, this is the first mix that’s more than 79 minutes.  We going BIG TIME, lol.  This mix was done kind of backwards on my part.  Besides the first track and last track I did it backwards purposely.  17 very good tracks on this one. 3 Instrumentals and the rest vocals for to try and stay true to what night club musical is all about with nice vocals, but every once in a while I hear a instrumental track that blows me away and needs to make the cut for the mix.  Sorry for skipping November on you guys.  I saw a lot of smoke and did not want the fire, so I took care of my school priorities before slinging out anoher mix.  I hope all is well with you.  Send me a note and let me know what ya think about the longer ncm format. Did anyone ever take notice that the girl that sang “crush” is on this mix… Jennifer Paige.  Great job she did.  Until next time, take 2013 out right and bring me in some 2014.

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 035: clutch
  1. [00:00] paris blohm ft mimi page- lost in me
  2. [03:56] andy duguid ft audrey gallagher- in this moment
  3. [09:56] mike danis- are you gonna love me
  4. [13:22] london grammar- hey now (arty rmx)
  5. [18:01] x vertigo ft the belligerents- all to the good ghost (myon and shane 54 mashup)
  6. [23:25] myon and shane 54 ft aruna and jaco- helpless dam square (ms54 mashup)
  7. [27:07] paul oakenfold- southern sun (moe aly rmx)
  8. [32:57] venom one ft adina butar - crashed and burned
  9. [37:22] mark eteson- the firm
  10. [41:58] emeli sande- next to me (james egbert mix)
  11. [45:23] maor levi ft daphne (beautiful disaster)
  12. [50:08] progresia ft linnea schossow- fire fire fire
  13. [54:20] andy duguid ft julie thompson- skin and bones
  14. [59:18] conjure one ft aruna- still holding on (arisen flame rmx)
  15. [64:39] solis and sean truby ft sue mclaren- closer to earth
  16. [69:07] somna and yang- till oblivion (daniel skyver rmx)

October is the month to be clutch.  The Dodgers making their their run to a World series hopefully and me coming through with a new night club musical.  This one gets LOUD.  Its a table and mixer gazer kind of sound.  Enjoying a lot of the music thats out there right now and still enjoying doing this.  I hope ya enjoy as well.  Be Clutch people.

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at  Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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slowdive: night CHILLED musical pres.
  1. [00:00] the sundays- noise
  2. [01:41] late night alumni- epilogue
  3. [04:40] ana criado- afterglow (cj rcm and seven24 chillout rmx)
  4. [09:53] usher- numb (matt lange rmx)
  5. [14:20] tania zygar and matt lange- dark paradise (lana del rey cover)
  6. [18:26] boom jinx, maor levi ft ashley tomberlin- when you loved me (keyworth and boom jinx rmx)
  7. [22:22] blackmill ft veela- let it be
  8. [27:45] myon and shane 54 ft aruna- lights (5vel rmx)
  9. [32:37] hybrid- disappear here
  10. [38:13] the xx- intro
  11. [40:08] seven lions ft fiora- days to come
  12. [44:30] velvetine- the great divide (seven lions rmx)
  13. [48:58] morgan page- under (morgan page rmx)
  14. [55:39] andy moor ft hysteria- leave your world behind
  15. [59:17] samantha james- amber sky
  16. [62:26] yuna- lullabies
  17. [66:21] the good natured diy- wicked games (explicit weekend cover)
  18. [71:37] essay and stumbleine- rhiannon
  19. [74:45] john ocallaghan- rhea (chillout rmx)

Back when I wasnt doing mixes for night club musical for awhile, I listened to a lot of chillout/downtempo stuff, so why not take some of that and make it available to you guys.  I listened to acoustic stuff too, but wanted to keep this one more along the electronic lines.  Slowdive is named after a shoegaze band I used to listen to in the 90s.  I started the mix out with my favorite band of all time The Sundays.  Harriet Wheeler’s voice is my serenity.  I came across this unreleased track last year, so it was like Christmas for me since the band is no longer together.  I also included a Fleetwood Mac EDM version of Rhiannon on here.  Very good take.  I know you had to take a double-take when you see the name Usher on the tracklist.  Just check this version out-  I LOVE IT. I played it over and over again. Grab your woman or man or a glass of wine, sit by the fireplace or on the bed or do what you do with this compilation of mainly edm chill tracks.  You can call it night CHILLED musical 004 or Slowdive 001.  Whatever it is, I’ll try and make more of these instead of once a year.  Hope ya enjoy this as much as l enjoyed putting it together.

Get interactive withthe night club musical Facebook page is available at  Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical act 034: coffee and EDMnuts
  1. [00:00] bt and tydi ft tania zygar- stem the tides
  2. [06:02] dash berlin and markus schulz ft seri- never rain down again (myon and shane 54 dash up)
  3. [09:54] seven lions and myon and shane 54 ft tov lo- strangers
  4. [14:32] audien vs krewella- iris alive (myon and shane 54 mashup reconstruction)
  5. [18:44] juventa ft erica curran- move into light
  6. [23:22] rivaz and benny benassi ft heather bright- tell me twice (simon de jano rmx)
  7. [28:06] late night alumni- every breath is like a heartbeat (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  8. [32:57] justin oh ft remus- getting over you
  9. [38:39] dash berlin ft sarah howells- go it alone (andrew rayel rmx)
  10. [43:52] ronski speed and micro de govia- ambrosia
  11. [49:25] myon and shane 54 ft natalie peris- outshine (myon and shane 54 in search of sunrise rmx)
  12. [55:12] oceanlab vs eric prydz- breakin 2night (maor levi mashup)
  13. [61:28] alex m.o.r.p.h. and woody van eyden ft tiff lacey- i see you (matt bukovski rmx)
  14. [66:20] jaytech ft nathan grainger- labour of love (club mix)
  15. [71:07] roger shah, brian laruso and jes- higher than the sun (pedro del mar and double v rmx)

End of summer mix for everyone and it was a great summer.   So great, I included a 80s sounding track on here.  See if you can pick it out.  Made this one at 7:30 in the morning, hence the track name.  Coffee can get you pumped up.  

 Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 033
  1. 00:00] late night alumni- empty streets (myon and shane 54 intro edit)
  2. [01:44] boom jinx, maor levi ft ashley tomberlin- when you loved me (maor levi rmx- myon and shane 54 mashup)
  3. [07:11] julie thompson and super8 and tab- your secrets safe
  4. [12:57] ellie goulding- I know you care (triad dragons rmx)
  5. [18:36] morgan page ft nadia ali- carry me
  6. [23:30] markus schulz ft sarah howells- tempted
  7. [28:39] andy moor- I be (club mix)
  8. [34:25] shogun ft tania zygar
  9. [40:44] giuseppe ottaviani ft linnea schossow- stars
  10. [45:07] reorder ft line froyset – strangers within
  11. [49:28] d-mad- pep talk
  12. [55:00] tom swoon ft taylr renee- wings (myon and shane 54 summer of love mix)
  13. [59:19] avb ft aruna- wont let you go
  14. [64:01] dart rayne ft sarah lynn- silhouette (allen and envy rmx)
  15. [69:08] john ocallaghan and full tilt ft karen kelley- breathe (will atkinson rmx)
  16. [73:46] matt davey ft kate dowman- sunrise (here I am) 

Coasting along this summer and some great tunes have come out.  NCM 033 is all about the breaks and the builds.  You all know I love starting the mix soft and myon and shane 54 provide that with a great mashup of late night alumni and one of my all time favorites now, when you loved me.  I love amazing female vocals and this one is filled with them.  Linnea Schossow on Stars is beautiful, along with the killer break from Sarah Lynn on Silhouette.  Sometimes a better remix of song comes out after I’ve completed a NCM.  This happened with John Ocallaghan and Breathe.  This remix is 10 times better than the original. Don’t lose your mind on Pep Talk!  Pure HANDS UP!! I finished with a favorite tune of mine originally done by The Cocteau Twins (This Mortal Coil), that was covered by Matt Davey and Kate Bowman- Sunrise Here I Am.  Nadia is back along with my personal favorites Aruna and Tania Zygar for this mix.  Keats said “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard or sweeter.”  I think you will find these melodies pretty sweet.  

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 032: everything is green
  1. [00:00] bt- skylarking
  2. [04:50] stafford brothers ft christina milian- hello (myon and shane 54 monster mix)
  3. [10:34] paul van dyk ft tyler michaud and fisher- all the way (steve wish rmx)
  4. [15:12] ronski speed and syntrobic ft renee stahl- pink skye
  5. [20:27]lana del rey- summertime sadness (cedric gervais rmx)
  6. [25:34] tom swoon ft amba shepherd- not too late (maor levi rmx)
  7. [30:58] tiesto ft bt- love comes again (manufactured superstars vs jqa rmx)
  8. [35:51] vinny troia ft jadiene veda- fade into you (jerome isma-ae and ilan bluestone rmx)
  9. [40:13] betsie larkin and ferry corsten- stars (alex orion bigger room mix)
  10. [45:59] matt darey ft kate louise smith- see the sun (toby hedges rmx)
  11. [51:19] first state ft sarah howells- seeing stars
  12. [56:53] cosmic gate ft aruna- free falling (barra)
  13. [61:41] denis kenzo ft sveta b- lullaby lonely (progressive mix)
  14. [66:58] estiva ft jeer alert- come home

It’s a scorcher out there, even up here in New England.  I got the NCM summer kickoff ready for ya.  It’s not a throw your hands up in the air type mix, but more of a listen and feel good for the beach, backyard, patio, deck mix. Everything is Green out and so is one of my favorite literary short stories.  I had to give an ode to that as the title.  Thank you Angela Swenson from San Antonio, Texas for the work of art used for this episode of NCM.  Hope you all enjoy the feel good tunes. 

