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night club musical: act 014 reverie

YES the weather has turned into an official Spring so I opened up all the windows for this mix and stared into my backyard as I made NCM 014. But leave it to me to start the mix with Autumn Leaves- a perfect sounding lead off song though. So much music to choose from I'm thinking about doing a part 2. Song of the month is my boy Andy Moor and Carrie Skipper. Pumping energy comes from this. Denise Rivera helps me groove also. Been waiting forever for Nadia Ali and Fantasy to be put out. Beautiful track. Speaking of beautiful track, how about the Tritonal track. I think Arty is remixing everyones tracks these day. One of my favorite vocalist Kristy Thirsk (of Rose Chronicles fame) provides vocals on Black Flowers. This lady can really hit these high notes live and is a pure vocalist. Robert Burian has remixed another track that is just nasty. When I got the news this month that Tiesto was no longer doing In Search of Sunrise it broke my heart. One of the best series of all time and a big part of my inspiration when making this series. I had to put one track from that series thats been remixed recently in Everything Matters. I used to find myself daydreaming to that series wishing it was me and also wishing that I had access to those tunes prior to release. Thank you to everyone for the kind words on the NCM Facebook page , itunes and emails in the past month, this is a lot of fun and it means a lot. I will do my best to keep you interested and try not to change a thing. The new night club musical Facebook page is now available at up to date with the latest vocal trance tunes when or prior to their release. Feel free to upload your own too. 

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1. temple one and hannah ray- autumn leaves 0-3:54

  2. tritonal- utopia (arty rmx) 3:54-9:00

3. matt darey pres. urban astronauts ft kristy thirsk- black flowers (josh gabriel rmx) 9:00-16:23

4. leama and moor- everything matters (michael badal rmx) 16:23-22:26

5. nadia ali- fantasy (orient bootleg rmx) 22:26-29:35

6. markus schulz ft khaz- dark heart waiting (club mix) 29:35-34:11

7. anton firtich ft victoria mazze- meant to be free (robert burian rmx) 34:11-39:51

8. de donatis and ciacomix- angel 2010 (audiolux rmx) 39:51-45:42

9. nitrous oxide ft aneym- far away (club mix) 45:42-51:02

10. andy moor ft carrie skipper- she moves {bigdirty tune of the month} 51:02-58:06

11. giuseppe ottaviani ft faith- angel (club mix) 58:06-63:55

12. aly and fila ft denise rivera- my mind is with you 63:55-69:50

13. ben preston ft susie- remember me (daniel kandi’s flashy tribute rmx) 69:50-end

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