dj bigdirty's: night club musical Welcome to the Vocal Trance mixshow. Bringing you the latest Vocal Trance tunes that are listener friendly, filled with lush vocals, ethereal sounds, beautiful melodies, seductive musical tension and endless energy that not only creates emotive dance music, but music where you can sing-along and/or get lost in too. A former resident DJ in Boston & the San Francisco Bay Area, DJ Bigdirty is heavily influenced by Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise days, Andy Moor, Myon and Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Kaskade, the Cocteau Twins and 80s & 90s 4AD music sound. His goal is to take you on a musical journey that not only makes you dance but also taps into the feelings that uplift you for a little bit of time. For the latest in vocal trance and to join the Night Club Musical Facebook webpage go to
night CHILLED musical: un-dirtied


steve forte rio ft jes- blossom (lounge mix) {tribute to a tiesto lead track}  0-2:03

yuri kane- right back (chillout mix) {from NCM 012}  2:03-6:01

bt ft jes-  every other way {from NCM 008}  6:01-9:52

sunlounger ft zara taylor- lost (chill version)  {from NCM 001, 004}  9:52-15:20

tritonal ft cristina soto- piercing quiet (tritonals chillout mix) {from NCM 006}  15:20-20:36

nadia ali- fantasy  {from NCM 014}  20:36-24:32 

tiesto ft jes- everything (acoustic version}  {from driving eva mendes- my first internet mix}  24:32-27:57

bt ft jc chasz- force of gravity (christian rusch rmx) {from NCM 005}  27:57-30:36

kaskade ft haley gibby- i remember {from NCM 003}  30:36-34:46

coastline ft madelin zero- alone with you (chillout mix) {from NCM 002}  34:46-38:24

dj shah ft aruna- now or never (acoustic version) {from NCM 004}  38:24-44:02

oceanlab ft justine suissa- i am what i am  {huge voice in EDM-had to be on here- NCM 006, 007, 016}  44:02-48:39

reflekt ft delline bass- need to feel loved (horizontal mix)  {from NCM 005}  48:39-54:38

robert burian ft zdenka predna- you (chill mix) {NCM 011}  54:38-57:43

iio ft nadia ali- rapture (made2chill rmx) {classic}  57:43-61:38

dash berlin ft emma hewitt- waiting (orchestra rmx) {best pure trance genre vocalist-had to be here- NCM 005, 008, 011, 013, 015}  61:38-65:05

baligomingo ft jody quine- you’re a star {because if i made my own artist album, i’d hire diff vocalist and it would sound like this- cocteauesque}  65:05-69:09

tucandeo and storyline ft jennifer hershman- unarmored love {new track I could not fit on last NCM}  69:09-73:32

linnea schossow- someone like you  {new siren to the trance world}  73:32-end

Sometimes you just need to come down.  This is the follow up to chilled out Serenity Now from 2 years ago, but using dance tracks from previous night club musicals (see notes next to track titles) or inspirational vocalist from the series.  TRUE STORY (because I will bs ya a lot), on July 21st at 5 pm I opened up the immediate surrounding windows.  It was dark outside because of the thunder and lightning storm.  Turned out all the lights and turned on 2 reddish yellow lava lamps around the mixer. I swear there are some points when making this I thought I was floating.  I was also hoping the electricity would stay on too.  My son was upstairs in his room watching cartoons, my daughter away and my wife was working late.  Had nothing else to do and no where to be.  I enjoy that feeling. Put a CD in the CD recorder, hit record and for the next 80 minutes this is what you hear.  This is my serenity now. Afterwards, back to the real world and made the kid dinner. Its not Kurt Cobain, but its a dj’s unplugged- in my world its purely Un-dirtied.



 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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night club musical: act 016 duende


first state ft sarah howells- reverie  0-5:48

adrian lux- teenage crime 5:48-10:09

sandro perez and hakan ludvigson ft marcie joy- read my mind (yuri kane rmx) 10:09-15:06 

sectr 24 ft chelsea lee- say goodbye (johnny yono rmx)  15:06-21:33

markus schulz ft justine suissa- perception  21:33-25:23

max graham ft ana criado- nothing else matters 25:23-31:36

shogun ft emma lock- save me  31:36-37:33

tydi ft tania zygar- vanilla  37:33-43:47  {dj bigdirty tune of the month}

mike shiver ft fandy- sique (ronski speed rmx)  43:47-48:19

dakota- johnny the fox (barnes and heatcliff rmx)  48:19-54:46 {bigdirty sexy romp of the month}

orjan nilsen- lovers lane  54:46-59:03  {bigdirty beach tune of the month}

tenishia ft aneym- stranger to myself (mike shiver garden state mix}  59:03-65:10