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD

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night club musical act 031: no stranger
  1. [00:00] miss nine ft kyler england- stranger (dohr and mangold rmx)
  2. [04:05] shato and paul rockseek- found you
  3. [07:31] alexander popov ft kyler england- my world
  4. [12:54] boom jinx,maor levi ft ashley tomberlin- when you loved me 
  5. [17:17] john ocallaghan and full tilt ft karen kelly- breathe
  6. [24:06] tydi and maison and dragen ft toni nielson- walk on water
  7. [29:22] super8 and tab- l.a. {bigdirty tune of the now}
  8. [33:54] myon and shane 54 ft aruna- lights (club mix)
  9. [39:10] andrew rayel ft jano- how do i know
  10. [46:07] andy moor ft betsie larkin- love again (andrew rayel rmx)
  11. [50:46] above and beyond- walter white
  12. [54:46] beat service ft neev kennedy- not this time
  13. [60:41] estiva- smiley smilesworth
  14. [64:24] tritonal ft cristina soto- piercing quiet (super8 and tab rmx)
  15. [70:35] tydi ft sarah howells- when i go (arnej rmx)

Been a few months, but I got the itch again thanks to Above and Beyond.  NCM 031 coming straight at ya from a suburb of Boston, called my house.  Just wanted to throw on some fresh sing along head nodding music to start your summer off.  Was totally feeling this when I mixed it and I hope you do too.  I missed mixing something and it just felt like something was missing from my life.  Now I have some fresh stuff to listen to while studying over the summer- bigdirty is a college student now and hanging out with 18 to 22 year olds can put the young back in ya.  Probably my mentality anyway.  This one starts and explosion in your face from the get-go so beware.  I hope ya love this one people and I will try not to be a stranger to the mix again.

Get interactive with the night club musical Facebook page is available at  Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical act 030: dj bigdirty


  1. 0:00] markus schulz ft ana diaz- nothing without me
  2. [04:45] delerium ft sarah mclachlan- silence (w&w vs jonas stenberg rmx)
  3. [08:53] andy moor and ashley wallbridge ft gabriela- world to turn
  4. [14:03] aruna- save the day (myon and shane 54 summer of love mix)
  5. [19:04] beat service ft gemma pavlovic- masquerade
  6. [26:00] paul van dyk- the ocean
  7. [30:36] dj feel ft aelyn- your love (vocal mix)
  8. [37:21] stereo palma ft craig david- our love (myon and shane 54 summer of love mix)
  9. [41:47] ferry corsten ft aruna- live forever
  10. [47:20] xb and linnea schossow- be my all (lele troniq and fabio xb rmx)
  11. [52:25] velvetine- the great divide
  12. [57:51] estiva ft tania zygar- death of me (ferry tayle rmx)
  13. [63:52] snatt and vix ft neev kennedy- at the end of the day (suncatcher rmx)
  14. [69:24] jamie harrison- lunar light

     Well its been a long time- 9 months.  Just look at it as me being on maternity leave. A lot has happened since January.  Sometimes you need to step back, reevaluate and decide what is really important to you.  I did.  Lets just say I listened to a lot of downtempo stuff and even country music (which I gained an appreciation of) during my absence. When putting NCM 030 together, I listened to the lyrics of each track on NCM 030 before mixing and oddly enough it describes those last 9 months.  For my wife Wendi, number 8 is for you.  The last track was my background music from January during my thank you video- BEAUTIFUL track and thats where I’m at with life right now.  I missed doing what I love, this time I wont be so OCD about it.  Hope all of you feel it too! 

   The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 029: starlust


  1. [00:00] kaskade and inpetto ft late night alumni- how long
  2. [04:47] matt darey ft kate louise smith- crown of thorns (aurosonic rmx)
  3. [11:08] cosmic gate ft emma hewitt- calm down
  4. [16:22] avicii- levels
  5. [20:16] fredda l ft fisher- love you call it (beat service rmx) (dj bigdirty tune of the now)
  6. [26:07] starkillers and nadia ali- keep it coming (basto rmx) 
  7. [31:34] armin ft emma hewitt- colours
  8. [38:02] julian vincent ft shannon hurley- lost in space (mark otten rmx)
  9. [44:22] w&w ft bree- nowhere to go (shogun rmx)
  10. [50:06] richard durand ft hadley- run to you (orjan nilsen rmx)
  11. [55:48] mike koglin and genix- dyno
  12. [62:41] frank sabanci ft antonia lucas- no way out (temple one rmx)
  13. [68:30] dj feel ft loona- i’ll find myself (dj feel up rmx)
  14. [74:00] full tilt ft dierdre mclaughlin- surrender (sneijder vs john o callaghan rmx)

Happy New Year! My first mix of 2012.  Hoping this years tunes are as sexy as last years. After taking my usual December away from music I couldn’t wait to offer up the latest tunes from my neck of the woods.  Although I rarely hear them when I go out, I still pump them in my car, house and work.  Hope to find you pumpin starlust also.  Enjoy.


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 028: you
  1. [00:00] cosmic gate and myon and shane 54 ft aruna- all around you {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  2. [05:21] jonas steur ft jennifer rene- still i wait (richard durands in search of sunrise rmx)
  3. [10:51] tritonal ft cristina soto- still with me (club mix)
  4. [16:28] dennis sheperd and alan morris ft sue mclaren- i die (alan morris club mix)
  5. [21:54] beat service ft neev kennedy- but i did
  6. [28:10] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- you got to go (kyau and albert rmx)
  7. [32:57] cosmic gate ft emma hewitt- be your sound (orjan nilsen rmx)
  8. [39:56] boom jinx ft justine suissa- phoenix from the flames (omnia and the blizzard rmx)
  9. [45:26] fortunate- escape on time
  10. [50:12] arcane science ft melissa loretta- confession (cramp rmx)
  11. [55:40] temple one ft neev kennedy- love the fear
  12. [60:20] susana- home (daniel kandi retrolift rmx)
  13. [66:28] ben nicky and cassandra fox- the one (daniel kandi rmx)
  14. [71:46] alex morph ft sylvia tosun- an angels love (vocal mix)

   It’s been 3 long years and you guys have stuck it out with Night Club Musical. First I wanna say thank you so much.  I’m just trying to take you to another place for about 80 minutes (Kind of like the Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory- ha). No, really I love sharing the journey with you.  Its not always for the dance floor or just for the beats, but it’s mainly for that feeling you get when you hear THAT tune that just gave you the ultimate chills or uplifts you and wish you could share it with everyone.  I’m always looking for that perfect track that takes me to highest of the high point. I mix each NCM as if you are in the same room as me, hoping not to screw it up and keep you moving, smiling or relaxed.  For those that have been listening since the beginning thanks so much for sticking with me.  For those that came on board later thanks for letting the tunes i select and mix together into your house, car or wherever you are (sorry about all the thanks, but I am truly grateful).  The shout outs keep me going and I love your feedback whether good or bad.  Those things keep the NCM OPEN for business.  I will try not to suck in year 3 and it keep NCM flowing with quality tracks from all the great electronic artists out there- especially trance artists.  I think Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys said it best, “Music is our lifes foundation and shall succeed all the nations to come.”   Welcome to NCM Act 028 and all its characters... YOU!!!

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night CHILLED musical 002: comfort zone
  1. [00:00] above and beyond ft zoe johnston- you got to go (deansdale rmx)
  2. [05:11] john o’callaghan ft betsie larkin- impossible to live without you
  3. [08:08] phaeleh ft soundmouse- afterglow
  4. [12:34] bjork- all is full of love
  5. [16:54] jes- as the rush comes (hamptons chills rmx)
  6. [21:42] sunlounger ft zara taylor- found (downtempo)
  7. [27:40] andain- promises
  8. [31:24] tydi ft audrey gallagher- worlds apart
  9. [35:14] above and beyond ft richard bedford- sun and moon (ID remix)
  10. [38:39] lange ft betsie larkin- all around me (reprise)
  11. [40:20] aly and fila ft sue mclaren- still
  12. [44:01] armin ft aelyn- in and out of love (dubstep chill mix)
  13. [47:11] andain- you once told me
  14. [51:39] dev- in the dark (proper villains rmx)
  15. [55:49] tydi ft tania zygar- vanilla
  16. [59:52] craig armstrong ft elizabeth fraser- this love
  17. [65:53] headstrong ft stine grove- tears
  18.   [69:14] betsie larkin and rafael frost- made of love
  19.   [73:23] faithless ft zoe johnston- crazy english summer

   Finally back by your request, Night CHILLED musical 002.  Like I’ve been saying this is a tough follow up to the original so i will let you be the judge. With snow already in some forecast, nothing better than warming up under the blankets and pushing play for this one. I listened to this on playback today and I am thinking: does this mix say something about me that I don;t know? It gets kind of dark at times.  Unlike the last time around I couldn’t get enough chill tunes for all the great upbeat versions provided on original NCMs, but I didn’t stray far from the electronic artists that provide our pure euphoria on the dance floor. So sit back, relax, put your feet up instead of your arms and get in your comfort zone.  I present to you... Night Chilled Musical-Comfort Zone.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 027: nineteneleven


