dj bigdirty's: night club musical This is my monthly Vocal Trance/Progressive House music series with some surprises thrown in once in a while. I like to keep my mixes listener friendly, therefore I use & prefer a lot of vocal tracks. I"m a former Boston resident DJ . I've also had residencies in the San Fran Bay area in the late 90's. I love the ethereal sound of trance music. I try to infuse a lot of this in my mixes while still managing to have massive floor fillers/peak time tracks being a part of the mix too. I'm heavily influenced by Andy Moor, Myon & Shane 54, Above & Beyond, Tydi, Max Graham, Kaskade, Armin Van Buuren, the Cocteau Twins and the old school 4AD record label. I'll play/mix any style of music, but I prefer trance, vocal trance, prog-house, trip hop and chillout. Basically I just love music and putting it all together for that continuous rush. Every mix I make I hope it tells a story or I have a story about it. My high is a crowded dancefloor, happy faces or you smiling while listening to the mix. Finally this series is about quality Trance tracks that have been released over the past month not quantity.
night club musical: act 019 the habit


1. chicane ft blandine- where do i start  0-3:46

2. katy perry- teenage dream (digital self rmx)  3:46-8:55

3. flash brothers ft epiphony- more than you know (ram rmx)  8:55-14:35

4. ben preston ft susie- this feeling inside (robert burian rmx) 14:35-20:11

5. paul oakenfold ft matt goss- firefly (kenneth thomas rmx)  20:11-25:40

6. filo and peri ft audrey gallagher- this night  25:40-31:44

7. susana ft tenishia- the other side (tenishia other rmx)  31:44-38:15

8. michael badal- exile  38:15-43:32

9. pedro del mar ft ridgewalkers- tears of the dragon (mike foyle rmx)  43:32- 50:08

10. nadia ali- triangle ( myon and shane 54 classic rmx) {dj bigdirty tune of the month}  50:08-56:14

11. hybrid ft charlotte james- disappear here (andy moor rmx)  56:14-62:15

12. 4 strings ft ellie lawson- safe from harm  62:15-67:08

13. anton firtich ft betsie larkin- out of the storm  67:08-72:02

14. philippe el sisi ft sue mclaren- the last hope 72:02-end

NCM is 2 years old this month!!!  Lets celebrate- but no smoking allowed.  The Habit may sound a little bipolar to ya.  From one extreme to the other.  Thats because I’m breaking the habit.  I quit smoking and was a little on edge for this one.  Funny as you look at the titles and it talks about Fireflies, dragons, Where Do I start, this feeling inside, safe from harm, the other side and fittingly the last hope.  Whats a guy to do?  First off, dont pick on me because I included Katy Perry in the mix.  Just give this remix a try and notice the difference.  Loving that tune.  Tune of the month, Triangle has a great feel about it.  Love the lyrics and when it breaks down its what i love about Nadia.  Audrey Gallagher on This Night is a great song.  She screams her little irish heart out.  I had problems picking between the original or Max Graham remix.  Cant loose either way, but the original had more vocals on it.  Safe From Harm is a pleaser along with Tears From the Dragon, although including that title in the mix makes me feel as though I’m looking at tracks from Sesame Street.  The final track The Last Hope is a bomb track-  trance gone techno.  been waiting a few months for that track.  The only instrumental on here is my work out track of the month.  Exile will make ya feel like you are climbing.  Put it at 41:50 and see what I mean.  Hope ya enjoy The Habit- this honestly was a tough mix.  Picture me chewing on a straw and breathing in deep for the next month or two. 


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