mike foyle pres statica- sundown 65:10-71:02

beat service ft emma lock- cut and run (ralphie b cutting edge mix)  71:02-end

Lots of people to follow, but let me just say when you get to the Johhny The Fox at 48:19 now thats special. Shoutout section to say I appreciate you all-  Special Thanks to:   Graeme Johnston, Jose Vargas, Jim Critchley (his idea for the FB site), Anya Bocharov, Steven (StevePak) Pak, Gina Hernandez, Justin Sincoff, Anthony Nelson, Summer Nelson, Julie Begin, Michelle Kumar, Rachel Anderson, Pavel Albrecht, Chadley Moore, Kevin Verlander, David Perez, Ahmed Ahmadein, Scott Super, Pat Clancy, Carlos Villanueva, Andre Olaciregui, Angela Swensen, Diana Rincon, Dave Kravos, Felipe Blanco, Jeanna Vail, Greg Amick, Micahel Saunders, Dawn Burt, Brendan Noone, Bobby Bell, David Jacomb, Lee Niethold, Brian Brantley, Ken Tabata, Kim Mullins-Boggs, Sergio Morales, Joanne Schaare, Maureen Lawler, Kimberly Gruber, Ricky Watson, Marco Vianello, Robin Gruber, Neal Caldwell, Vaughn Monroe, Sherif Amr, Christopher Frye, Daniela Dockhorn, Ashish Joyram, Karthik Kelamkandath, Rama Disuky, Yehia Osman, Sherif Maamoun, Alba Pullis, Fernando Zuniga, Geetu Vailoor, Dillon Scott, Robert Swensen, Dale Broussard, Steven Mata, Elaine Abich, Vivek Kumar, Andre de Lira, Hashem Meriesh, Julia Salter, Thomas Kietur, Francis Parulis, Homam Sanjakdar, Ctalina Hinostroza, Patricia reyes, Mario Leos, Elaine Juarez, Edwin Amador, Dezerae Amador, Leonard Falcke, Arturo Saldana, Nasser sarsour, carol Savanh, Kacy Lee, Prakashni Shandil, Karen Nelson, Farah Ainul, Patryk Podsiadlo, Scot eberspacher, Corey Hellmann, Goldschlager Oskjuvatn-Lis, Peter Delviscovo, Janette Valencia, Mufflerash Vibes, jennifer Boudrot, Kim webber, Dee Dee Townsend, Bassem Arnaout, Tim Dunn, Tony Cable, Christina French, Connie Sites, george Lewis, William Ellis, Jose Hernandez-Cruz, Steven Bernard, Danille Sincoff, Melissa Keough, meg haynes, Pablo Pacheco, jason Charity, Jerry Watts, Teffany baker, Georgia Visser Williams, Mike Hall, Kristo Kilk, Gary Beebe, Tonya Dunham, Karina Mendoza, heidi Volz, Rob Bowes, Sonia Garcia, Sara Escobar-Corona, Missy Gillette, Lynne Allard, Jessica reis-Larson, Sarah McKnight, Tessa Little, Rob Riplett, Shannon Lopez, Tricia LeVangie, Erika francies, erica Whitney, Tiffany Cummings, Yasmina Sellak , Monique (Mque) Trautmann, Amanda Dixon, Diane Goff, Woo park, Jules Hall, Naomi Oquendo, Christina Luginbuhl, Yazmine Yasmine, Steve Valdez, Stephen Sites, Sue Boltersdorf, Ron Wilson, Daniel Horton, Devona Smith, Jayme Medlin, Kevin Guild, Bryan Sue, Kaohu Kaina, Terence East, Sonya McAllister, Cynthia Waseta, Brad King, Karen Martinez, Michael Faklaris, Sarah O’Brien, Ray Hickman, Christine Summey, Ryan Morgan, Kristina Seitz, Jennifer Martin, Crysatl Rivera, Oliran Johnson, Chris Herman, Nathan Carter, Gina Callahan, Derya Bradley, Tanya Tillman, Dawn Souza, Mark Nunez, Windy Moskwa,  Gail Jones, Shatan Taylor, Jermiane Credit, Chris Schade, Christine Boddie, Pamela lewis, Paula Hargis, Julie Martin, Kimberly Sammons, Joel Buckley, Stacy Boyd, Jacqueline Perkins, Jim Ware, Lorie Valentin, Allen Oliver, Mary Noguez, Anthony Taylor, julie Ammons, Daniel Wigman, Sally Guild, Jodi Ingordi, ryne Tillman, Rachael West, deanna Hagen, Christina Francis, Michelle Bell, Alicia TIllman and last but not least my wife Wendi for putting up the high builds and finger pointing sessions.

 The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at Stay up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. As always listen to this LOUD.

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