  1. [00:00] adele- set fire to the rain (thomas gold rmx)
  2. [02:52] space rockerz ft tania zygar- puzzle piece
  3. [08:53] andy duguid ft fenja- strings (club mix)
  4. [15:04] creep ft romy medley croft- days (super8 and tab rmx)
  5. [19:40] dns project ft madelin zero- another day (khomna rmx)
  6. [24:32] grace- not over yet (max graham vs protoculture rmx)
  7. [30:44] eximinds- forever love (juventa rmx)
  8. [35:45] giuseppe ottaviani ft linnea schossow- just for you
  9. [40:56] emery and kirsch- lose yourself (tritonal air up there rmx)
  10. [47:21] andy moor ft sue mclaren- fight the fire(club mix) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  11. [53:50] super8 and tab ft betsie larkin- good times (lange rmx)
  12. [59:14] cramp ft natalie peris- more to this (solis rmx-sophie sugar edit)
  13. [64:14] simon patterson ft lucy pullin- keep quiet
  14. [70:44] blue tente ft aelyn- you’re not mine (uplifting mix)

NCM 027 brings us to the end of summer.  You wont need jackets for this though- should keep ya warm enough.  Hope ya enjoy.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 026: buckle up
  1. [00:00] bt ft kirsty hawkshaw- a million stars (myon and shane 54 summer of love rmx)
  2. [06:38] estiva ft josie- better days
  3. [12:23] andy duguid and jes-  before you go (taxigirl edit)
  4. [16:35] solarstone and orkidea ft billie koppel (dennis sheperd rmx)
  5. [21:22] armin and nadia ali- feels so good (jochen miller)
  6. [25:18] blake jarrell- maldives (genix rmx)
  7. [29:15] kyau and albert- a night like this
  8. [33:19] protoculture ft shanon hurley- sun gone down (alex morph and chriss ortega rmx)
  9. [39:34] headstrong ft stine grove- tears (aurosonic rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  10. [45:21] signum ft julie thompson- never be the smame again (myon and shane 54 monster mix)
  11. [51:35] linnea schossow- someone like you (alex morph dark morph rmx)
  12. [56:50] betsie larkin and super8 and tab- all we have is now
  13. [63:10] reorder and dave deen ft irena love- again
  14. [68:28] philippe el sisi ft josie- over you
  15. [73:30] activa ft julie harrington- stronger

NCM 026!!! Not gonna say a lot (like I always do), just let the music speak for itself.  But let me say this, the title has nothing to do with music. As silly as it sounds I am excited when I saw this week that the clothing store Buckle is coming to New England. haha.  Thats MY store.  If they are looking for store models give me holla.  One last thing what did I tell you about Stine Grove more than a year ago?  Said she would blow up. Tune of the Now...She is here!!!  As always listen to this baby loud. Hope ya enjoy the mix

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 

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night club musical 025: surround yourself


  1. [00:00] jan martin and hysteria! ft debbie plein- save me now (beat service proglifting rmx)
  2. [06:53] alex sayz ft nadia ali- free to go
  3. [12:30] susana ft julian vincent- fall in deep (alexander popov rmx)
  4. [17:08] red carpet ft marcus schossow and ramona korber- alright (marcus schossow rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}
  5. [21:39] ruby and tony- up and down (oza rmx)
  6. [27:34] snatt and vix ft alexandra badoi- cold shower
  7. [32:33] kyau and albert - velvet morning (super8 and tab rmx)
  8. [38:19] mark eteson- universal language
  9. [44:23] full tilt- restrictor (matthew nagle rmx)
  10. [49:46] armin ft vanvelzen- take me where i wanna go (giuseppe ottaviani rmx)
  11. [55:58] susana ft jorn van deynhoven- never mine (sean bayer rmx)
  12. [61:55] aly and fila ft katherine crowe- it will be ok (arctic moon rmx)
  13. [68:05] will holland ft jeza- start again (juventa rmx)
  14. [74:13] armin ft winter kills- take a moment (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)

   This is a case of early morning mixing. NCM 025 comes at ya pretty hard.  Get ready for a hand raising experience.  Going to try to cover all 14 tracks since I have time on a plane traveling cross country. Had to get this one to ya quick from the last mix since i’m about to go on vacation n 2 days.  I always love a good lead-off track. Jan Martin brings the airy Save Me Now. Reminds me of driving to an Armin gig a couple of months ago.  Surprise, Nadia Ali is back on NCM with Free To Go.  Very Miami sounding.  Susana pops in 2 tracks from her new album.  Fall in Deep has that driving bass then the keys hit- oh my!.  Hands up!!  Then later in the mix she provides Never Mine.  Just pure trance that makes your heart stop tune. This lady’s voice is demanding- love it.  THEN when you hear the words “the sun is gonna keep on shining...” OH HERE GO HELL COME! Marcus Schossow throws this Alright tune at ya and you just lose your sh%#!  Go ahead and yell.  This is ultimate hands up stuff we’re talkin bout here.  My tune of the now! Makes me take a step back and just WOW!  Ruby and Tony then throw you some chopped up vocals with Up and Down.  Don’t leave the dancefloor it’s still going.  THEN get ready to get naked.  Cold Shower is just that track.  It is hot.  All i can think about is grinding up against my girl on the floor.  I just picture lights, sweat, and steam from the floor rising.  Such a sexy track. Oh don’t leave the floor.  Kyau and Albert pump it more for ya.  Velvet Morning will wear ya down. This track has been putting a smile on face all month.  Don’t leave the floor yet.  Mark Eteson provides a beauty, but yet a floor stabber with Universal Language. The beat is hot, but when it breaks get our float on. I love Trance!!! Don’t leave the floor. Then we get our instrumental called Restrictor.  My rule as always if it does not have vocals and makes NCM it better be good stuff- land your plane here please.  You make the call.  HOT!  Armin pops in 2 tracks this episode.  First with Take Me Where I Wanna Go.  Will discuss the other track later.  Aly and Fila bring Katherine Crowe back with them with It Will Be OK.  It’ s a hands up baby after the lyrics. Put it  just before 63:58 and you will feel the chills run up your arm- Beautiful Track.  Once again, I Love Trance!! Finally Will Holland and Jeza make NCM.  I have put this track off til the next mix the last 3 times I think.  Tried to find a good spot for it.  I love the lyrics.  Makes ya think.  The beachy guitar in the undertones of the track fit perfect. I finished the mix with Armin’s Take a Moment.  I want everyone to appreciate this summer.  Make the most of it no matter where you are.  Surround Yourself with beautiful people both inside and out.  Love one another.  One thing I figured out when I was about 14 years old.  Music brings us all together.  It makes ya smile it makes ya love.  It expresses all feelings.  Nothing like Trance does it more.  I hope NCM 025 puts that smile on your face.  Makes ya love the person next to you.  Spread that this summer will ya?  Thank you all for listening every month.  All I ever wanted.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical act 024: heavens dancefloor


  1. [00:00] shato and paul rockseek- wonderfooled
  2. [05:49] first state ft sarah howells- skies on fire
  3. [12:05] dj feel ft melissa loretta- 4 u 2 c (eximinds mx)
  4. [17:13] bt ft jes- the light in things (tydi rmx)
  5. [24:25] marlo jt jano- the island
  6. [29:26] andain- everything from me (promises) (myon and shane 54 rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of now}
  7. [34:27] starkillers and alex kenji ft nadia ali- pressure (alesso rmx)
  8. [39:15] sander van doorn ft carol lee- love is darkness (ummet ozcan rmx
  9. [44:21] maufactured superstars ft scarlett quinn- take me over (ferry corsten fix)
  10. [48:15] allure ft jes- show me the way (tydi rmx)
  11. [54:48] max graham ft neev kennedy- so caught up
  12. [60:35] orjan nilsen ft neev kennedy- anywhere but here (bjorn akesson rmx)
  13. [67:54] aly and fila ft sue mclaren- still (jorn van deynhoven rmx)
  14. [72:58] gareth emery ft lucy saunders- fight the sunrise (daniel kandi’s rise rmx)

Here we go again!  Artist save their best for the summer. Give me something to work with and we can do this.  While NCM 023 is gonna be hard to follow up, NCM 024 Heavens Dancefloor may land a few uppercuts to it.  So I start you off with with Wonderfooled. When the break hits this is what you may hear in heaven- straight beauty. Follow that up with Sarah Howells singing her heart out again with Skies On Fire.  Its almost like an unplugged (raw) Trance track. Melissa Loretta provides a sleeper track. Sneaks up on ya and next thing you know you’re saying where did this come from? I have waited forever for The Light in Things to be released. Jes is my girl.  I thought it would be tune of the year, BUT then Andain released Everything From Me (Promises) mixed by Myon & Shane 54. I can’t quit playing this one over and over. It seduces you and next thing you know you are moving in with it.  LOVE LOVE LOVE!!  Jes makes another appearance with Allure.  There was huge anticipation for this release.  Love it. especially once Tydi got his hands on it. Ferry Corsten mixes the heck out of Take Me Over- dancefloor stormer!!  Liking Carol Lee on Love is Darkness.  Nadia Ali provides her voice on a floorstomper!  Neev Kennedy shows up twice. On the first she wants to know where butterflies are free to fly and on the second she wants to be Anywhere But Here.  Both nice tracks, plus I’m a big Max Graham fan. I gurantee you that you will be singing the Aly and Fila track along with Gareth Emery Fight the Sunrise track. In my head I’m picturing a packed house, angels float-dancing and me spinning this stuff for the rest of my life...with a few breaks.  Hope you enjoy heavens dancefloor I hope you got your hand stamped for a little slice of it.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 023 perfect storm


  1. [00:00] karanda ft sopheary- crashing
  2. [05:25] george acosta ft kathleen fisher- the way she loves
  3. [09:59] tiesto and mark knight ft dino- beautiful world
  4. [15:03] adam k ft naan- wake up (morgan page rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}
  5. [19:53] luke terry ft helen sylk- cloudbreak (yuri kane rmx)
  6. [25:44] susana ft espen gulbrandsen- connection (myon and shane 54 monsterless mix)
  7. [29:47] atb ft kate louise smith- where you are
  8. [34:05] ferry corsten- feel it
  9. [39:05] andy moor and m.i.k.e.- spirits pulse
  10. [45:56] kenneth thomas ft roberta harrison and steven taetz- drive (ryan mendoza rmx)
  11. [51:37] john ocallaghan ft betsie larkin- save this moment (gareth emery rmx)
  12. [58:03] atb ft jansoon- move on (club mix)
  13. [64:52] ehren stowers ft emi jarvi- predator (dj feel rmx)
  14. [69:57] dark matters ft ana criado- the quest of a dream (paul webster rmx)
  15. [73:37] luke terry ft kerry leva- arpora (john ocallaghan rmx)

We gonna get summer started right.  NCM 023: Perfect Storm is the ticket.  Yeah I know the name has been used before (see Gloucester, Ma) but so much for originality.  But the lack of originality stops there.  Tiesto is back in NCM.  Its been a while my man, but this track crosses over to Trance.  Sounds weird saying that.  ATB put out a new album and I got 2 tracks from it right here for ya.  Sexy vocals start the mix.  Sopheary is a up and coming artist and Kathleen Fishers voice is a  unique one NCM is familiar with.  BTW Dash Berlin put out a new album.  I got a Quest of a Dream for ya.  I’m loving the Ehren Stowers and Emi Jarvi Predator track.  I heard it about 2 months ago, but never got the name of it.  After some research... FOUND IT!  What seems to be the lady of life’s favorite track Save This Momemt made 023 too.  I actually let her sit in the couch potato studio while I made this one. My tune of the month comes from Adam K, remixed by Morgan Page- Wake Up.  This is when I start my obsessive DJ pointing.  Ferry Corsten raises the roof and Andy Moor continues putting out nothing but quality tracks- floor shakers!! Boston’s own Kerry Leva closes it out. That about covers everything.  Perfect Storm title is actually for the peeps in the Southern U.S. who just went through what seems to be well... the perfect storm, with me being originally from Kentucky and all.  Hope everyone is recovering down there and getting life back to somewhat normal.  I know Im thinking about ya. Hope NCM can lift your spirits and prepare you for an unforgettable summer. I went back to my roots on this one. BTW since NCM started I just filled up my first notebook.  Gonna miss that book.  I gotta buy another one now- who’s buying?  

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 022 somnium
  1. adele- rolling in the deep (bedroom8 rmx)  0-4:04
  2. lost witness ft andrea britton- red sun rising (michael cassette rmx)  4:04-9:08
  3. deadmau5 ft great svabo bech- raise your weapon (lee osborne rmx)  9:08-14:23
  4. nitrous oxide ft aneym- follow you (maor levi rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}  14:23-20:46 
  5. jose amnesia ft jennifer rene- louder (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)  20:46-27:31
  6. mell tierra ft anna montgomery- this saturday night  27:31-32:36
  7. hybrid ft charlotte james- original sin (myon and shane 54 club redemption)  32:36-27:57
  8. armin ft winter kills- winter stayed (on the beach intro mix)  37:57-44:05
  9. cressida ft roxanne barton- heart on my sleeve (kyau and albert rmx)  44:05-48:44
  10. gareth emery ft roxanne emery- too late tonight (john ocallaghan rmx)  48:44-53:50
  11. ronski speed and sun decade ft emma lock- u got me (tritonal club mix)  53:50-59:42
  12. above and beyond ft richard bedford- sun and moon (dennis sheperd rmx)  59:42-65:41
  13. tydi ft brianna holan- never go back  65:41-72:35 
  14. tritonal ft meredith call- broken down (ronski speed rmx)  72:35-end

BAM NCM 022 smacks you in the face from the start.  I was listening to the tracks on playback and a lot of these lyrics on this months mix are depressing.  Sounds like a broken hearts club.  Try not to read too much into that. Spring is here baby.  No more huge jackets and I can show off my wonderful physique. You know love handles build up over the winter.  Tune of the now comes from Nitrous Oxide.  It was my perk up-feel good tune over the past month. Ever since Maor Levi got out of the military he’s been blowing remixes up. Of course everyones favorite Sun and Moon had to be included just out of princple.  Its the principalities Smokey.  A little different tune from me, but its funky as hell is This Saturday Night.  Reminds me of the old Paul Oakenfold tune Kill Faster Pussycat.  The remix of Adeles Rolling in the deep is happening- will fill up any dancefloor.  Tydi comes in with his new track with Brianna Holan.  When is this dude gonna release his album?  A must buy!! I also love the sound of Heart On My Sleeve. My favorite lyric of the month is from Tritonals Broken Down “Holy hell we’ve hit the bottom feeding...” which inspired the cover art fro NCM 022. Now that may be the ultimate low.  Hope I didnt keep it too dark in this mix.    

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 021 cold sweat


1.  kaskade and adam k ft sunsun- raining  0-4:00

 2. cerf and mitiska ft jaren- another world (dennis sheperd rmx)  4:00-8:30 brown ft kerry leva- memorial (you were loved) (maor levi rmx)  8:30-13:48

4.above and beyond ft ashley tomberlin- cant sleep (super8 and tab rmx)  13:48-19:27

5.richard durand ft ellie lawson- wide awake {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  19:27-25:01

6.signalrunners ft julie thompson- these shoulders (andy moor rmx) {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  25:01-31:43

7.yuri kane ft melissa loretta- daylight (dj feel rmx)  31:43-37:53

8.bobina ft betsie larkin- you belong to me {dj bigdirty co-tune of the now}  37:53-44:53

9.armin ft laura v- drowning (myon and shane 54 classic mix)  44:53-50:22

10.sultan and ned shepherd ft nadia ali- call my name (max graham protoculture mix)  50:22-55:06

11.john ocallaghan vs timmy and tommy- talk to me (orjan nilsen rmx)  55:06-60:46

12.whiteroom ft amy cooper- someday (alex m.o.r.p.h. rmx)  60:46-66:52 ft aelyn- taken away (progressiver rmx)  66:52-73:09

14.will dukster ft solnce- im reaching part 2 (solis rmx)  73:09-end


Hoping NCM 021 breaks you out of the winter funk and gets ya ready for the spring time.  Plenty of quality vocal tracks to choose from.  Was going to name this one Winning or TigerBlood, but Charlie Sheen might have sued me.  ALL vocal tracks, (thats when you know it was a good Trance Progressive month) and 3 Co-tunes of the month.  I didn’t want to settle for just one this time around. I was pumping it all by myself while mixing.  Richard Durand is back with “Wide Awake”- a mover.  This normally doesn’t sound like something he puts out.  I couldn’t just let Andy Moor’s remix of “These Shoulders” go by.  It has that fun zig zag hop sound within the beat Andy is known for. Plus I am a bias M-M-M-Moor fan.  Last but not least Betsie Larkin belts it out on “You belong To Me.”  Probably really my favorite track for the month.  Kaskade starts the mix off with the perfect “Raining” title.  I can see myself driving to the club in the rain with this track on. Myon and Shane 54 do a helluva job remixing “Drowning”.  They made a generic sounding track sound great.  The DJ feel remix of “Daylight” picks it up a notch from the original- which I also loved.  If any of you are going to Miami for WMC and Ultra Music Fest and feel the need to throw this on, don’t hesitate.  I am hoping this baby gets ya ready for more sunshine.  Hopefully the days of Cold Sweat are over.  Thank you all for your support.  I’m loving my Night Club Musical listeners feedback.  

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.


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night club musical: act 020 vida


  1. robbie rivera ft lizzie curious- departures (cosmic gate rmx)  0-6:21
  2. schodt ft aida fenhel- fly into the night (antillas and dankann mix)  6:21-11:54
  3. nadia ali- ride with me (shogun rmx)  11:54-17:42
  4. lange ft betsie larkin- all around me (snatt and vix rmx)  17:42-23:00
  5. sneijder ft elsa hill- we are living (lost mix)  23:00-29:31
  6. miguel bose- por ti (above and beyond rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the now}  29:31-35:35
  7. ronski speed ft ana criado- a sign  35:35-40:25
  8. tydi ft tania zygar- half light (max graham rmx)  40:25-45:50
  9. markus schulz ft jennifer rene- not the same  45:50-50:38
  10. david tort and norman doray ft ali kokko- chase the sun (thomas gold rmx)  50:38-54:15
  11. amurai ft rough dutchess- infinity (7 reason version)  54:15-60:04
  12. ltn vs dash berlin ft - never dim sum again (will holland mash up)  60:04-64:35
  13. super8 & tab ft julie thompson- my enemy (club mix)  64:35-70:24
  14. andre visior and kay stone- sunrise (ronski speed rmx)  70:24-end


Welcome to 2011.  NCM 020 comes a little late, but sometimes life happens.  I also wanted to make sure I included new quality tracks for the mix instead of just settling for any vocal track that’s been released over the past month.  NCM starts out a little on mellow side and then picks up around Nadia Ali the electronic diva.  I found myself in Mexico over the holidays and just out of coincidence the tune of the month is a Spanish vocal trance smash by Miguel Bose.  I have no idea what is being said, but I can feel the above and beyond remix.  Tydi, who I consider the best remixer of 2010 gets Half Light remixed by another one of my favorites, Max Graham- great and best version of this tune.  Make sure you check out the great mash up tune Never Dim Sum Again Will Holland mixed.   I think I played it at least once a day over the past month.  Hope ya enjoy Vida.  Thank you for as great 2010 which was maybe the best year for vocal trance and I hope 2011 brings even better tunes and artists for me to mix in to Night Club Musical.

The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too.




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night club musical: act 019 the habit


1. chicane ft blandine- where do i start  0-3:46

2. katy perry- teenage dream (digital self rmx)  3:46-8:55

3. flash brothers ft epiphony- more than you know (ram rmx)  8:55-14:35

4. ben preston ft susie- this feeling inside (robert burian rmx) 14:35-20:11

5. paul oakenfold ft matt goss- firefly (kenneth thomas rmx)  20:11-25:40

6. filo and peri ft audrey gallagher- this night  25:40-31:44

7. susana ft tenishia- the other side (tenishia other rmx)  31:44-38:15

8. michael badal- exile  38:15-43:32

9. pedro del mar ft ridgewalkers- tears of the dragon (mike foyle rmx)  43:32- 50:08

10. nadia ali- triangle ( myon and shane 54 classic rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  50:08-56:14

11. hybrid ft charlotte james- disappear here (andy moor rmx)  56:14-62:15

12. 4 strings ft ellie lawson- safe from harm  62:15-67:08

13. anton firtich ft betsie larkin- out of the storm  67:08-72:02

14. philippe el sisi ft sue mclaren- the last hope 72:02-end

NCM is 2 years old this month!!!  Lets celebrate- but no smoking allowed.  The Habit may sound a little bipolar to ya.  From one extreme to the other.  Thats because I’m breaking the habit.  I quit smoking and was a little on edge for this one.  Funny as you look at the titles and it talks about Fireflies, dragons, Where Do I start, this feeling inside, safe from harm, the other side and fittingly the last hope.  Whats a guy to do?  First off, dont pick on me because I included Katy Perry in the mix.  Just give this remix a try and notice the difference.  Loving that tune.  Tune of the month, Triangle has a great feel about it.  Love the lyrics and when it breaks down its what i love about Nadia.  Audrey Gallagher on This Night is a great song.  She screams her little irish heart out.  I had problems picking between the original or Max Graham remix.  Cant loose either way, but the original had more vocals on it.  Safe From Harm is a pleaser along with Tears From the Dragon, although including that title in the mix makes me feel as though I’m looking at tracks from Sesame Street.  The final track The Last Hope is a bomb track-  trance gone techno.  been waiting a few months for that track.  The only instrumental on here is my work out track of the month.  Exile will make ya feel like you are climbing.  Put it at 41:50 and see what I mean.  Hope ya enjoy The Habit- this honestly was a tough mix.  Picture me chewing on a straw and breathing in deep for the next month or two. 


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.





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night club musical: act 018 lights please


 1. haley vs deadmau5- falling in love with brazil (kaskade mashup)  0-5:30


2. bt ft andrew bayer- the emergency (today is the day mix)  5:30-11:49


3. arty- twilight tonight (arty re-mode)  11:49-17:22


4. george acosta ft kathleen fisher- love rain down (ruby and tony remix)  17:22-24:14


5. armin van buuren ft fiora- breath in deep  24:14-28:46


6. vegaro- never ending  28:46-34:56


7. yuri kane ft melissa loretta- daylight  34:56-41:23


8. niko pavlidis ft sopheary- long roads  41:23-47:24


9. armin van buuren ft ana criado- down to love  47:24-52:08


10. redban- medina (progressiver rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  52:08- 58:24


11. tydi ft tania zygar- half light  58:24-62:25


12. jon obir ft julie harrington- never enough  62:25-67:06


13. aly and fila ft sue mclaren- i can hear you (den rize and mark andrez rmx)  67:06-end


The rain is beating up the east coast trying to dampen my spirit, sound like the man is trying to keep me down once again,  but fresh new mix always picks me up and shows me the light.  For starters Kaskade mashes up his girl Haley with Deadmau5 which instantly puts ya in a good mood, BT and Andrew Bayer screams in your face about your I loves you. Do you remember in the early 90s when there was a form of alternative rock called shoegazing?  It was one of my favorites.  Arty is the EDM version of shoegazing. Layer upon layer of keys makes a loud yet beautiful sound.  Yuri Kane doesn’t disappoint with his follow up to his smashing track Right Back- almost a track of the month selectee.  The track of the month is not the obvious choice this month.  It comes from Redban who I know nothing about.  I just know when I put it on, instant motion and fist pounding begins.  Tydi and Tania Zygar team up again with a slammer. On a huge system it is nuts.  You like the Ellipitical machine?  Put Never Ending on toward the last 7 minutes of your work out. Guaranteed to get through it.  Yep, I am That Dude that goes to beat of the music on the machine at the gym.  There are parts that feel like you’re getting ready for take-off, or weaving through traffic - shift the gears then BAM open road baby.  Finally, I closed out with a different version of I Can Hear You.  This version wasn’t out when I did 017.  Hate when that happens because I try to minimize repeat tracks on NCM.  Everything going on this version is absolutely airy and stunning. Enjoy the mix and would someone please turn the lights on for the east coast?


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 017 summerloved part 2


tiesto ft kirsty hawkshaw- just be (anitillas rmx)  0-4:02

tiesto and bt- break my fall (adam k and pettigrew and soha rmx)  4:02-9:42

maor levi ft ashley tomberlin- chasing love  9:42-15:22

dash berlin and idaho- to be the one (cressida rmx)  9:42-21:15

dns project ft johanna- timestep  21:15-27:25

jonas steur ft julie thompson- side by side (orjan nilsen rmx)  27:25-33:12

dj rem ft shakeh vanessi- im alive  33:12-38:52

hernandes ft stine grove- without you  38:52-44:38

markus schulz ft justine suissa- perception (super 8 and tab rmx)  44:38-51:41

aly and fila ft sue mclaren- i can hear you  51:41-56:48

armin van buuren and sophie ellis bextor- not giving up on love (jorn van deynhoven rmx)  56:48-62:07

gareth emery ft lucy saunders- sanctuary (sean tyas rmx)  62:07-68:49

nacho chapado and smaz ft sue mclaren- between heaven and earth (aly and fila rmx)  68:49- end

Part 2 of the night club musical end of summer mix.

The night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 017 summerloved part 1


chris reece and nadia ali- the notice (khomha rmx) 0-5:20

aruna and mark eteson- let go 5:20-9:28

jes- closer (bimbo jones rmx)  9:28-14:39

ben nicky ft linnea schossow- tears  14:39-20:41

tydi ft audrey gallagher- calling {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  20:41-27:14 

atb ft jennifer karr- could you believe (a and t ny knights rmx) 27:14-32:03

kylie minogue- get outta my way (mat zo rmx)  32:03-36:36

jan johnston meets tenishia- flesh 2010  36:36-43:48

above and beyond pres oceanlab ft justine suissa vs gareth emery- on a metropolis day (myon and shane 54 mash up)  43:48-49:18

adam tas ft sopheary- say (luke terry rmx)  49:18-55:05

sophie sugar vs sunlounger ft zara- lost together (armin van buuren mash up)  55:05-61:19

dido- everything to lose (armin van buuren rmx)  61:19-67:32

mark sherry- fractured 2010 (take me there) (ram and sacha milde rmx)  67:32-72:59

reorder ft stine grove- biscay bay (akira kayosa rmx)  72:59-end

What better way to end the summer than with a double disc mix.  Summer 2010  will rank as one of the better summer electronic dance music years.  I told everyone because I was 2 weeks behind on this one I would do a 2 part mix because of it- I lied.  This was planned prior to the delay, however these dang musicians made it hard for me by releasing stuff during that 2 week period so I had to do some last minute switching up.  Meanwhile while I was mixing disc 1 at the 42 minute mark my Serato box drops with all the cables in it, but doesn’t disconnect, so I continue to mix not wanting to jar anything loose while it hung there and continued to sweat it out not wanting to start over.   Just goes to show ya what a lucky and great summer it has been.  Tydi gets tune of the month 2 months in a row. Love during the peak how he throws the guitar riff in there (called attention to detail).  Looks like he’s found the formula.  Aruna’s tune runs a close second.  Of course on disc 2, seems like what is everyones new summer favorite from AVB and Sophie Ellis Bextor will get the ladies singing along into the  fall and winter.  One thing I can say its been a a great summer and you guys showed me lots of love- summerloved.  Maybe I should have called it great eats, because this BBQ I'm eating right now is sooo good. Hope ya enjoy the next 2 and half hours of grind it out electronic dance music.


The night club musical Facebook page is available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.



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night CHILLED musical: un-dirtied


steve forte rio ft jes- blossom (lounge mix) {tribute to a tiesto lead track}  0-2:03

yuri kane- right back (chillout mix) {from NCM 012}  2:03-6:01

bt ft jes-  every other way {from NCM 008}  6:01-9:52

sunlounger ft zara taylor- lost (chill version)  {from NCM 001, 004}  9:52-15:20

tritonal ft cristina soto- piercing quiet (tritonals chillout mix) {from NCM 006}  15:20-20:36

nadia ali- fantasy  {from NCM 014}  20:36-24:32 

tiesto ft jes- everything (acoustic version}  {from driving eva mendes- my first internet mix}  24:32-27:57

bt ft jc chasz- force of gravity (christian rusch rmx) {from NCM 005}  27:57-30:36

kaskade ft haley gibby- i remember {from NCM 003}  30:36-34:46

coastline ft madelin zero- alone with you (chillout mix) {from NCM 002}  34:46-38:24

dj shah ft aruna- now or never (acoustic version) {from NCM 004}  38:24-44:02

oceanlab ft justine suissa- i am what i am  {huge voice in EDM-had to be on here- NCM 006, 007, 016}  44:02-48:39

reflekt ft delline bass- need to feel loved (horizontal mix)  {from NCM 005}  48:39-54:38

robert burian ft zdenka predna- you (chill mix) {NCM 011}  54:38-57:43

iio ft nadia ali- rapture (made2chill rmx) {classic}  57:43-61:38

dash berlin ft emma hewitt- waiting (orchestra rmx) {best pure trance genre vocalist-had to be here- NCM 005, 008, 011, 013, 015}  61:38-65:05

baligomingo ft jody quine- you’re a star {because if i made my own artist album, i’d hire diff vocalist and it would sound like this- cocteauesque}  65:05-69:09

tucandeo and storyline ft jennifer hershman- unarmored love {new track I could not fit on last NCM}  69:09-73:32

linnea schossow- someone like you  {new siren to the trance world}  73:32-end

Sometimes you just need to come down.  This is the follow up to chilled out Serenity Now from 2 years ago, but using dance tracks from previous night club musicals (see notes next to track titles) or inspirational vocalist from the series.  TRUE STORY (because I will bs ya a lot), on July 21st at 5 pm I opened up the immediate surrounding windows.  It was dark outside because of the thunder and lightning storm.  Turned out all the lights and turned on 2 reddish yellow lava lamps around the mixer. I swear there are some points when making this I thought I was floating.  I was also hoping the electricity would stay on too.  My son was upstairs in his room watching cartoons, my daughter away and my wife was working late.  Had nothing else to do and no where to be.  I enjoy that feeling. Put a CD in the CD recorder, hit record and for the next 80 minutes this is what you hear.  This is my serenity now. Afterwards, back to the real world and made the kid dinner. Its not Kurt Cobain, but its a dj’s unplugged- in my world its purely Un-dirtied.



 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 016 duende


first state ft sarah howells- reverie  0-5:48

adrian lux- teenage crime 5:48-10:09

sandro perez and hakan ludvigson ft marcie joy- read my mind (yuri kane rmx) 10:09-15:06 

sectr 24 ft chelsea lee- say goodbye (johnny yono rmx)  15:06-21:33

markus schulz ft justine suissa- perception  21:33-25:23

max graham ft ana criado- nothing else matters 25:23-31:36

shogun ft emma lock- save me  31:36-37:33

tydi ft tania zygar- vanilla  37:33-43:47  {dj bigdirty tune of the month}

mike shiver ft fandy- sique (ronski speed rmx)  43:47-48:19

dakota- johnny the fox (barnes and heatcliff rmx)  48:19-54:46 {bigdirty sexy romp of the month}

orjan nilsen- lovers lane  54:46-59:03  {bigdirty beach tune of the month}

tenishia ft aneym- stranger to myself (mike shiver garden state mix}  59:03-65:10

mike foyle pres statica- sundown 65:10-71:02

beat service ft emma lock- cut and run (ralphie b cutting edge mix)  71:02-end

Lots of people to follow, but let me just say when you get to the Johhny The Fox at 48:19 now thats special. Shoutout section to say I appreciate you all-  Special Thanks to:   Graeme Johnston, Jose Vargas, Jim Critchley (his idea for the FB site), Anya Bocharov, Steven (StevePak) Pak, Gina Hernandez, Justin Sincoff, Anthony Nelson, Summer Nelson, Julie Begin, Michelle Kumar, Rachel Anderson, Pavel Albrecht, Chadley Moore, Kevin Verlander, David Perez, Ahmed Ahmadein, Scott Super, Pat Clancy, Carlos Villanueva, Andre Olaciregui, Angela Swensen, Diana Rincon, Dave Kravos, Felipe Blanco, Jeanna Vail, Greg Amick, Micahel Saunders, Dawn Burt, Brendan Noone, Bobby Bell, David Jacomb, Lee Niethold, Brian Brantley, Ken Tabata, Kim Mullins-Boggs, Sergio Morales, Joanne Schaare, Maureen Lawler, Kimberly Gruber, Ricky Watson, Marco Vianello, Robin Gruber, Neal Caldwell, Vaughn Monroe, Sherif Amr, Christopher Frye, Daniela Dockhorn, Ashish Joyram, Karthik Kelamkandath, Rama Disuky, Yehia Osman, Sherif Maamoun, Alba Pullis, Fernando Zuniga, Geetu Vailoor, Dillon Scott, Robert Swensen, Dale Broussard, Steven Mata, Elaine Abich, Vivek Kumar, Andre de Lira, Hashem Meriesh, Julia Salter, Thomas Kietur, Francis Parulis, Homam Sanjakdar, Ctalina Hinostroza, Patricia reyes, Mario Leos, Elaine Juarez, Edwin Amador, Dezerae Amador, Leonard Falcke, Arturo Saldana, Nasser sarsour, carol Savanh, Kacy Lee, Prakashni Shandil, Karen Nelson, Farah Ainul, Patryk Podsiadlo, Scot eberspacher, Corey Hellmann, Goldschlager Oskjuvatn-Lis, Peter Delviscovo, Janette Valencia, Mufflerash Vibes, jennifer Boudrot, Kim webber, Dee Dee Townsend, Bassem Arnaout, Tim Dunn, Tony Cable, Christina French, Connie Sites, george Lewis, William Ellis, Jose Hernandez-Cruz, Steven Bernard, Danille Sincoff, Melissa Keough, meg haynes, Pablo Pacheco, jason Charity, Jerry Watts, Teffany baker, Georgia Visser Williams, Mike Hall, Kristo Kilk, Gary Beebe, Tonya Dunham, Karina Mendoza, heidi Volz, Rob Bowes, Sonia Garcia, Sara Escobar-Corona, Missy Gillette, Lynne Allard, Jessica reis-Larson, Sarah McKnight, Tessa Little, Rob Riplett, Shannon Lopez, Tricia LeVangie, Erika francies, erica Whitney, Tiffany Cummings, Yasmina Sellak , Monique (Mque) Trautmann, Amanda Dixon, Diane Goff, Woo park, Jules Hall, Naomi Oquendo, Christina Luginbuhl, Yazmine Yasmine, Steve Valdez, Stephen Sites, Sue Boltersdorf, Ron Wilson, Daniel Horton, Devona Smith, Jayme Medlin, Kevin Guild, Bryan Sue, Kaohu Kaina, Terence East, Sonya McAllister, Cynthia Waseta, Brad King, Karen Martinez, Michael Faklaris, Sarah O’Brien, Ray Hickman, Christine Summey, Ryan Morgan, Kristina Seitz, Jennifer Martin, Crysatl Rivera, Oliran Johnson, Chris Herman, Nathan Carter, Gina Callahan, Derya Bradley, Tanya Tillman, Dawn Souza, Mark Nunez, Windy Moskwa,  Gail Jones, Shatan Taylor, Jermiane Credit, Chris Schade, Christine Boddie, Pamela lewis, Paula Hargis, Julie Martin, Kimberly Sammons, Joel Buckley, Stacy Boyd, Jacqueline Perkins, Jim Ware, Lorie Valentin, Allen Oliver, Mary Noguez, Anthony Taylor, julie Ammons, Daniel Wigman, Sally Guild, Jodi Ingordi, ryne Tillman, Rachael West, deanna Hagen, Christina Francis, Michelle Bell, Alicia TIllman and last but not least my wife Wendi for putting up the high builds and finger pointing sessions.

 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 015 reflexions


Summer is here, not officially but in the electronic dance music world it is.  So get out the booty shorts and sweat til they throw you out.  There were about 6 or 7 songs that could have been this months tune of the month however I chose the lead track from Lange and Emma Hewitt.  When I hear it puts me in a great mood and sends me into memory overload and just thinking about the sun shining on me. You will know what I mean when it starts to build toward the middle of the track around 2:30 and Emma is hitting it.  Tomorrow it could be Aly and Fila with Jaren’s sister Josie with the beautiful “Listening”  and next week it could be another track.  I will leave that to you to argue.  Now if you immediately skip to about 52:05 you will hear the sound of heaven- think Im kidding?  This is why I love Andy Moor!  I think him and I are on the same wavelength when it comes to vocal tracks.  Also playing is the Zara Taylor and her follow up to huge Lost release.  This time shes found. Its perfect and will having you singing along in no time.  Wanna shake your ass? Ok how about the instant classic from Jaren  and her husband Matt Cerf.  It starts off slow but by the end you will be fist pumping as if you are at the Jersey Shore.  When listening to Nevada it will have you feel like you are the baddest person in the room.  Good theme if you think you are a tough guy.  Faithless says they are Not Going Home -hands up pants down for all.  Black is the New Yellow is not a fashion statement but a stormer from Super 8 and Tab- bouncing off the walls for this one.  Kathleen Fisher and George Acosta provide builds and a booty shaker themselves.  My underdog tune is from Judith Jobse.  You can appreciate it if you have your stereo loud- hint. Also Tania Zygar provides a beauty.  You think this one is good, wait til you hear her next release.  Finally Jurrane and Sly One provide proper ending to this mix.  Reminds me of an old Paul Van Dyk tune- cant remember the title tight now.   As you can tell I am pumped about NCM 015.   Could not wait to get it to you.  Yeah!!!


 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD. 



  1. lange ft emma hewitt- live forever (matt zo rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 0-5:40
  2. aly and fila ft josie- listening (aurosonic rmx)  5:40-12:28
  3. zoltan kontes ft tania zygar- take hold of me  12:28-17:49
  4. george acosta ft fisher- beautiful (gerry cueto rmx)  17:49-23:04
  5. cerf & mistika ft jaren- beggin you (armin van buuren rmx) {bigdirty instant classic} 23:04-29:36
  6. sunlonger ft zara- found (roger shah original mix)  29:36-35:52
  7. susana ft omnia and the blizzard- closer (beat service rmx)  35:52-42:34
  8. super 8 and tab ft anton sonin- black is the new yellow  42:34-48:34
  9. delerium ft miranda lee richards- send me an angel (andy moor rmx)  48:34-54:44
  10. rick snel ft judith jobse- remember (wellenrausch rmx)  54:44-60:45
  11. blue and black- nevada 60:45-66:18
  12. faithless- not going home (armin van buuren rmx)  66:18-71:53
  13. jurrane vs sly one- everything to me  71:53-end



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night club musical: act 014 reverie

YES the weather has turned into an official Spring so I opened up all the windows for this mix and stared into my backyard as I made NCM 014. But leave it to me to start the mix with Autumn Leaves- a perfect sounding lead off song though. So much music to choose from I'm thinking about doing a part 2. Song of the month is my boy Andy Moor and Carrie Skipper. Pumping energy comes from this. Denise Rivera helps me groove also. Been waiting forever for Nadia Ali and Fantasy to be put out. Beautiful track. Speaking of beautiful track, how about the Tritonal track. I think Arty is remixing everyones tracks these day. One of my favorite vocalist Kristy Thirsk (of Rose Chronicles fame) provides vocals on Black Flowers. This lady can really hit these high notes live and is a pure vocalist. Robert Burian has remixed another track that is just nasty. When I got the news this month that Tiesto was no longer doing In Search of Sunrise it broke my heart. One of the best series of all time and a big part of my inspiration when making this series. I had to put one track from that series thats been remixed recently in Everything Matters. I used to find myself daydreaming to that series wishing it was me and also wishing that I had access to those tunes prior to release. Thank you to everyone for the kind words on the NCM Facebook page , itunes and emails in the past month, this is a lot of fun and it means a lot. I will do my best to keep you interested and try not to change a thing. The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

To hear mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to  To join the new night club musical Facebook page go to You can also catch me or email me at


1. temple one and hannah ray- autumn leaves 0-3:54

  2. tritonal- utopia (arty rmx) 3:54-9:00

3. matt darey pres. urban astronauts ft kristy thirsk- black flowers (josh gabriel rmx) 9:00-16:23

4. leama and moor- everything matters (michael badal rmx) 16:23-22:26

5. nadia ali- fantasy (orient bootleg rmx) 22:26-29:35

6. markus schulz ft khaz- dark heart waiting (club mix) 29:35-34:11

7. anton firtich ft victoria mazze- meant to be free (robert burian rmx) 34:11-39:51

8. de donatis and ciacomix- angel 2010 (audiolux rmx) 39:51-45:42

9. nitrous oxide ft aneym- far away (club mix) 45:42-51:02

10. andy moor ft carrie skipper- she moves {bigdirty tune of the month} 51:02-58:06

11. giuseppe ottaviani ft faith- angel (club mix) 58:06-63:55

12. aly and fila ft denise rivera- my mind is with you 63:55-69:50

13. ben preston ft susie- remember me (daniel kandi’s flashy tribute rmx) 69:50-end

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night club musical: act 013 be kind rewind


Summer is coming around which can only mean one thing, the trance scene picks up. Finally Finally got the Velvetine track with Aruna after waiting since September. I love Safe (Wherever You are). So smooth it is. Its my tune of the month. How about the excellent remix from Ashley Wallbridge on Tritonals tune. This is what you should call first class production. There is a lot going on in that track. Sun in the Winter is a lovely track along with Mque providing vocals on Your Touch. The classic tune this month is not even a year old, but I missed the bus on this one last summer. Figured I would provide Never Say Never for you because I'm sure no one is sick of it. Two mash ups this month. Mike Shiver and Oceanlab and Deep Dish with Tiesto. Both excellently done. Pippa provides great vocals on Always More also. It was a short wait for this mix, but more tunes are dropping out of the sky. Summer is near!! The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

To hear mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to  To join the new night club musical Facebook page go to You can also catch me at or email me at


1. mike shiver vs oceanlab ft justine suissa- if i could fly on the surface (daniel kandi mashup) 0-5:40

2. dinka- elements (edx 5un5hine rmx) 5:40-11:06

3. max graham ft neev kennedy- sun in the winter (estiva rmx) 11:06-16:59

4. beat service ft emma locke- hiding to nothing (xtigma rmx) 16:59-23:14

5. velvetine ft aruna- safe (wherever you are) {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 23:14-28:31

6. marlo ft em- capture (mike koglin rmx) 28:31-35:26

7. 7 skies- caffeine 35:26-41:36

8. tritonal ft cristina soto- forgive me forget you (ashley wallbridge rmx) 41:36-47:25

9. armin van buuren ft jacqueline govaert (myon and shane 54 rmx) {bigdirty classic} 47:25-53:06

10. steve anderson ft pippa- always more (ernesto and bastian floating point rmx) 53:06-57:50 11. deep dish vs tiesto- i will say hello (myon and shane 54 mashup) 57:50-62:03

12. sun decade, ronski speed ft emma hewitt- lasting light (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 62:03-68:45

13. george acosta ft fisher- tearing me apart (dns project rmx) 68:45-75:13

14. matt holliday ft mque- your touch (adam nickey rmx) 75:13- end 


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night club musical: act 012 crash

The title for this months NCM says it all for my past month. My computer crashed, my body crashed and I've been just exhausted. Think im perfectly healthy now as we move closer to spring. Tune of the month goes to the Amurai and Melissa Loretta track. I love the feel I get from it. The most interesting tune has to be the lead track from Martin Roth and Lily Allen- loving those lyrics... very much. I couldnt wait to lead off with it this month. Samantha James track definitely brings back memories Kaskades last album. I added 2 non-vocal tracks, but like I always say they better be damn good to make the musical. The Jan Martin track is a modern day Three Drives and a Vinyl groove. When the break hits, its beautiful. Also, while working out I came across a great work out track on DI radio called Chimera. Awesome to lift to. The Dj Mog tune reminds me of my New Order days. Never Cry Again is chilling when the vocals hit especially on the break. I love Mike Shivers style, hes has become a favorite. The classic tune Touch Me has been redone many times, but this is my favorite. The build is breath taking. Hope ya enjoy this and thanks for all the recent feedback. As always listen to this LOUD. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions  go to the NEW NIGHT CLUB MUSICAL FACEBOOK PAGE go to or



1. martin roth vs lily allen- loosing your f-ing gravity (mufflerash bootleg) 0-5:22 2. chris reece ft luciana di nardo- still breathin 5:22-10:00 3. samantha james- waves of change (kaskade rmx) 10:00-15:36 4. zoo brazil ft leah- you can have it all (steve kaetlel rmx) 15:36-19:34 5. jan martin- luago (dennis shepherd rmx) 19:34-23:55 6. dj mog ft sarah lynn- somewhere (mark le sal rmx) 23:55-28:16 7. yuri kane- right back 28:16-33:50 8. amurai ft melissa loretta- unconditional love {bigdirty tune of the month} 33:50-40:54 9. ashley wallbridge- chimera 40:54-46:40 10. dns project ft johanna- mindful (progressive rmx) 46:40-52:30 11. dash berlin- never cry again (jorn van deynhoven rmx) 52:30-58:35 12. cassandra- touch me {dj bigdirty classic} 58:35-65:00 13. fkn ft laurie- alone 65:00-70:26 14. mike shiver and matias lehtola- nana (filo and peri's big room revival) 70:26-end

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night club musical: act 011 served cold

NCM 011 is served cold from New England with all vocal tracks to start off the new year. Not your floor stomper but I think it will work some magic on your ears. Jes leads the way with her voice on 3 of the tracks. A couple from her Motorcycle days, that have been recently remixed and her brand new cover of The Cure’s Love Song. The Kathy Fisher with George Acosta tune definitely warrants mentioning as one of favorites this month, but Robert Burian and Zdenka Predna is definitely the tune of the month. I’ve been waiting 3 months to get this. Its Trance meets a Jazz vocal. Hands go up for this one. Emma Hewiit provides the classic tune from 2007. I found myself listening to it a lot over the past month. Hamvai PG, whom I have no idea are is just something I stumbled upon. I like the overlapping vocals and the dark bouncy beat. ATB with Haley provide a very beautiful track with Gravity. Its my first winter back in Boston in 4 years. Its dark and its been served cold. This was the hardest mix Ive made in the series. Hope you enjoy it. As always listen to this LOUD. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions or pure loneliness go to or  Also check out the new night club musical website (still updating and should be fully functional sometime in February) at


TRACKLIST 1. motorcycle vs glen morrison ft jes- deep breath (mashup) 0-5:22 2. george acosta ft kathy fisher- true love 5:22-10:14 3. nadia ali- better run (wippenberg rmx) 10:14-15:07 4. kaskade and seamus haji ft haley- so far away 15:07-21:35 5. john ocallaghan ft lo fi sugar- every lesson learned (matt hardwick rmx) 21:35-26:43 6. chris lake ft emma hewitt- carry me away 26:43-32:49 {dj bigdirty classic} 7. robert burian ft zdenka predna- you (club mix) {bigdirty tune of the month} 32:49-39:10 8. hamvai pg and roberto winny- hello my friend (dave martin school edit) 39:10-43:33 9. atb ft haley- gravity (2010 atb club mix) 43:33-49:20 10. andain ft mavie marcos- beautiful (jorn van deynhovens sundale mix) 49:20-56:10 11. motorcycle ft jes- as the rush comes (Daniel kandi and anton fritch divine rmx) 56:10-62:06 12. jes- love song (cosmic gate rmx) 62:06-68:27 13. christian zechner- november mourning (c systems vocal mix) 68:27-73:49 14. rene ablaze vs cyrex ft stine grove- continuum (dima krasnik rmx) 73:49-end

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night club musical: act 010 nowhere you are

Finally got this years final night club musical mix complete. A first for the musical, a live version from Late Night Alumni to start it off. Now don’t give me a hard time but I’m really loving the Jason Derulo tune Whatcha Say. This mix fits right in especially with the sample from Imogen Heap- very airy. A beat down tune from Josh Gabriel is funky with a creepy feel. I love Anita Kelsey on the Cant Sleep track- a dedication to my wife. Alpha 9 is just like the title of the track- pure bliss. Tune of the month is from Maria Nayler. It just has that vibe I love so much. When the beat stops and its just Maria then the build starts back up uplifts me. Aneym groove is just straight the bomb. It will have you pounding your fist. Heads Will Roll is awesome. You will find this tune stuck in your head for days. The classic track is a original Tim Buckley tune that the Cocteau Twins did way back. The Lost Witness version is brilliant with no change in the lyrics that are amazing. Finally, Aruna takes us out of 2009 with the final 2 tracks- she may have had the most tracks on the NCM this year. You will love Ashley. Thanks for all the support this year and I look forward to a better 2010. You, the listeners have made this an incredible year for me. To get previous mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to or to contact me for requests suggestions or pure loneliness go to or  Also check out the new night club musical website (still updating and should be fully functional by January) at


1. late night alumni ft becky jean williams- you can be the one (live version) 0-2;39
2. jason derulo ft imogen heap- whatcha say (joey b rmx) 2:39-8:18
3. josh gabriel pres winter kills ft meredith call- deep down (francis preve rmx) 8:18-12:52
4. memento ft anita kelsey- cant sleep (alex kenji rmx) 12:52-17:16
5. alpha 9- bliss 17:16-22:24
6. espen gulbrandsen and dj julian vincent ft maria nayler- perfect sky {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 22:24-28:00
7. feeltz and leo ft aneym- mistaken (white stars rmx) 28:00-34:33
8. ohmna- satori waterfalls 34:33-41:15
9. yeah yeah yeahs- heads will roll (a-trak mix) 41:15-46:33
10. velvet skies and wellenrausch ft tiff lacey- watching jupiter and mars (sasha virus rmx) 46:33-52:43
11. marlo ft kristen marlo- is it real (summer mix) 52:43-56:28
12. lost witness- song to the siren (did I dream) (fable rmx) {dj bigdirty classic} 56:28-63:59
13. mike shiver ft aruna- everywhere you are 63:59-70:24
14. filo and peri ft aruna- Ashley (alex morph rmx) 70:24-end

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night club musical: act 009 wetter

Another month passes another episode of night club musical. I am loving the new Activa album so much that I had to put 2 tracks on here. One of them is my tune of the month with Cat Martin. You will find your butt shaking for this one, the beat is off the wall. I also included Mike Shivers beautiful dance track with Colleen Riley that that will get you going too. The Super 8 and Tab track is the only non vocal track here and let me tell ya it gets dirty and tight as hell. You will have your hands reaching for the stars and you will find yourself wetter when all is said and done. Aruna is here again with a nasty groove with Cosmic Gate. I also love the new Matt Darey track which could have been easily the track of the month during a different month. Olivia Martyn makes her proper debut on the NCM with a nice track also. Lange and Sarah Howells keep you bumping and Chicane just straight up stole the Gary Neuman track from the 80s. I started the NCM with a track all can sing along to. It seems to be all the rage the past couple of months and something I can appreciate, but not everyone has heard it done this way and I finished off with a classic from 2001 again by the Thrillseekers. It reminds me of the biggest gig I ever did in Cambridge in 2003 as my final tune. Hope ya enjoy it. As always listen to this loud. Happy Halloween! Just right click where it says download this mix and save wherever. For mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to and download til your finger breaks or for comments, requests email me at or


1. kings of leon- use somebody (benja styles rmx) 0-3:26
2. pete griffiths ft neve- speak the secret 3:26-8:33
3. activa ft julie harrington- can you feel it 8:33-12:42
4. ridgewalkers ft el- find (russell g rmx) 12:42-18:35
5. mike shiver ft colleen riley- on the surface (alex morph rmx) 18:35-24:12
6. matt darey pres urban astronauts- see the sun (aurosonic rmx) 24:12-30:02
7. chicane ft tash andrews- hiding all the stars 30:02-35:46
8. activa ft cat martin- they never change {dj bigdirty tune of the month} 35:46-41:35
9. roger shah and tenishia ft lorilee- i’m not god (tenishia rmx) 41:35-47:30
10. cosmic gate ft aruna- under your spell (myon and shane 54 monster mix) 47:30-53:24
11. andy tau and touch enable ft olivia martyn- over you (deepwide rmx) 53:24-59:00
12. super 8 & tab- irufushi {even dirtier tune of the month} 59:00-64:39
13. lange ft sarah howells- let it all out 64:39-71:11
14. thrillseekers ft sheryl deane- synaethesia (fly away) {bigdirty classic} 71:11-end

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night club musical: act 008 good day for dreaming

This month’s NCM is great for just listening and good for dancing. My girl Jes makes yet another appearance and by pure bias and pure talent, her with BT together is my tune of the month. How can you not love that voice? Morgan Page and Lissie team up yet again with their follow up from The Longest Road- ya know giddy up and go? Had a hard time picking the remix of the Medina track I wanted to use. The lyrics are incredible they’re all so good. Although Faces has been caned to death by every DJ in the land it took a whole summer to rub off on me. It only sounds good loud- trust me. I’m loving Myon and Shane 54 still and to use Aruna just tops it off. Stine Grove is back again and I have a feeling she will be a regular. This months classic from Tenth Planet goes back to 2001 before the world changed. You wont go sliding head first onto the dance floor for NCM 008 but you will find yourself nodding your head, turning it up, singing along and thinking of this past summer. OH WHAT A SUMMER!! One last thing, I live in Boston but I always wanted to say this… Good night Canada! For mixes prior to Oct 2008 go to and download til your finger breaks.


1. julie thompson- chains 0-4:18
2. adiva ft vicky fee- how does it feel (myon and shane 54 vocal mix) 4:18-11:37
3. morgan page ft lissie- fight for you (beltek rmx) 11:37-17:31
4. medina- you and i (deadmau5 rmx) 17:31-22:40
5. andy moor and ashley wallbridge ft meighan nealon- faces 22:40-28:58
6. ruff driverz ft arrola- dreaming (beltek rmx) 28:58-36:00
7. bt ft jes brieden- every other way (armin van buuren rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 36:00-42:33
8. marcus schossow and reeves ft emma hewitt- light 42:33-47:50
9. tydi ft audrey gallagher- you walk away 47:50-54:41
10. dennis sheperd and cold blue ft chloe langley- freefalling (cold blue mx) 54:41-60:31
11. myon and shane 54 ft aruna- helpless (monster mix) 60:31-67:30
12. tenth planet- ghosts (vincent de moor rmx) {bigdirty classic} 67:30-73:13
13. alliance of joy, mietig and fischer ft stine gove- untouchable (oen bearen inside feel rmx) 73:13-end

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night club musical: act 007 pfft

The latest in dance on night club musical. This months cast has some of my usual suspects as well as an up and comer that goes by the name of Stine Grove. I’ve heard builds and builds from trance music throughout my life, but the build-up on this tune is one the best I’ve heard. Take a listen for yourself around the 63:00 mark. Simply beautiful and uplifting. That’s what trance is all about! Inna adds a different flavor here, Justine Suissa makes you float, Cristina Soto calms you and Julie Thompson adds a touch of her excellence, as always. Her song reminds me of my New Orleans days hanging out at the Blue Crystal. It has an industrial sound to it. The Smashing Pumpkins remix is just the grunge with a twist coming out in me. I added a couple of non-vocal tunes this month. They have to be damn good to make the NCM. They don’t fail to impress. Never After has a great airy spanish beach break to it along with the massive groove. And of course my favorite DJ Andy Moor had to be here. There are definitely some hands up moments on NCM 007 and it gets filthy toward the end. The end of summer is near so wear as little clothing as possible while you still have the chance. You can pick up my older mixes at or for request  or suggestions email me at or  


1. inna- hot (play and win mix) 0-4:23
2. cosmic gate ft kyler england- flatline (kyau and albert rmx) 4:23-9:20
3. atb ft flanders- behind (edx rmx) 9:20-15:00
4. mike shivers vs matias lehtola ft andrea britton- captured (joonas hahmo rmx) 15:00-21:03
5. oceanlab ft justine suissa- if i could fly (jaytech rmx) 21:03-27:05
6. smashing pumpkins- disarm (randy boyer rmx) 27:05-31:36
7. tritonal ft cristina soto- daybreak 31:36-37:33
8. julie thompson- it only hurts (richard durand rmx) 37:33-44:40
9. chephren blake ft meighan nealon- year after 44:40-50:32
10. bobina- time and tide (gareth emery rmx) 50:32-55:53
11. lange vs andy moor- stadium four 55:53-61:13
12. blue tente ft stine grove- heading home (reorder rmx) {bigdirty tune of the month} 61:13-67:10
13. phillipe el sisi- never after 67:10-72:26
14. john ocallaghan ft lo fi sugar- never fade away (giuseppe ottaviani) 72:26-end

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